Chanting the enn to open my incibus sigil

Hi guys, I need help on chanting the inn …and I don’t know what the inn chant is apparently? If anyone knows it please yell me so I can open my ubi sigil or if it’s already post than don’t reply …ill search it in the search panel.

You would’ve gotten those from him, so there’s nothing for us to give you for it.


Oh okay I didnt know that…sorry I pretty new to it all.

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Tbh, I think the enns are a bit overrated and their importance definitely overstated at some point.

They’re just a tool.

You certainly don’t need them to open a sigil.

That said, the universal call enn/mantra is:
"Reaha Bacana Lyan Reme Quimu (demon’s name)" as per S. Connolly
(This is for summoning though, really)

Unless you’re ubi is an established and known spirit, we wouldn’t have a clue what the enn is.


Hes the most powerful incubus
He told me and showed me too
Or is relayed to the most powerful invubus

it should work
I tired it already and nothing happened maybe I should say while looking at his symbol??

Not for nothing, that’s literally what all parasites say. Incubbi/succubi aren’t powerful beings, or they wouldn’t have to feed off others in the first place. A human is very powerful, that’s why we’re tasty.

Enns (not inns) come from the religion of Demonolatry. I don’t use them because I avoid anything religious on principle. You never need them, and I would caution against giving a minor entity the power of your worship via an enn, even sideways by accident.

If it’s that powerful. it can get off it’s ass and tell you what it wants you to sing to it.


I hadn’t ask him about it .
I’m just now thinking about chanting the enn
He did give me his name and sigil
But I didn’t think on chanting at the time till now . So I don’t if he was already suppose to give me the chant after given the sigil or is waiting for me to ask ? Bc he probably thinks I don’t want to chant it yet . Dose that make sense ?

I would put money on it that it doesn’t care. You want it to be happy and give you the feel goods? Just feed it. Anytime is fine. But watch your back… literally.


If this is the same one you’ve said has gotten you pregnant multiple times, I don’t think he should really care about the chanting at all.


I don’t want for it to make me feel sexually pleasured. I wantd it to be my husband but I guess his not the commitment type .

Well …i got my answer ?!

Well. it’ll hang around as long as you keep supplying it what it wants, that’s it really. A lot of people are just the same. As above so below.

I think you can do better for yourself than a sexual energy parasite. :slight_smile:


This. All you need is a sigil to work off from there from what your trying to achieve with said entities. Haven’t used much enns in my case the many times working with Lilith. Only a few times have I used any enns as metioned its not much necessary to have in your workings.

Not all feed off of others, these entities vary in what we consider parasitic by nature. Both sons/daughters truly from Lilith herself are the type of entities I wouldn’t want to get on the bad end of. They admire passion and respect from working with their partners to achieve success in whatever workings you called them upon for. In my case, my sex magic resutls have been successful with a lady of mine who has since departed her ways with me but still regularly checks on me once in a while since my connection with mother Lilith is on the deep end.

They are powerful but nowhere at all in the sense of OP’s statements of this incubus claiming he’s the most powerful incubus. They don’t need to say such thing and most claims of being the most powerful/strongest “Ubi” is a sign of parasitic behavior that needs to be checked in. So I definitely agree here plenty so. If I was OP I would either call upon Lilith to check if this this entity really saids who it is or take further action a step foward into the banish areas but that’s just my view here, let it be as it’s direction towards OP’s decision. They are not on the same level of power as other much higher demons but they can cause huge issues in ones life when not properly secured and know what your doing into getting into working with these entities.

If you do not have any personal boundaries with these entities and or they do not agree with such things then banish the hell outta them. No one needs or deserves the parasitic crap when these type think they can run you over and use you. There are those who use you as a giant juice box because they’re thirsty and they must feed off to survive then there’s the others who genuinely take passion into helping out magicians or partners into seeking success into working with ones goal to achieve. The letter of intent method is an excellent example of just how wonderful these entities are at helping you along your journey as its precisely ones responsibility writing to Lilith with what specifically you are looking for getting into conact with her sons/daughters.

Also have to mention this topic as well based on working with these entities without any climax needs.

From the succubus that I have worked with in the past not one has ever showed whatsoever the need of feeding because with each I had strict personal boundaries and each agreed because I simply stayed true to myself with complete honesty and of course my respect for these ladies as a gentlemen and not really into that whole stuff off damn baby now that your here lets go have crazy demon sex Lol. Just not my thing really. A few of them would still end up falling deeply in love with me because they admired my passion for their mother and sisters but mentioned at the time I did not work upon Lilith to pursure any sexual relations with demons but rather the helpfulness into what my path was based on sex magic and self love that Lilith greatly made me see with her beautiful assistance. There was this particular Daughter from Lilith that always stood out to me that went by the name of “N” (not her full name out of respect of her) that became one of my demonic guiders when Covid hit pretty hard over here in California last year. She practically became my life coach when the time simply came crashing down she was the one that continued finding my true self love that Lilith had left off assisting me with. Most true demons that have a important name to themselves aid into helping us out whenever they can as they want to see us greatly succeed in our power as we are more than just what we truly are in such power that each and every one of us possess. Behavior here shown by this particular one has me questioning whether this being is just simply a parasite that wants to make its supposed power known. It wouldn’t have lasted a day on my end.

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sorry now that I think about it he actually has . I just didn’t take it as a chant
I thought I was talking in his language though it did seem to summon him but than again also it was tough …to remember since I was using words … That sounded like nonsense words . the summoning chant someone just gave me …is more words than what I was summing or chanting at the time or more understandable.

I blocked out of my mind . it was a mistake …i thought it was just some silly dream or something .

Well best of luck, I’m not really a fan of the incubus, succubus thing.

If I want a lustful companion I’ll work with Lilith or Asmodeus, not some ubi.

But to each their own I guess.

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