What are your best wards, shields, centering and grounding techniques?

For me, my first ward is a Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, and the Shield the Qabalistic Cross.

The second round of wards and shields, the ward is a phoenix suit, that also functions as a shield.
The phoenix suit is all five elements used, the first a vine suit, second I am a tornado, third, I am plunged into the sea, and come out in burning fire, and rise up as Spirit/Phoenix.

Centering, I usually use a 54321 technique, or in the moment mind and controlled breathing.

Grounding, I draw a white impenetrable circle on the ground around me. Or, rest against a tree, mingle my feet roots with the trees roots, and merge into the tree. Thank the tree in closing.


Wards and shields I use a modified version of Indigo Priestesses protection spell. I can’t find it rn but it should be on her YouTube channel somewhere

Centering just deep breathes and forcing focus lol

Grounding. I don’t really do this but if necessary I sometimes touch a stone or tree sending the excess energy out or visualize myself as a tree rooted in the earth


For shielding: one of the shields I use to make was one that blended me into my surroundings energetically, if it were attacked the shield would memorize the energy signature of the attack and store it, once the shield required energy it would feed off the person that attacked me.

Wards: a wall of solar energy around my area that burned whatever tried to enter without permission but also using the shield idea if they made it through the burning layer the rest would feed on them while it’s burning them.

Grounding, when necessary (shouldn’t ground too much) I tend to ground within my own elemental energy, by that I mean when I ground I use the nature of my energy as the source of where I ground like someone with earth energy grounding into the earth, someone with lunar energy sending their energy there, etc.

For centering, I would normally expand my energy outward like a dome around me then slowly bring it back in towards my core.


For protection of an area/home I would say crystal grid composed of selenite sticks with something protective in the center such as orgonite w/protective stones such as black tourmaline, Jet, and symbols like the helm of awe and eye of Heru.

Wards/shields: Chokurei (you can draw this on your aura with Qi from your hand), symbol of man/ring of solomon (pentagram, I suggest a metal amulet), 72 letter name of god (Copper bracelet or hang amulet from your neck), Sri Yantra amulets, Eye of heru,you can also smear holy oil/water on these

Centering/grounding: This is one of my best weapons: Huul breath (just search in youtube) Is the teutonic approach to the Healing Taoist breath of the element earth (WHOOOOO). Also Thor’s Belt Qi gong, Heaven/Earth Qi Gong. These techniques can be found in youtube easily.

There is a guy on youtube that teaches HUUL breath, Qi Gong and spirit fighting. Spirit fighting is a chinese martial art tradition which teaches to fight spirits with your bare hands. Not cheap to learn though he gives some free practices on his channel.
Also there is Tratak/Sungazing which powers up your nervous system as well as your energetic bodies. You could even practice MUDRA for these purposes.


A warding spell I used involved working with Lucifer, Belezebub, Leviathan and Azazel. Another one is to set up and energy grid around a space that is powered by what energy is available. Using multiple souces such as light or sound.
For shielding I’ve worked on developing a personal energy shield and also becoming energetically invisable much like what @anon48079295 described.
For grounding I find sitting next to a tree or simply standing barefoot in the grass and putting my “roots” down deep into the earth while taking in sunlight.


I’ve been warding my house with some war water that I’ve prepared for defense purposes along with red brick dust at the four corners, ancestor water from my boveda, regular smudging with sage and Palo Santo, a witch bottle buried on my property, and with help from a few powerful and potentially nasty spiritual allies!


My centering technique was by Will Parfitt. The name is “initial ( or beginning, starting; I’m translating from Italian :slight_smile: ) procedure”:
Visualize a bright blue sphere around the room and/or perform LBRP. Relax muscles, then the mind by either counting breaths, breathing rythmically or visualizing a feather or dry leaf falling, carried by the wind… Finally “I (Name Surname), here and now, decide to do this meditation/spell/ritual”.
Perhaps I’ll resume using it…

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Thanks all, these are all great. Adding to notes.

i don’t really understand.

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So, when practicing that procedure, one either imagines a blue sphere around the room or does the Banishing Pentagram Ritual; or also both.
Observe the body, feel possible tension and relax the muscles. Now it’s possible to breathe and counting the number of breaths, imagine a feather or a dry leaf falling etc.
After these stages of banishing and relaxing, the actual centering ends by declaring “I, N., here and now decide to do this certain working”, maybe also adding the purpose/goal.

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Demons of Magick-flavoured LBRP, including “From above, Metatron” and “From below, Sandalphon”. Followed by: