Hail Lord Clauneck

Did some sigil magic last week invoking Lord Clauneck to… Well to just make more cash. And a few days after the ritual I got an offer to do some website stuff for $1200. It’s very easy work too.

I asked for him to level me up from getting extra income in the three figures to consistently receiving extra income in the five figures. Well Im now in the four figures so I am writing this as my end of the deal. If you want more prosperity in your life, ask Lord Clauneck for help.

Ritual was pretty simple:
1- I got a big scented candle from ikea.
2- some sandalwood incense
3- drew Lord Clauneck’s sigil on a piece of paper
4- meditated on the sigil. I dont know how long but it must’ve been like 30 minutes just staring at the sigil until it started to blink
5- instead of just asking for what I want I visualised and recalled all the times in the past where I tried so hard to make money and it didnt work, all the narrow misses where I could’ve made money but missed the boat by a narrow margin. I guess kind of like a financial counselling session with Lord Clauneck.
6- once those emotions are out I started to get into what I want, and build up the positive images of me receiving money effortlessly doing things I love and am good at.
7- as part of the deal I offered to donate a part of the cash I get to charity and also to sing his praises hence the post. I donate 10% of everything I earn to charity.
8- thanked Lord Clauneck and ended the ritual.

Also getting a website quote in the works also in the four figures.
And getting another very easy job for three figures.

Ahvalen Esen Clauneck Kiar
Ahvalen Esen Clauneck Kiar
Ahvalen Esen Clauneck Kiar

Hail Lord Clauneck, Friend of Lucifer, Master of Wealth. Hail to Thee Lord Clauneck.


Nice result and great detailed post, love it! :heart_eyes_cat:

@Verdo, one for your collection maybe? :smiley:


Thank you, my Lady @Lady_Eva. Yup very good results with Lord Clauneck so far. I also did a ritual with Gremory. I’ve been spending the last few months concentrating on spiritual growth and career and didnt have much time left over for “extra curricular” pursuits. I invoked Gremory for some good sex on the regular.

Lucifer for an overall bird’s eye view of my ascension in general. Also getting good insights from The Morning Star himself. Loving the demons


This is just so awesome. Thanks seriously @krass for this post.

I was checking the forum yesterday using the search yo get the sigil of Clauneck but I didn’t really get the one I wanted also searched some books for his but some were not that clear.

May be because of my intent of contacting him that is why I am seeing this now.

Kindly drop his sigil.

Would you call this a connection? @Lady_Eva


This is Lord Clauneck’s Sigil.

The following is his enn:
Ahvalen esen Clauneck kiar


So cool, Lord Clauneck is the next demon i plan on working with. I love it, ill contemplate working with certain entities and get on here and randomly come across this. Same thing happened to me when working with Azazel, King Paimon, and Duke Sallos. I friggen love the synchronicity. Thank you for this post. Ive been thinking about working with him for the last week or so.


Go for it mate. Lord Clauneck is the shit. Glory to Lord Clauneck. Hallowed be His name.


Thanks man


Coincidences in magick usually are not.

Coincidences, I mean. :slight_smile:


Ooh I have been waiting for your reply since.
Thanks for coming through though!


Clauneck is awesome i called him today I can’t hear to see spirits yet but his energy was so nice I didn’t feel like letting him go :blush:


Sounds exactly what I’m looking for. Just out of curiosity, how did the job materialize before you? Also, what kind of scented candle did you use?


I just got a random lavender scented candle from Ikea because I liked the smell. The job came to me from a contact from previous business dealings.


Ok, is a scented candle necessary or was that just something you added?

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I just liked the smell hahahaha


Thank you for sharing @krass

I have been all over this forum reading and just absorbing everything…

I keep looking & hoping there is a ritual where the entity do not “appear” (for fear of me freaking out🙈)

I love this one with Lord Clauneck…

Will attempt it.

Thanks again…


Hail Clauneck indeed :heart: I have not forgotten or delayed just tired

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