Spirit sex - Is it okay to do it everyday

I recently welcomed my past life husband who is a son of an outer god. We agreed to do energy manipulation training every day as my senses was dulled due to depression, he encouraged me to take it all back again. So he’s only been here with me less than a week. What was said to be training often turned to a make out session halfway. It happened in my mind though, and I haven’t reached my peak yet. I admit I have traumatic childhood and it sorta make me afraid to get off, even touching myself. I think he knew it and intend to help me get over it. I can feel my kundalini starting to rise, which is a good sign, and doesn’t feel as drained after each session. I also somehow able to turn the residual sex energy into another energy source which is useful.

I know I shouldn’t have asked but… Is it okay to do this kind of thing almost everyday? He’s so up to it since we haven’t met for eons (his words lol), and often teases me when we were alone. :confounded:
he also expressed he wants us to re-marry, and if possible having a child in this lifetime, nevertheless this is something I had to think about… If you have experience like this, please do let me know the dos and don’ts, and how exactly these things works. Need as much info as I can since I don’t wanna disappoint him :slight_smile:

p.s: I read some of the horny gods’s post, and seeing the intense session everyone’s had… I inadvertently said I’m curious to have one with Asmoday, to which I got a reply ‘SOON, MY DEAR’. Keep in mind I haven’t practiced any magick nor working on his sigil. Yet that voice… Oh well, I hope it doesn’t get awkward as I have a connection to one of his son.

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Do it as often as you like, as long as it feels replenishing and healing. Watch for your emotional reactions and don’t be afraid to say when you feel overwhelmed. He should take that into consideration as well and look out for your emotional well-being, but you must look out for yourself. Sex can be a very important gateway, especially if you‘ve had experiences that have caused you to close yourself off from your true self. It can and imo should be empowering and replenishing first and foremost, as well as an important aspect of bonding with a spirit. Just be careful and take your time with any big decisions. If you’re unsure about having children or marrying, don’t rush into it and by all means, speak your mind. They can read it, but be totally open about your doubts etc. If he is who he claims to be, he will not do anything to put you under pressure. He will guide you, teach you and he will be patient. Learn to develop your senses in any capacity that you can, since that will make it so much easier for you to communicate and feel his emotions as well. At least this has been my experience, but I‘m sure others‘ are different. There is a worlds difference between sex drive and sex energy. Enjoying sex is totally fine as long as it’s not the main thing that attracts you to someone (spirit or otherwise), imo. Like I said, it has tremendous healing and bonding power. All in moderation, and what that means is up to everyone to decide for themselves. :slight_smile:


^ That is all solid advice IMO, I was going to reply but cannot better this. :+1: