I've discovered a very ancient demonic force

I was soul travelling when the actual world around just disintegrated and became a black vastness but there was like smoke and sulphur and I could smell burning but it was as if the flames were invisible.

I was pulled to a certain area because I saw a dark spot of energy, me being me, I investigated it.

As I got closer a sinister hiss, echoed through this vastness, and before the dark clouded shadows rose a huge and I mean giant black serpent.

It’s eyes were a mixture of red and green, with the darkest scales i’ve ever seen, I felt uneasy looking at it but at the same time I was mesmerised.

I spoke " who are you and what are you ", I heard a laugh but from the air as if his voice was in more than one place then he spoke while contiounsly hissing each letter he said " I am the serpent of the pit, I am the father of evil, I am the oldest and first being in hell ".

I was hella shocked I asked him " are you lucifer ", he replied " no, I am my own being ", i was baffled.

This being gave some pretty insane fucking titles to itself, it said it was the father of evil and he’s the first and oldest being in hell.

I asked for its name the laugh echoed through the sulphuric air once more, with a loud hiss and its tongue extended dripping with some sort of black venom it said " Danz’rata’munk ".

For unknown reasons, he vanished and my thought was just as soon as we get to the good bits you leave :joy:.

But that name " Danz’rata’munk ", that seems really familiar, I thought it was the serpent from the necromantic sorcery or the world serpent.

But clearly not, :thinking: Hmmm more information needed haha.

Let me know what you think.


Sounds like you need to do and evocation and start a path working with him. I would suggest that you seek council from other spirits that you are working with before you make such a move. Find out as much as you can, then make it happen.


since you have its name you should be able to call it back no?

The world serpent is Jormungandr and the serpent from NS is Akasha Subterfuge. You must have stumbled upon something different. Congrats!


perhaps an entity embodying the literal serpent from the garden of eden?



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I think you found the worlds serpent cousin

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It’s not the world serpent I know that because i’ve worked with that being already.

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A snake and its in hell. :sweat_smile: idk the back story of hell unless its always been there but maybe its hell itself… Taking the shape of a reptile like mother gia from greek stood for earth. Maybe its an acient diety nobody met. Idk


That’s Leviathan. His usual form is usually a serpent or whale. Just any sea creature in general. Not the same thing as Behemoth, however. There’s plenty of groups out there that confuse the two. He’s usually some elephant looking thing. You can find descriptions of him in Isaiah 27:1, Job and of course, Revelations. Another misconception is that he’s either the Devil or Lucifer, although those are misrepresentations as well.


I’ve worked with leviathan and I contacted him he told me " for I am not our father, this being is to complex at nature to understand ".

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I guess I misunderstood the quoting and reply on BALG forum. In either case, I’m not sure what it is then. I apologize for the error. Best of luck!

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I would go with leviathan dude but also i would travel back and ask more questions

I wish I could soul travel :’(


Could you eventually get a sigil to present us with? I’d like to attempt at contacting this being.


Reminds me of an experience I had.


Hi i find ur experience interestingbecause long ago, ihad an experiece along the same lines. I was very new to magic practice and did not see as u did. I could only think to be polite and listen to him. I think he helped me alon g my spiritual path to now where i practice the lhp with joy. Dont know what he was called. I think i was so shocked at the rebelation of meeting him.


That was satolas, brother.

Ram Ham satolas


BALG - the only forum where Necromancy is OK! :smiley:
Pretty dope thread though @C.Kendall so I am glad that this resurfaced.

If we had to go with the “oldest” archeologically, it would either be something from Hinduism or Zoroastrianism.

One of the bigger adversarial or daeva serpents from that time would be Azi Dahaka although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Ahriman himself as well (some even speculate that Azi Dahaka is a manifestation of him).

You also have Vritra who is a gigantic serpent in Hinduism. He is known to be an Asura which are known to be more of the “demons” in that faith. There are also scholars who link Azi Dahaka with Vritra so there is that as well.

I personally have met Azi Dahaka and Ahriman once and they were probably two of the most energetically overwhelming spirits that I have dealt with. Not sure if this helps or not but they are worth mentioning.

Adding more:

When you mention smokeless fire I think of djinn and beings related to the sun. If we were to go that route then Samum might be your guy. He is said to be the father of all evils and is said to embody the fires of hell and the fires of the sun (he is said to be the source of Iblis and his devils as well as Samael and his devils).

He doesn’t really have a distinct form so that is up in the air. I mentioned him on your djinn binding advertisement post but I deleted it because I felt no one cared about what I had to say there.