Incubus attacks? I'm getting real tired of this shit

I’ll do my best not to keep this post too long but since what takes place is a sequence of events, I feel its important to describe each event in sufficient detail so you guys can get the full picture of what’s going on. Hopefully at the end of the story, the more experienced people here can help me understand what’s going on and/or share your own stories.

I’m sure most of you, like myself had had your share of strange experiences preceded with sleep paralysis. I know I have, these started happening roughly 4 years ago when I was 18. What I am about to describe has happened to me before in part or fully but I’ll only describe last night occurrence to keep things short. Plus, last night alone really encompasses this whole thing that keeps happening.

So anyway,

Yesterday was a pretty swell day for me. Mainly because I woke up with a full nights rest (which is not that often these days), feeling really good. Also managed to do couple of short 20min meditations and a yoga session which further enhanced my state.

Fast forward to 11:30PM

Did another 20min session and attempted to concentrate on Satan’s sigil afterwards. Called it quits on sigil meditation since my mind was still wandering too much. This sigil medtiation is something I’ve done 2 weeks ago for the first and last time. Several nights after that, I’ve been constantly woken up out of the blue at around 03:00AM. It’s just a POP - eyes open! This wake up is never unpleasant, apart from the initial drowsiness my energy levels stay steady and calm. However, after this its IMPOSSIBLE to go to sleep. The brain just goes nope, no sleep mate.

Ca. 05:00AM
Finally about to fall asleep. Remember waking up shortly after with pain in between my temples inside of my head. The pain comes in short 2-3 second intervals and is preceded by a buzzing radio sound that picks up on volume as the pain is about to hit. The pain experienced is mild and the whole thing is done with in less than half a minute. Fall asleep again shortly


Hear loud chatter in my head. It’s talking about some arbitrary computer tech related stuff. Even though the things I’m hearing are arbitrary, the voice is eloquent and I’m tempted to continue listening. I’m not 100% sure but it might have sounded like my own voice since I had mistaken it for my own thoughts at first. The voice continues to ramble on but it picks up on speed on volume at which point I think to myself “Woah, slow the fuck down.” The voice continues for a couple more seconds before fading.

At this point I realize that I cannot move my body. Sleep paralysis ensued. A fear comes over me at this point and I’m too scared to open my eyes. Quickly, a pain in my root chakra/scrotum occurs. The pain is very unpleasant. I do my best to relax and envision a protective light around and inside my body. However, the pain is too much this time, I scream in fear and hatred through my mind as loud as I can. The paralysis is lifted and I’m left feeling drained and weak.

Guys, light healing is the extent of my magickal prowess and I need help with this thing. It can’t go on like this anymore, I just finished writing this after waking up since I can’t go back to sleep. Any guidance is more than welcome, and if anyone wants to take a closer look at this thing, please do.

This waking up feeling like shit thing has been happening for a very long time now. I believe Satan is shedding light on the issue by keeping me awake and aware of what goes on during the night. But in reality I’m not sure what the fuck to think anymore!

Please help.

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I’m very familiar with this kind of entity and the way they attack.

I had one attached to me for over 20 years until I learned enough to get rid of it. They can definitely drain you and cause long term health issues if you don’t get rid of them. I believe my own low testosterone issues are a direct result from this.

I call these things astral parasites. They’re more like a mosquito or a tick than they are an intelligent spirit, but they’re still nasty.

I’ve done a fair amount of healing work and I’ve found a lot of them are attached to people with chronic illnesses.

Yep, that’s exactly right. They’re a vampiric parasite feeding off the energy from your root chakra.

The good news is they’re pretty easy to get rid. You just need a few basic skills to do it.

What do you mean by “light healing”? Healing with light? Or light healing as just a little bit of healing? Are you doing healing work for other people?

Do you have any energy work skills? Have you made energy balls or any other form of thought construct you might use in your healing?

Have you learned any banishing techniques? Learned how to shield yourself yet?

What are your long term goals? Are you wanting to learn magick? Or just want to get rid of this thing and get back to your life?


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While not quite the same thing, I once had problems with wandering spirits populating my bedroom constantly. They line up at the windows, some would walk in and out, some would come right up to my bed and lean directly over me while I laid in bed trying to get some rest. Others would try to take up residence in my closet. It was very annoying and off-putting.

I ultimately made an egregore to keep them all out, and it worked perfectly!

Here is a link for some basics on making an egregore- the process is surprisingly simple!


Yeah, that can be a very useful counter-measure and helps keep shit away from you. I use egregores a lot in my own magickal work.

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Man, that’s really good news.

