The BALG repository of fantastical success stories with Magick


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Sorry I’ve been a bit too busy lately to update this. Will add more when I can


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So its been a while since I’ve updated this, so this is going to be a pretty large success story dump, but there’s been a lot of good stuff over the months :smile: Check it out:


See, this is why i joined BALG in the first place. Good stuff!

I saw a few of my old posts on your links that brought back memories of magick i forgot i did.

Also recognized a couple of friends i now know very well and the results they had.

There are a few other things i could tell you i’ve done since then, but you wouldn’t believe me, so i keep those to myself. Tacere (keep silent), after all.

However, i can add this one: from someone who used to post on here quite a bit.

Back in 2014, he posted that he was in need of money. I gave him a ritual i modified from Robert Anton Wilson’s book Prometheus Rising, Chapter 1, Exercize 1 (the exercize to find pennies in the street). I told him to change that from pennies to $20 bills, and to report back what happened.

He logged off the site and was gone for a year.

Just before i left here myself, i noticed someone on here posting up, raving about how cool hypnosis was. At that time, the only person i knew on here who would openly say hypnosis is great magickal training, was me. So i hit him up in DM, asking if he recognized me. That’s when he told me…

…he did the exercize exactly as i said, and in that time found over $6000 worth of $20s in the street.

Get this.

Even when he went on vacation to cottage country. He told me he’d find $20s on the ground in the woods away from human habitation, pretty much daily.

Last i spoke to him, he was still finding money (he bumped it up from $20s to $50s and $100s - it was still working for him). He also said he had to start his own business. He was putting so much money in the bank that he feared being accused of illegal activity due to most banks’ KYC clause.

Also, at some point through serendipity, he not only met a great hypnosis instructor who now teaches me, he also met an heiress to a $900 million family fortune that dates back to the days of the Roman Empire. Imagine having a family fortune dating back over 2000 years…just incredible. That’s probably the coolest magickal result i’ve encountered anyone having.

So yeah. Magick does work. Sometimes very very, and i mean VERY well. Well enough that you think the person telling you what happened is making it all up.

For those reasons, the best results are usually never mentioned in public.


Happy to hear from you man, and amazing story. I would say that i believe a lot more than the average person on here. This story for example is a great case study as to why i believe magick doesn’t need a “source” in order to get you cash, nor do you need to earn it in any way. If you ask for it, it will come. I really need to make a whole thread about this in the hopes of breaking down these myths but yeah…good looking out man. I’m glad i brought back some old memories


Check your DM for a couple of examples of the stuff i never post for the general public…

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Hello @Verdo! Wow thanks for featuring my post in here. I admit I still have that hangup of “magick needs to have a source”. The manifestation I got so far I tie it up to me having a good work ethic, marketable skills, being good at selling myself, etc etc all those mundane stuff.

Im not yet at the point where I can believe things will come to me just because I ask for it. I think that would be the next step in my ascension.

Any post you have to guide us in that area would be much appreciated man!


Happy to help :slight_smile: if you browse through the thread, you will see many different stories. Having a source is good, but it’s not always necessary


You have done a great deed for society and I thank you for that. this list is proving very resourceful and full of information all in one place. Shame I can’t see all of the spells as some require a level two access but patience is key! Do you personally think these have the most “merit” out of the many that have been posted on this site?

  • Elvira.
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Hey Elvira, thanks for the comment. Of all the posts made on the forum throughout the years (and I’ve combed through hundreds, if not thousands)…these are amongst the best/most notable imo. So yeah, I’d say these have the most merit behind them

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Well didnt expect to see one of mine up here. The one marked Killed… Quickly… In case anyone wants to know. Having gotten further in my path and no longer viewing killing with that disgust I’ll post my method.

My friend was a dabbler, i say was as he has never touched magick again, and he believed his girlfriend was gonna dump him for this other guy and he wanted to remove the guy instead of love spelling the girl. So he asked me to help him perform the curse. He layed down and focused all of his anger and hatred on the guy until he was so drained he actually wondered if he had traded years from his life to do this. I knew his method wouldnt work but would provide a ton of energy so i projected to the guy and saw this cloud of negative energy around him that was my friends anger and hate. I formed the energy into a dagger and allowed myself to feel the hate and need for him to disappear then plunged the dagger into him. In that moment i felt his aura fall away like dust. I didnt think any thing of it till i found out he died.

It was very rudimentary and I’ve not been able to replicate with as good results but ive also not had the raw hate again as ive not done this with another person again. But it killed very quickly and was enough to scare someone from ever touching magick again. He knows its real but cant stand the guilt of having gone to far.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

It was no problem. I have since decided all knowledge should be shared freely so when i saw one if mine was here i might as well put it out there

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Updated with several new stories which I’ll post links to below. However, it looks like I’ve run into an impasse. @Lady_Eva I think i may be the first person to reach the character limit for a post. As i tried to update this, i got an error message saying, “Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 32233.” So i had to cut the extra 200 or so characters from the intro in order to fit these last stories. But this means that I will no longer be able to update this as it is physically impossible, unless you have some tools which will allow me to expand it :blush:

Btw @DA_KD …you asked for proof, you got linked to this thread several times, lady eva told you to read it while your thread was locked…but you just went back to making comments like this as if no one posted you the link to this thread:

If you were wondering why you got so much animosity in your last thread, this is why.

Anyhow, the following have been the last stories added to this thread. - Requires Lounge access to view


That’s BS mate. Women struggle and fund c arsed bards or weak minded pimps or fkc’'s who think women single in their 40s are desperate. BS. Too.

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Welcome @jostnajonn Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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I haven’t updated this in a while, so heres a few new success stories ive stumbled upon over the last few months that ive now added to the list