Needing advice on creating thoughtforms

This is something that I’ve been wanting to learn for quite a while and was wondering if some of you guys could help me out with this.

From what I’ve gathered it’s basically just meditating on what you want the thoughtform to do and visualizing the thoughtform in your mindseye and then start to feed it with energy or any other means you deem necessary.

Any advice on ways to go about this would be awesomly appreciated.


You pretty much hit the nail on the head, it is your imagination, your Will and your intention which forms the seed or core of the thoughtform. The energy source is entirely up to you.

There are loads of books out there on or involving thoughtform creation. The standard “energy ball” or “psi ball” is a thoughtform or a construct. Check out stuff on Psion and Psionics.

Is a cracking book which was released on a private and limited run, way back in 1991 by my old friend Phil Hine.

In my youth I played around with evoking sound elementals/ sonic thoughtforms. I also explored using musical genres and sounds to as food sources for thoughtforms. It was fun and pretty effective. The idea to evoke sound elementals was inspired by a trilogy by Melissa Scott, whose protagonist was a starship pilot called “Silence Leigh” who becomes a mage. A magic circle was a sonic construct, and the curious sonic hermetic magic really inspired my teenage self.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get to the book.
So do meditate on the thoughtform and feed it with energy THEN or do I have to bind it to something then feed it?

Check out the book creating magical entities, its a short read and pretty good to be honest. I had my hopes up on its content but its solid chaos magick.

I like to feed my things with my own soul. Does great for everything I do.