By “light healing” I meant just a little bit of healing with light lol. And only on myself, not on other people like you do. Basically. I’m a beginner when it comes to it.

I’ve not learned any banishing techniques. I’m about to research as much as I can about it but please share your method of dealing with these entities. I’m glad you see them merely a pest more than anything else.

As far as shielding myself goes, I’ve only done a meditation that consists of envisioning a bright gold light around my aura and focusing my mind on thoughts such “defense” and “protection”. Admittedly, I haven’t done this one in a long time but I’m about to start. Again, please share your own recommendations on this.

I do want to learn magick, especially healing and invocation although I obviously need to step my game up.

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Thank you.

Alright, it’s getting really late for me and I’ve got get some sleep, so I’ll give you the quick tips that will give you some peace for the night and then we’ll tackle the full treatment tomorrow when I have more time to type stuff up.

If you can use light to heal yourself, you’ve got the basic energy work skills down enough to perform a banishing ritual. The most powerful banishing ritual I’ve found is this one …
I Am’s Solar Banishing Ritual

Use the Solar Banishing Ritual to clear all the energy out of your space. At the least, it will force the parasite to leave your home. At it’s best, it can destroy the parasite when you use that intention.

When you perform the Solar Banishing Ritual, do it with the attitude that this is your home and you’re not going to let some weak little parasite fuck with you anymore. Let that outrage build within you as you’re pulling the solar energy into you and then let it explode around you as you release that energy.

KNOW that your magick is stronger than any other force in the universe and it will be.

After you perform the Solar Banishing Ritual, I recommend you create an energy barrier around your home. You can walk around either the inside of the home or the outside of the home.

Just walk around your home and point your index and middle finger at the ground. Breathe the energy from the universe in, see it as starlight or moonlight flowing into you with every breath you take.

Then as you breathe out, push the energy out through your fingertips. Imagine it as a wall of light that corresponds with your physical walls.

Just walk around your house, creating this wall of light. When it touches, imagine it closing over your head like the ceiling and below your feet like the floor.

Again, KNOW that nothing can get through this barrier of light because IT IS YOUR WILL and YOUR WILL BE DONE. There’s a power that comes from that certainty.

That’'ll get you through the night.

If something manages to slip through a crack and you’re attacked, just perform the Solar Banishing Ritual right then and there. If you’re paralyzed and can’t move, do it in your mind.

You’ll find it breaks the paralysis and you might even find yourself “waking up”, like you were in a dream.

When you can move, do the Solar Banishing Ritual again and you’ll get rid of anything that’s there. Then just shield your house again and go back to sleep.

That’ll get you through the night. I’ll talk with you more about this tomorrow. Now I’ve gotta get some sleep.


I have had things like this happen in the past. You could do a simple protection spell. Since you are a beginner evoke Satan so that he could protect you from all spiritual attacks. If this is something you find complicated then work with Michael the Arc Angel. Or any other spirit of your choosing. Candle magick might work best for you here depending on your current skill level. There are so many ways to address this. But based on what’s written on this post already, Valkarath might be able to help you the most. Many a combination of things.

Good luck and I hope your solve this soon.


Thank you for your time and guidance Valkarath. You’ve already been of massive help as this technique already provides me with something to focus my attention on. I’ll go ahead and get some rest and then immediately proceed to practice applying the SBR.


Ok, now that you’ve got a little breathing room, you need to learn a basic shielding technique to protect yourself from attacks.

You’re going to protect yourself the way you did your home.

I’ll share a step-by-step guide to using my own method. It’s a nine layer shielding technique I developed for myself. It’s a lot stronger than your average basic shielding technique.

(1) Quiet your mind. Use whatever meditation method works for you. The deeper into a trance state you can go, the better it’ll work.

(2) As you breathe in, imagine starlight or moonlight streaming into you from the universe. It’s the pure energy of life itself. Imagine it all gathering right there in your heart center, glowing like a sun.

I imagine it as streaks of white light pouring into me from the heavens, but you can use whatever works for you. Your intention is what matters.

(3) As you exhale, imagine that sun in your heart center glowing brightly. Feel it as you slowly exhale, compressing all of that powerful light, making it denser.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you feel you’ve got enough energy.

(4) Inhale. More energy flowing into you.

(5) Exhale and push the energy out from your heart center, surrounding yourself in a glowing bubble of light. Know that it’s strong and powerful. Know that it protects you from anything that means you harm.

(6) Repeat steps 4 to 5 for nine complete breaths. You should have a nine layer “force field” that completely surrounds you and protects you from anything.

