Meditation, Mental Chatter, And A 7-Day Challenge - Who's In? ☼ September 2020 Round 2!

Let me first amplify the kinds of notions that cross many people’s minds when the idea of meditating daily is mentioned:

"See, I’d like to meditate but I alone have a uniquely busy internal voice, my mind always has all these thoughts coming up, so I just can’t do it, because the fascinating complexity of my brain is too much to handle!

Also, I lack the bare minimum requirements of a mountain-top retreat in Peru, Tibet, or Atlantis, surrounded by calmly drifting clouds, and when I try to sit cross-legged on the floor completely immobile for the many hours daily I feel like I should be spending in perfect meditational states, my bum hurts.

None of these things affect other people but I’m different/special/worse than them and therefore the benefits of meditation will never be mine."


Let me clarify:

WRONG. :wink:

Read this:

How do I quiet my mental chatter so that I can meditate?

Have you been told that you must stop your thoughts entirely so that you can meditate? This restrictive belief prevents many people from exploring meditation, and leads to a division between the self and the mind. Such needless fears about mental chatter may prevent you from enjoying meditation as a meaningful activity — something that you can practice in a mindfully focused, and yet truly personal way.

Even if you do quiet the mental chatter somewhat, your attempt to make the chatter completely cease produces resistance and self-judgment. When you realize that mind chatter does not stop you from meditating, then your meditations become easier, and deeper, because you are not divided against yourself.

You are not trying to stop the mental chatter. And you are not preoccupied with the chatter, either. Well, you may ask, just what are your options when you meditate? Keep reading for answers…

So my challenge for people who find this hard, is this - read that article, read it twice if it helps, then:

  1. sign up on here

  2. log in daily from today, Monday 24th July to Monday 31st to post whether or not you got your time-slot in, and how you feel - you can do 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or until you feel silence and peace in your mind, or set a longer timer (the three minutes you do daily is better than the 20m you can never quite seem to find) but be consistant for this week, don’t try for 15m today and end up doing “until something comes up that I find more distracting” by Thursday

  3. share anything related, like what worked or didn’t work, and anything else that’s relevant.

“Monkey minds everywhere demand a Dislike button for this thread!”

Things that might help:

  • let go of expectations about this, ahead of time - the point is to be present, to DO, not to “spectator” your own performance, or rank yourself against anyone else, including your own past experiences

  • visualise a dot, or Rune, or stay focused on the feeling of the breath coming in and out of your nose

  • saying SO in your mind as you breathe in, and HUM as you breathe out - helpful if you have trouble with anything like silence in your mind

  • playing classical or other music without vocals in the background, or imagining a piece of music you like playing in your mind to replace internal dialogue

  • remember you don’t need to do this “right” - your mind WILL wander, seemingly compelling and important thoughts WILL appear, you can do a 3 minute brain dump first to help with those, and remember to just gently bring your mind back to focus on your breathing.

By the end of this week, you, too, can be someone who breezily “meditates daily” and it will have started to form a new habit, given you a new understanding of how your mind operates, and how the real You transcends the passing thoughts and mental chatter that arise within your noggin.

(And if you look this hot, photos welcome! jk…)

I’ll get this started, I got mine in just now between typing that and starting this paragraph:

Location - home office, seated in chair with back straight and hands in lap, bare feet flat on floor

Timeslot - 3m timed on phone

Environment - random traffic noise, purring cat, daylight

Notes - feeling of incredible sweetness, like champagne bubbling up from a well, combined with the pressing urge to open my eyes and share all about how awesome the meditation (which I would therefore no longer be doing) felt - then sudden feeling of insecurity over whether I’m even meditating “correctly” and maybe shouldn’t post about it all and just wipe this - random urge to open my eyes and see if I had any new e-mail - sudden certainty the timer was set to 30m and I was going to be late for a call I need to make.

That’s the highlights I recall of how my mind tried to fuck with me by doing what in 99% of cases is its job - looking out for things, communicating with the world, making sure I don’t fuck things up.

So, does anyone want to join me - this isn’t btw an exercise in noting what comes up to distract you, I just wanted to share my own process on a perfectly normal day doing 3m, to give an idea of how one person might experience this. I probably won’t do that again, because it’s just clutter - if I get the secret for cold fusion or the flux capacitor, I’ll be sure to note it down, but not otherwise. :wink:

Relevant video:


I’m in


I am in as well


Location - pillow on the floor cross legged wrist on knees hands dangling

Timeslot - 3m timed on phone 4:35 am begin time

Environment - Pich black bedroom raining

Notes - felt most weight where your neck meets your body all the way around besides that felt nowhere else that much but my mind Mind kept trying to cloud my head but I Chanted SON HUM in my head (don´t know why those words but it worked) My ears have a ringing static to them still. but that´s all for this round.


i’m in


I’m late but in


Never turn one down


Did it for 1 minute and already felt like my vision was moving forward without me moving


I try that stuff tomorrow.
~I actually tried it allready today, but the element of observing my feelings about my situation was entirely missing, so i those attempts ended after just a few minutes.

This is actually some “revolutionary” material for me, because my RHP "soul-breath meditation"
was about becoming passive, and its pretty similar, but it is more likely to bring you to try to avoid thoughts -something that will hardly ever work.

“I may just don’t ask the right questions.” -I’ll do that tomorrow:

“What is going on?”
“How am i feeling?”

And additional: “Its ok, just calm down. Thoughts are fine”

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I accept the challenge ! What I also find that helps as well is to:

Picture the pentagram In your thoughts and banish it

Yeah it’s that easy, visualize a glowing pentagram in your thoughts and proceed to banish it.

