Regarding succubi/incubi and the comparison with parasites

Just moving this out of a thread rather than dilute it …

Well, I turned down the only invite I had from an Incubus, so I can mostly only go by that interaction, the interaction with other daemonics, and what I’ve read of other’s experiences. I suspect aficionados of succubi/incubi interactions will have other ideas.

(The lad that wanted to connect with me was very sweet, appeared to have a well developed personality, and wanted a relationship not just sex, where we could meet in astral locations and just talk. I didn’t sense him take any energy on the couple of times we met, at least, not enough for me to notice, but it was early days. )

I think you’re already hitting on the point of contention - when does parasitism become fair exchange?

By the basic definition of parasite, ah, depends on the entity that’s telling the practitioner that’s it’s a succubus/incubus - quite a lot of parasites masquerade as these but are not. Stands to reason really… I do feel that there are many black magicians that genuinely think they have an entity from Lilith’s legions, and don’t, so, when they post about this, it muddies the waters.

The test is super easy though - parasites live on or inside the host, so anything that attached to the aura and lives with the practitioner, daily taking energy, is a parasite. Daemons, even lesser daemonics from the legions as incubi/succubi are, don’t attach like that - they don’t need to, as they have fully developed systems of thier own.

BTW I think it also applies perfectly well to some humans. It’s a term I actually use for an ex bf of mine that was very incubus-like - I can be bought with sex, apparently, much to my chagrin :sweat_smile: - but he was otherwise a useless freeloading leech. He wasn’t able to support himself, he inserted himself to my life and sucked it dry… parasite.

As I understand it, while daemonics enjoy the sexual energy (a lot do), they won’t wither without it . Succubi/incubi specialise in it, it’s more like a lifestyle choice, but they don’t feed on the practitioners energy otherwise - it’s the sex part that’s tasty, they can get regular energy elsewhere without risking the practioner’s ability to, ah, put out :smiley:

That makes succubi/incubi vampiric feeders, I’d agree with that.
But not “vampires”, as vampires can’t feed any other way - that’s what makes them vampires as opposed to energy workers that also enjoy leeching off other entities. Vampires (human-skinned or otherwise) are usually parasites that attach a tendril and stay attached.

That they can have feelings and “love” you… Others say … that some do care and form a symbiotic relationship with their human

I think they can love - romantically, sexually, spiritually, intellectually, fraternally, paternally … all of these and more layers inaccessible to humans. In most cases they can do the human versions better than humans. I think humans with thier limited bodies are not actually capable of feeling or sustaining access to the full range of emotions that higher beings can, and their fickleness and self-focused hedonism around love leaves me frankly contemptuous.

I never believe a human that says they “love” me. Not a single one - it’s always a self-serving self-lie. What they always mean is, ‘you make me feel good’, and their “love” only lasts as long as that continues, and it’s easy.
I do believe the entities, again, if they are daemonics not parasites/impostors.

And in this case, when the entity is an actual daemonic and not a parasite, you have a similar relationship to the ones people have with Azazel, Asmoday, Sitri and other daemonics that have a fetish for entities wearing human-suits.
As such, you are, imo, in a better position in a love relationship with a succubus/incubus than a regular human, except that, you may miss other practical aspects of human relations.

Again I’d have to work on building experience and I might change my mind, (which I have zero intention of doing) and it would have to directly contradict prior experience, but that’s where I stand right now.


Okay, now I’ve heard some people call succubi/incubi parasites as well, while others claim that while yes they feed on your energy. That they can have feelings and “love” you.

What’s your opinion, if this is true would it be more useful or friendly to call them vampiristic instead of parasitic (given the vibe of the words–and the way the mind percieves/associate’s the words as well)?

Others say that they while some, yes don’t care like how some humans don’t care and break laws, etc…that some do care and form a symbiotic relationship with their human…but even that sounds like it’s just giving pleasure for energy which to me IS NOT the same as love or an emotional attachment. Like caring for another’s safety (and not just so you can feed from them).