(7) Open you eyes and go live your life. You’ll probably feel amazing from storing all that energy within yourself. If it’s too much and you feel jittery or can’t sleep, just lean your back, open your mouth wide, and breathe that light out from your mouth. Repeat it for as many breaths as it takes. That’s a good way to get rid of any excess energy.

Long term stuff …

(1) Banish when you need to clear the energy away and if you’re ever attack again.

(2) Repeat the shielding on your home from time to time. It does wear down over time.

You can learn other techniques for this, like smudging with sage or charging salt water with your own energy and using it. You can also learn to empower physical objects so the effects last longer, but now we’re getting into more advanced stuff.

(3) Practice the “Nine Layer Shield” technique on a regular basis. It’ll help strengthen your aura.

(4) Research info on cleansing and strengthening your chakras and aura. Let your intuition guide you to the right sources.

And if your intuition isn’t working very well, start practicing a form of divination.

E.A. has a great course on it called Mastering Divination and Clairvoyance.

And if you’re serious about learning magick, start practicing your divination. You’ll need to do divinations on a regular basis and it will help you develop your intuitive abilities, which will help you tremendously when you move on to evocation.

I would also recommend continuing with a regular regimen of energy work. Robert Bruce’s “Energy Work” book has a very good system for it. I’ve worked through it myself and it really helped me strengthen my own ability to work with energy.

Hit me up with a private message if you need more help or something weird happens that scares the shit out of you. :smiley:


If it persists after valkarath’s suggestions, feel free to PM me.

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In my opinion, it’s definitely not an incubus. It does have enough knowledge to mess with your chakras to perceive it’s manifestations, though. This doesn’t mean an incubus, or a succubus, work in a similar way to make us perceive them. They do, but most of them do that for the greater good of ascendance.

What separates a parasitic entity from an emotional driven entity? Their intentions and their purpose within our world. A parasitic entity has no purpose, other than feeding off of us like ticks on a high grassed area.

Sleep Paralyses isn’t that bad, as long as they let you go in and out of that state consensually. It’s pretty easy to break it, in my opinion. It does have a purpose, too, especially when it comes to astral travel and deeper intimate activities. And it’s a viable state to be in when they purposefully work with our chakras. Other words for a sleep paralyse is to be on a “lockdown”, interacting with the astral plane on a passive, physical and conscious level. Pretty much an Astral Projection. The lack of understanding what’s really going on in moments like this, often results in fear. Fear is irrational, often based on dogma. It’s the opposite pool of Love, which is rather intoxicating for certain parasitic entities. But it can also affect most spirits to feed off of it, just because it’s available. What separates a “good” fear feeder, from a bad one, is basically about how they feed off the negative emotions. A “good” feeder is approaching us cautiously, listening to our reactions and stops immediately whenever it gets too uncomfortable for us. A bad feeder doesn’t give a fuck about these things.

Like I said before, I’m pretty certain it’s not an incubus. The behavior is too basic and too easy for the work of either an incubus or a succubus. If these kind of entities was about to cause you damage, it would be way more advanced and could cause damages beyond a simple parasite.


Alright Valkarath, I’ve done all of the techniques you’ve described yesterday and all I can say is… HOLY FUCK!! LOL!

First of all, I spent a lot of time physically cleaning my room yesterday and psyching myself up for the banishing. I didn’t do any magick until night-time, though. It didn’t feel right to do it during the day and I was feeling pretty exhausted anyway so I ended up just taking a nap in the living room and doing other things.

However, when the time came to do the banishing, I was ready. Before doing anything I went ahead and took a cold shower to rejuvenate myself and followed it by a 30minute meditation. It was time!

I also checked this thread through my phone real quick to see if there’s any further advice and there was this post on the 9-layer shield! The potency of the technique was obvious since the energy would gather around the heart gathering just within a couple test breaths.

So, with all that said, I was confident going into my room. I closed the door, turned off all the lights and sat on the floor in an easy cross-legged posture. All the anger and frustration I had felt about this parasitic pest boiled up in me and after a while exploded in a circle full with the intent of getting this thing the fuck out of my life. When it happened it was almost therapeutic and I ended up sitting there for a while with the intention of banishing this thing.

Then, I got up and did the energy barrier spell you had described. I did my best to visualize what you had described and it had felt like painting the walls with protective light. The previous SBR had left me feeling strangely energized and doing this felt natural.