It helps me to clear my mind for when I want to mediate.


I’ll give it a try


Okay mine was
Time : 5 min
Location : couch
Observation : I tended to rock back and forth it felt, and a pain in my chest. Once I relaxed even more I felt almost a float sensation and thought I saw a shadow pass behind me. Then my mind came back and I couldn’t calm back down for a bit. This was my second meditation for today.


I have the perfect guided mediation video, this is Samadi Guided mediation, its special and would be great help to new to meditation people.

I tried an tested it before, its unique.


Time: 3 min
Location: Same as last time in the same environment
Observation: It felt a lot easier to do today the 3 min felt like 1 minute and I felt even lighter then be for as well


Awesome! :smiley:
Day 2:

Time: 3m timed on phone
Location: home office, curtains drawn, rainsound playing to relax after long-ass rush-hour train journey
Observation: thought about this thread, like my brain wanted to leap from the “focus on breath” state right to the next action/interaction thing it could find, then for a second felt very tired, like sitting upright is too much work, actually went to open my yes but that happened just a faraction of a second before the timer went, so I went with it. :slight_smile:

If anyone’s just seeing this thread on Tuesday, jump right on in if you want, do 7 days from now to create your own quiet confident “I meditate daily” vibe! :green_heart:


Day 0-1
In the late morning and the afternoon.

Where?: In the tram (with a certain lack of sleep, and at the very edge of sleep) on my way to some rural place, to help with gardener stuff/on my way back home.

Weird shit was going through my mind.
I was calm.
The series i just re-discovered by “coincidence”, it is called: “Jormungand”, and the first episode of each season starts with an invokation:

I devour the five lands and drain the three seas, yet only the sky is impossible to reach. With this body lacking wings, hands, or legs. I am the World Serpent. My name is Jormungand.

„Einst verschlang ich fünf Kontinente. Mein Durst schluckte drei Weltmeere leer. Allein der Himmel vermag es sich meiner Herrschaft zu entziehen. Wisset, mein Leib nennt nicht Flügel, noch Arm, noch Bein sein eigen. Ich bin die Midgardschlange. Ich trage den Namen Jormundgand.“

This came into my mind.
~Jormundgand could be an aspect of kundalini, or leviathan.
I bid that those two will play importend roles for me.

I felt something as i spoke that invokation.
~The both forces mentioned? Probably, but just a glimpse.

I remained calm, i didn’t had addtional strength, but it seems that it would have been worse without the “”““meditation””“”, i say that because my eyes -their brightness, is an indicator for my health and lifeforce.

Back to the series: the series is about a weapons dealer and her bodyguards,mercenaries, war, and funny and emotional stuff.

It fits very well into this “motivation is a false god, dedication is manhood” -thing, and the fact that my last option of all would be, to go to the military -with a someone, (so i wouldn’t be the only one in that mess) make the whole thing more promising. Fuck, i want and need guns in my life. ^^

I don’t know. -I actually don’t wanna try to meditate in a calm enviroment,
because that could/would leave me with expactations and shit :open_mouth:

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I’m in and this might be just what I needed! I am constantly hating on myself because I “should meditate” but I have such a hard time I put it off. I am too tired. It is too late. I’ll do it tomorrow. When I do I fear I am not “doing” it right and I even wonder if I am actually doing it at all! Is this what I am supposed to be doing? Am I in the sync? So I meditate one day and skip three. I don’t know what I am supposed to focus on when I do it! Anyone else have this problem? My breath? The 3rd eye? Raising kundilini energy? Focus on one chakra? How about the astral temple? Or connecting with the earth and the grid and the moon? Or should I focus on a sigil and speak to someone? …so many meditations so little time… So last night I did it.

Sitting in bed kinda in a lotus position with hands on my knees. I had put on oil for healing past hurts. I want to do shadow work and yeah… Anyway I focused on my heart area. Not the heart itself but kind of in front of the body the energetic heart center area and emptied my mind. (hahahaha a monumentous task I assure you) It took me a good 15 minutes of “meditating” to figure out what I was going to do during the meditation. In the end I called Lucifer and we meditated together…for lack of a better way to word it. Don’t pick on me because I am not as smart and verbal as you!!! lol!

When I called Him and I finally calmed my mind down, I found that I had images flash in my head. Faces and astral beings. Weird stuff sometimes… So I blanked my mind and waited to see what surfaced. In the end I stopped meditating after about 40 minutes when I had this realization that I do not want to remember the bad… It scared me and I snapped out of the meditation. It shook me up inside for real… I don’t know but maybe something was getting close to the surface and I ran from it. I am going to try again tonight and see what happens. Anyway when I refocused on this plane and you know, came back to here I felt surprised at my reaction and shook up but my whole body was tingling.
Hope this wasn’t too long.
Happy meditating!


That’s SO cool! :smiley:

It’s this fear of “am I doing it right?” that gets in the way a lot, just do it, focus on breath or some image, or a seed mantra, oron SO and HUM while breathing, and there’s no need to push it into unsustainable long periods, I like doing 20m myself because that’s long enough for a reset at the end of the day but just doing 3 or 5 is worthwhile if that’s what feels sustainable EVERY day, later you can find your own best time period.


I have to do it when I have quiet. I can’t do it with an audience. So when my daughter goes to bed then maybe I can do it. But she stays up late. and I ALWAYS wonder if I am doing it wrong or maybe I should be doing this or that…I always feel like I should be DOING something. . But this, and your encouragement should help me a lot. Thank you!


No jusr do it ?