Is it enough if i meditate 20 min daily

I know meditation is very important i just wanted to know if 20 min daily is enough to develop my pshycic
Abilities. Any answers are highly appreciated


Yes. That is what is usually recommended.


I believe E.A. once said that 24 min daily, one for every hour is ideal, so yeah 20 is good.


Actually, even 10 minutes is really fine.

That’s plenty, 24 minutes is ideal. Especially if you want to experience the full effect of the meditation, you do it for 24 minutes for 24 days - this is something E.A Koetting talks about in the Mastering Black Magick video course. Once done then you can shorten it. The above is just if you just want to isolatse the meditation to rember what it’s like so you can get into the state it’s designed to guide you into faster.


For beginners, yep.

And I advise you to set countdown timer in your phone or alarm so you don’t have to worry about time during meditation.

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