The most notable thing happened afterwards, when applying your 9-layer breath technique. Breathing in starlight alone was such an exhilarating feeling, describing it with words right now doesn’t do it justice at all. What struck me the most was how tangible and physical the whole thing felt. I imagined as if there was no roof/ceiling above me and that all the stars were pouring their light into me. It was very beautiful and I remember thinking to myself “Holy fuck, this is actually working!”. After the working, there was very little doubt in my mind that I would be safe during the night,

Lastly, just out of sheer curiosity, I decided to breathe in starlight into my root chakra before going to bed just to see what would happen. What followed was probably the most potent self induced energy work I’ve ever experienced. At first, the globe of energy around my root chakra was the size of a golf ball but after several breaths in it kept expanding more and more. Before I knew it I was completely engulfed in it and it was still growing! The main thing about it was that how DENSE and REAL it felt. After a while of “bathing” in this energy I opened my eyes and looked around and it was still there, I didn’t even have to visualize anything. I didn’t know where to take it from there or what the exact purpose of this whole thing was but it was definitely potent.

Needless to say, I’ve gone through the night with no trouble at all! :crescent_moon:

Thank you very much Valkarath for your guidance, every technique you’ve described here is absolute gold. I feel very privileged to have received this knowledge for free of charge and will continue to apply these on a daily basis.


I’ve got a question quick regarding the SBR, though. Once you do the expansion of energy around you, do you keep focusing on a “force field” around you for a while or is it more of an explosion type thing that’s gone after the initial wave?


I think you’re absolutely right, @succupedia .

I’ve gained more experience since we first talked about this in the Skype group. And I’ve personally experienced a consensual sharing of energy between me and a goddess. I’ve also experienced the direct work on my chakras and energy body from spirits.

I just used the term “succubus” for my own parasite because it was feeding off of my sexual energy and I didn’t realize that the term “succubus” and “incubus” referred to spiritual beings with more intelligence than the parasites.

Live and learn. :slight_smile:


Yep. It sure is. Try doing it while you’re standing in the Yoga Star Pose sometime. See if any meaning of this comes to you through your intuition.

It’s more of a circular explosion going out in all directions from you. I use a modified version of it for my own banishing ritual.

You can also imagine a more fiery component to the sun’s energy and use it to destroy a parasite attached to you. If I were going to do that, I would use my intuition to get an idea of how the parasite looked to me, then I would do the solar banishing ritual with the intention that it would destroy the parasite … and then I would visualize the parasite actually burning up in the solar fire I projected around me.

You’re welcome and I’m so glad it helped. I know from my own experience that these parasites can be downright terrifying if you don’t understand them.

In my opinion, these parasites are what Hollywood bases their concept of “demons” on.

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[quote=“valkarath, post:15, topic:10955”]
I’ve gained more experience since we first talked about this in the Skype group. And I’ve personally experienced a consensual sharing of energy between me and a goddess. I’ve also experienced the direct work on my chakras and energy body from spirits.[/quote]

It’s an amazing experience, isn’t it? Quite complicated, too, depending on how you perceived that particular experience. Their knowledge is, as I see it, ladder based, and the more they know about a specific topic, the more they know of the topic behind it. They don’t just “use the hammer”. They wield it to be the perfect tool to build things from scratch.

The word “succubus” and “incubus” doesn’t make justice to what they’re capable of and for what they’re actually are. It is also a word made from dogma, and the age of the word is just a half century old. A fragment of the origin of these kind of entities. I’m not that fond of the word, yet I use it merely for descriptive purposes. But their strength and powers have nothing to do with what they are, either. It’s always on an individual level. Their own ascendance is only limited by our own perception of them, especially if we have a bond with them through marriage. Treat them according to their myths and legends, and they never develop with us. Treat them as unique individuals, and they ascend with us.


Very wise words, my friend.

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Its 5:25AM here ATM and I’ve just been attacked again. I guess its my own fault for not doing the ritual banishing ritual before going to sleep last night. I arrived home late and just hit the sack after a short protection working. The working was lackluster since I was quite tired.

@succupedia Judging by your name, I would assume you know a lot about these creatures of the night so to speak. I’m not an expert on this by any means but I do unfortunately have extensive experience with this thing that keeps molesting me. About 4 years ago I’ve had a very vivid encounter. I’m not sure if its the same creature even since this experience has never been repeated in such an intense matter as it did that night but there are definitely some commonalities that all of these “encounters” share.

I won’t go into detail as I’ve done so in previous posts and I’m sure you will appreciate that as well. The first and admittedly the only time I’ve seen my attacker, it had a pair of glowing red pupils and a clear humanoid shape. The thing also had a tendency to laugh at my terror while doing its thing. I’m not sure if this fits your description of an incubus but that’s what it was. Also its “dick” was very cold and steely. I apologize for oversharing but I figure its important for you to get the whole picture.

Although, thankfully, the attacks are not as vivid and horrifying as the one where I’ve actually seen the creature and admittedly, I haven’t seen a creature of any form since then.

