I feel like I'm going insane

Yep going to sleep lol


And now the weird thoughts come

goodnight sweetums



Write down the weird thoughts and we’ll go through them tomorrow?

You’re invited. :wink:

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Balance is the key. Often times magicians would work on their spiritual aspect, and neglect their physical. Train your mind, body, and spirit.

And, of course, don’t forget to take breaks whenever you feel like it.


Alright I’m joining then😊

Yup, being a night owl myself I put my stamp on this! The OP could also try finding a new hobby (magical or mundane)


yeah ill have to try that lol

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I’m gonna try something


How u feeling now?

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probably should have said that i was better before yoiu did that XD but im still feeling good if that helps :sweat_smile:


Suites me

I have an idea if you want to cast, bad feelings, depression, anger, anxiety, and great pain i called how to create your own dybbuk box meaning dark malevolent demon attached, purchase a pine timber cupboard 30H X 20D X 20W with two door or if can’t find on without shelfs, get one custom made, pait it black inside and out put in it two 3 X 3 inch black pillar candles, one black bowl full of graveyard dirt mix human bone powder graveyard dirt taken from a most evil cursed graveyard at 3am in the morning on a full moon on Halloween, oh yeh you will also need to design a circle of counter creation talisman just like the one can purchase though the BALG, on a 4 inch circle out of your own blood cut it out and glue it on a wooden disk, one small piece of stone from a cursed graveyard not to massive as it has to go into the dybbuk box on small 5 X 5 inch black mirror permanently glued to the back, a recent small passport photo of Your self, on the two front doors a inverted pentagram on each door in red laced with blood get som demonic oil from Luciferian apotheca, at on descration get a cotton ball and give the dybbuk box a good polish then put things back in candles left and right bowl of graveyard dirt between circle of counter creation at back and 6L X 3W x 1D at back, and photo of self now you have a dybbuk box, to use when feeling mentally unstable, depressed/depression, very angry, hurt, anything else go to the dybbuk light the two black candles also forget to mention put the 2 candles on silver pillar candle holders, sit candle on top don’t get the tall pillar candle holders as you don’t want to start a fire candles has to remain in dybbuk box now light 2 black pillar candles put a tiny human fragment on top of each black candle sitting on top next to wick so when light both candles the fame will incinerate bone fragment and while candles are going start to manufacturer red Hot rage, just how poltergeist manufacturer and send it into the dybbuk box while looking at the black mirror also while manufacturing red hot rage making thought really violent red hot rage and use energy to send all pain into the dybbuk box, and do it every time you are feeling down, don’t forget mentally not physically so start smashing your home up, you aim is not to damage surroundings, you are creating something so pure evil, terrifying dark malevolent demonic, poltergeist, so just every time you feel bad, and feeling like decent not acent, which LHP accent is what you wont, be careful what you create cannot be undone, may the forces of darkness be with you all cheers.:zap::zap::zap:

Wait… so what’s the problem? Not being rude just confused. I have numerous people praying for me constantly, always h0rny cus I mean… come on, and the spirits never leave me alone I mean shit some of the stories I have…

I have constant weird thoughts of anger, violence, destruction, perverted just randomly. If you’re going insane than I am insane.

Well when back in the holocaust days Jewish people create dybbuk box its a capboard they to get rid of any pain they may suffer while inprisoned in the German concentration death camps its the way they deal with there pain, or anything in turn they create something very dark entity attached the show deadly possessions one of the episodes is about the dybbuk box, i just came up with a formula with the help from my demon possessed doll i own guiding me, by helping by sharing with the people on the forum how to go about creating there own dybbuk, so anything worries them its some where they can store that energy and turning it to something dark, by thus converting unwanted energy to recieve dark energy in return by drawing demons poltergeist to it it return powers of darkness, by after a while can be used for baneful intentions and also get a picture of your enemy put it into the dybbuk box to curse your enemy, as for the photo of Your self you put into the dybbuk box when you made it it for when the dark entity attaches itself to the box, possess the everything in the box it becomes Haunted, they say never open a dybbuk box you release the entity by having a black mirror, black candles, graveyard dirt human bone fragments, circle of counter creation, cemetery stone, photo of self, helps with bonding, so when add picture of enemys photo in dybbuk box horrible things happen to them they will start being tormented, day and night.

First, If you’re still going to church with your family while doing magic or attempting to contact entities, you need to stop one or the other. You are creating a spiritual tornado if you are going back and forth. I would recommend you put off magic until you can move out on your own. Just stop. Wait. And continue when you can support yourself. Do not rebel against your family, as it will only cause you more pain. This is my advice.

Situation solved for now

Furthermore, if you wish to remain committed to magic, Zagan will hide you. But stop talking to anyone about it.