Sooo....I have a succubus in a box

Long story short, a neighbor of mine has been plagued by a spirit and came to me for help. I knew he has been having issues for a while but he was reluctant to do anything about it. After talking with him I realized without a doubt it was a succubus that was after him. And the spirit was not fond of his wife.

So he asks me for my help to which I oblige. I gather my items, including a box with Lilith’s sigil that some of you may have seen. Make my way up to their apartment and have a hell of a magickal argument with it after I start the ritual.

I ended up giving it two options. Leave and never return…or get in the box…So now I have a succubus sealed in Lilith Box.

Really I just want to know what the fuck to do with it now. I have an idea, but I am curious as to what you lot will say lol


Good luck on what your going to do to it

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Find someone who would be very happy for that succubus gift. :gift:
BALG is enough big to find someone who can’t- or too lazy to summon one for his desire. :laughing:

Anyway, because you are exactly know what lays inside that box, you can keep it to yourself somewhere inside your house, if you don’t want it to cause any problem to others in the future.


Could always pimp her out. :money_mouth_face:

I’d probably leave her, box and all on the doorstep of someone i mildly didn’t like. :man_shrugging:


But there is the issue of the succubus returning to his neighbor


That’s why I’ve adviced him to keep that box in his house, locked away from everyone.

Of course, Demons are highly intelligent Spirits, so it isn’t impossible to try to made at least a pact with Them in similar case.


Ask Lilith for advice maybe?


I will really appreciate it if you send her to me wanna try how is to be with a succubus

That crossed my mind, but more permanent than renting. Like, have you seen how much shitty fake dybbuk boxes sell for? :joy: I already have people in my inbox asking for it. (not gonna name names, so don’t worry folks).

Bunny makes a good point though. I don’t typically work with them, so my knowledge is limited. Should there be a worry of it returning to my neighbor if it’s opened, or did she effectively relinquish her territory when she agreed to be sealed in the box?


May i ask what the argument was like

She refused to leave “her home” after I tried to ask politely. After which I did a impromptu Bornless One style rite to Impose my divine authority, as well as calling on Lilith’s authority over her. After that I basically told her I didn’t want to fight but that I would devour her if she kept refusing my commands. Which is when I gave her the chance to flee forever, or get in the box, unless she wanted oblivion. That is when she calmed down and pretty much sulked her way in to containment.


Well thats good…maybe she was jealous about the husband wife

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Seems to be the case. She has recently had a baby and the activity picked up heavily after the child was born, by their accounts.

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Hmm maybe its the wife or the child will have a connection to spirits

Depends, there are many different types and not all are demons, if you got a name from her then you have some leverage over her to make sure that won’t happen.

You could speak with her more later, find out her true nature and motivation then decide what action to take.


Send it my way, I’ll have it possess my neighbor.


Can a succubus actually possess people

Have it terrorize your neighborhood. Just get a lawn chair and some popcorn.


A partial possession surely. Basically, enough to influence a person’s thoughts, actions, and decisions.


Ah i see