Part of the reason why I don’t see it is that a lot of the time I shit my pants so to speak and refuse to open my eyes but another part is that when I do open my eyes, I find myself floating in an almost perfect replica of my room. I takes real EFFORT to move in this replicated reality when under attack and when I realize its fake, I get transported to either another fake one where I would exhaust just to move and turn on the lights for example or would be moved back to actual reality by which time the attack would be over with. All of this is during sleep paralysis.

Also, do these astral parasites exhibit the ability to implant thoughts in ones mind like I’ve described in the original post? I feel this is important because its not just a trivial thing and it happens a lot actually and is a precursor to these violent sleep paralysis’. And it happens during the attack as well like it just did 30 minutes ago. Trying to describe this in further detail would make me seem like more of a crazy person than I’ve already portrayed myself to be. I’ll just say that they can be very distracting and the moments when you are fully aware of what’s going on are the ones when its actually possible to break the paralysis and end the shit.

Also, after stopping an attack several nights ago by visualizing the sigil of Satan, there was a very distinct laughter in my head, not the good kind.

I mean, apart from the appearance, if astral parasites exhibit this type of ability then good. The weaker this thing is, the better… but given what I’ve just told you, I doubt its just that.


I’ll make an effort to consistently do the advised banishing ritual and the protection working for at least a week and see what happens then.

Considering how untangible this whole thing is, I question my own sanity while describing what goes on. One thing is for sure though, the internet is a great thing and I’m very grateful to actually have the opportunity to discuss this with humans in a way that doesn’t include me going to a mental institution.

I’ll also pm @anon68160656 to hear his take on this.

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Yep, that’s consistent with what I’ve experienced.

There was a girl I was talking to late one night. She was a friend, but she was a very sexual person and everything came from that level with her. I normally “cut the cord” that forms between our chakras when I was done talking with her, but it was late and I was tired that night.

I went to sleep. And I found myself in a dream I couldn’t control. That’s unusual for me, but I was aware I was in the dream and just decided to let it play out and see what was going on.

The dream involved me and that girl driving in the country. Our car broke down and we had to go knock on the door of what looked like one of those old creepy mansions in the horror movies. I kinda laughed and thought “oooookkkkkk.”

An attractive woman answered the door and invited us inside. The woman asked me to follow her while my friend stayed in the main hall.

We got into the other room and the attractive woman pulled me down on top of her and we started having sex. I was like “Hmmm, where did that comes from?” I hadn’t had a sex dream since I’d gotten rid of my own parasite several years ago.

Well, as I was looking into her face, her eyes started glowing red, little horns grew out of her head, and I could feel (and caught a third person view) of the classical Christian devil’s tail come out of her root chakra and pierce my root chakra.

I could feel the energy being drained from my root chakra.

I immediately realized I was under attack and said “NO!”

I woke up. I could still feel the energy being drained from my root chakra while I was fully conscious.

So I used a technique I was taught to destroy the parasite.

I told my friend about it the next day and she confirmed she had been having sexual dreams involving this “woman” and she always woke up feeling more tired than when she went to sleep.

Doesn’t surprise me. The root chakra is tied to the physical energies and to our survival, so keeping you in a state of fear would (a) keep you less likely to fight it back and (b) energize your root chakra, giving it a nice yummy meal.

These are astral attacks, so the parasite is attacking you in the astral realm. It can look exactly like the physical world, but it usually has one or two little things out of place.

The sleep paralysis usually breaks if you can “wake yourself up” from the astral realm. This is where I was recommending you do the Solar Banishing Ritual during the attack. It would break the parasite’s hold on you and allow you to snap out of the sleep paralysis.

I’ve experienced people implanting thoughts in my mind while I was being attacked by other magickians, but I haven’t experienced a parasite doing it directly. I would call parasites cunning rather than intelligent, but the laughter in your head is most likely a parasite.

During my own sleep paralysis, I was trying to call on my close spiritual companion, but the parasite blocked me from reaching her. And that pissed me off.

Here’s the old thread where I talked about the experience:
Do you guys ever experience attacks from astral creatures?

I know that’s not quite a year ago, but I can tell you I’ve had a few lifetimes of experiences since then. It’s amazing how quickly you can grow when you get serious and apply yourself.

And there’s part of your problem. You’re unsure of yourself and you’re still afraid of this thing. You are literally giving it more power by believing it’s tougher than it is.

I completely understand where you’re at, because I was there at one time, too. You’ll get through this.

I understand. I’ve experienced things that made me think I was losing my shit. And I lived most of my life in fear. But it’s amazing how powerful each of us really is once we get past that and accept our birthright.