I ask this for opinions from many different people, as while yes some may be biased (due to positive or negative experiences) I prefer a wide range of experiences and views rather then a select few.

I understand their need to feed, everyone has a need for energy and this is not unique to succubi/incubi but what I’m after is it just that or is their more (emotions, love, care). I have heard them referred to as emotional beings, but is that due to their understanding of humans… although i suspect not, as emotions are not unique to humans.

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That was quite interesting! I actually myself do believe that some people that believe they have succubi don’t/ and that the parasite will mimic or make the human believe they are that, when they are not.

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In a way they could be considered parasites from an objective emotionally detached way understanding of some succubi/incubi need to feed off energy to sustain themselves. I suppose it’s based on the individual choice to consider them one or not.

In my opinion most succubus/incubus relationship are at best parasitic attachments or thoughtforms they got from a “spirit seller”

Wait I thought parasites attach to the aura? What do succubi/Incubi attach to? I mean yes they take energy but to me parasitic is just that energy taking WITHOUT any benefits to the human.

From what I’ve been hearing they are also emotional and do love? Which yes they may take the energy but I’m hearing that they are different then your average parasite?

So if most humans have thoughtforms/parasites…um…then how are people who do have ACTUAL succubi and such attached “getting” them? I know theirs that petition to Lilith but I also saw a problem with that. Yes an ACTUAL one can come along, but your mind “anticipating” one could create a thoughtform (especially if you do research and learn how they behave, and react and put emotion to it) so how would one actually ask Lilith but avoid the thoughtform trap?

Misread last paragraph-- you said parasitic relationships - I accidentally read "are at best parasitic/thoughtforms

That to me sounds like it is of no benefit to the human. The word always sounds bad to me. If they can love and MORE deeply then (I agree with this) most humans and such…why refer to them as parasites? If so all humans are parasites to. We feed off each other’s emotions, and energy but cant seem to love the same level that I’ve noticed/read about daemons/demons/angels/etc.

I think you misunderstand me, by definition a parasite feeds off another to sustain itself, it doesn’t matter if it’s attaching to the aura or not, the aura has nothing to do with it. a handful of succubi/incubi need feed off others to gain nutrients, while a handful of others don’t need to. Logically speaking that’s a parasite, detaching from spiritual association and the likes, they are by that simple meaning.

It’s not hard to evoke or invoke a real entity, succubi/incubi included.

I apologise, for some reason the word “parasite” has a negative feel/vibe to it. I’ll have to learn to get past that, although I know some are bad.

So the letter to Lilith method (petition) works?

By that I mean I think it works, but isn’t fool proof. I think a thoughtform can also come from that as well… although I don’t know how often this would happen.

You’re fine, a few people here are like that too, so you’re not alone. I dont use parasite in a negative manner in this way. Just something that simply exists.

Yes it works, but like myself, DarkestKnight, and some others, have created things like shielding and the likes that help keep imposters and thoughtform attachments out during the workings.

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Well, they don’t. Why would they need to? The one I met was fully autonomous and it wasn’t a question that he was looking for any kind of host - he was a daemon, daemons don’t need people, they just like them.

You know how when people develop a relationship with entities like Lucifer etc., so that they can feel/hear them without having to be in ritual, and they become part of life - like that.

They also give energy, help train senses, give emotional fulfillment and advice, introduce the practitioner to other helping beings. It’s a full relationship with give and take. I would also go so far as to say that the intimate relationships appear to be more energetically intense and in this sense, very rewarding.

I don’t know what the statistics are for ‘most’ humans, but there’s many forms of parasitism so I guess ‘most’ is a fair bet. Humans can even create these themselves, ending up with obsessive thoughts and addictions that are not actually from external entities.

I don’t think succubi are attached. You ask for a companion from Lilith, traditionally.

I don’t think I do refer to them as parasites… I think many people that think they have succubi actually don’t and those are parasites. A succubus/incubus is more likely to help the practitioner get rid of parasites.

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I need to just learn to change my mind-frame. Like how some people were raised believing that demons are “evil” and some do change that perception (as I’ve viewed on the forum)

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Yeah pretty much, I don’t really attach any negatives to things like demons, parasites, fallen angels, etc. I think it’s mostly because my former religion didn’t affect me negatively enough to where it followed me in my practices. So I guess I’m lucky in that aspect.

I actually did write a letter to Lilith (not for a succubi/incubi) to intermediate between what I thought was an succubus that was being abusive to me (what I now know to be a parasite and not a succubus at all – was imposing a being I was trying to contact when I first openeded my astral senses and thought it was her — long complicated story aka), she actually came in person to me and actually comforted me (I was pretty stressed) and like did something that calmed me till I zonked out (fell asleep). Her energy was very warm and strong, and jeeze when she “got on the bed” it felt like an ACTUAL person…wow I was shocked.

Had a weird dream to. I was nervous cause she did try and touch me but I did try (with my limited communication skills) to communicate that I wasn’t comfortable. Although unlike all those “rape” stories about them, she didn’t continue to and just got next to me, and I felt her energy wrap around me (felt quite warm).

The part that took me for aloof was when she “arrived”, her energy was so dense and took up my entire bedroom (maybe more). This was my first time communicating to any entity (besides the being I was writing to her about), and it definitely stuck in my mind (that night).

What she did was while she was next to me, and I was surrounded by her energy. I felt like I was being put into sorta a relaxed trance state, and waves of energy would continue to put me deeper into that state till I fell asleep. I didn’t remember when, more like one minute she was beside me and (10-15 minutes later?) I was asleep.

I dreamed about being in the desert with a horse, to which I and the horse went separate ways. Basically watching the horse walk off away from me …

Very true, if you haven’t even taken the time to DEVELOP a relationship with one of the Queens, then why would they take the time to give one of their daughters/sons to a stranger?

Something I’ve also noticed is, that most new people who “want” a Succubi/Incubi want sex and aren’t that educated about them at all, which would be more reason for them to ignore someone’s request…since they can see your true intent.

Side note: Thoughtforms manifest/ are created from intense emotions/desires and obsession/wants to, which is what most people seem to have when wanting a sexual spirit…I know that people do get real ones, but I don’t think it happens as often as someone who mistakes a thoughtform for being an actual entity.


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So, by your definition, it seems I have a “parasite” and had that for a decade now. :man_shrugging:

Just because a spirit is “living on or inside the host” or is attached to an aura or a chakra, they are by default, a “parasite”!? If there’s no removal of energy and no loss of energy, despite an attachment of some kind, there’s nothing parasitic about it.

Your “test” is presumptuous and instigates fear of something people don’t yet understand. If you are able to feel energies and spirits on a physical level, and have an ability to connect to your chakras emotionally, the succubus/incubus also use them to interact with you.

A bonding and a marriage with these entities sometimes involves a permanent possession and an attachment to the human body, which removes repetitive evocations and invocations to interact with them. There’s no energy being taken at that point, either, because it’s shared between the succubus/incubus and the human.

I agree about the definition of a parasite in general and that they can share similar technique as the succubus/incubus by attaching themselves to their hosts to take energy without recycling it back.

…and a succubus/incubus are capable of doing the same as a parasite, without being an actual parasite. The biggest difference is that a parasite don’t change behavior. Their purpose is to take energy and keep it for themselves. A succubus/incubus can change overtime, because their purpose are faceted and ever evolving.

Well, you didn’t quote my definition, so I’m not sure why you think that.

I don’t know what your situation is, so I can’t answer whether I think you have a parasite or not.

My definition includes feeding, I though that was obvious… I guess not.

I agree. If there’s no actual parasitic activity, regardless of location, why would I call that a parasite?

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