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Thanks for the warm welcome and general advice it is gratefully received, i have practiced third eye exercises more recently and im no stranger to meditation lucid dreaming heightened intuition … but i find some methods have become harder than others since they was heightened around the time i met my twinflame so seen as that journey has ended this time around im rather hoping finding a practice will re-activate my abilities once again if that makes sense.


Hi my name is Chris Dalton.
I am a relatively new magician who is working on ceremonial magic and devising a Celtic pathworking that is focused on Celtic Irish gods/goddess. In addition I have begun working with a demon, Bune.
I am just struggling on learning and improving my craft.
I live in NOLA and I am a member of the OTO in NOLA.


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Hey everyone I’m 19 yrs old and have only gotten into these workings. My main goal I really only have one, is to change my life around and create the life I want. The way my life is right now isn’t good nor in any way fun. I just want to be able to do what interests me and attempt to fulfill my unlimited potential. My main weakness is my mind. I would say mentally I’m fucked and spend too much time in my thoughts. I’ve made like three accounts on here, but never have kept up with them or introduced myself to everyone. This time I’m just more serious. I guess I’ll see everyone around on this forum.


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My name is D. i was introduced to witch craft and goatia from a young age. i struggle with myself. my goal is to not mess up this post so i can get my first post before this answered. i mess up a lot and i’ve had lingering hatred consuming me my entire life. i also like music :slight_smile:


It’s been…years since I’ve been part of a forum community. Like…it was the 90’s/early 2k and I remember the days when the internet was awesome years. The internet of today is not the internet that it once was.

My name is 4Riders.
I am new to working with demons/becoming my own god in practice but it’s been something I’ve been doing/looking for since ever.
I suppose officially “started” two years ago. There’s a lot of information and resources that I don’t know of or where/how to even look.
Learning is on going and an endless process.
Also- comics are awesome. As are plants, cats, dogs and snakes and other beasties that may or may not have physical form.
And meat is delicious as are plants.
In fact, that inanimate object over there is looking pretty tasty…



I am Hunter, and I am here to further my occult knowledge.


Looks like Lilith has taken an interest in you.


Hello, all!

I have been dabbling with magic, divination, and the occult for decades now, in one form or another. I began, as I suppose many do, on the RHP, and slowly drifted to the LHP. I find the LHP more grounded in reality and far more effective. I also find it much more fulfilling and validating.

My work with demonic forces is somewhat new, but I have seen amazing results. I’ll post about one such adventure pretty soon.

I’m here to learn from others, enjoy the company of others that deal with spirits/demons/forces/etc., and share my experiences. I have browsed through this forum a lot, and decided to join to become more thoroughly involved.

My current circumstances and environment is giving me quite the challenge. I have little privacy, so I am learning techniques that allow me to do my Work without the fear of being intruded upon.

I love the Tarot, spells, and learning. With my beginning to explore the darker side, I have begun my journey to Ascension.




You could try a red floor. Red floors attract people and keep them there. Alternatively use bright, pillar-box red items to decorate your store.
Re-Programming: Before sleeping, close your eyes and see people entering your store and paying money. As real as you can, right down to smells. Write a bank deposit slip to yourself in a large sum and stick it somewhere you see it - like on your mirror or in a frame by your bed. Gaze upon it until you can close your eyes and still see it - every detail. Long before you’re able to do that you will have results.

Please advise.


That’s some of the very best Magick. Trust me. And welcome.



I think I like the sound of that.


Hello,i’m new here!!!

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My name is Matthew Montibello and I was awakened on February 12th, 2017. I channel many beings from angels to Greek gods to demons and leviathans. I am currently trying to find my purpose after being told I am a “chosen one” I look for assistance from you all to further my journey as I look forward to assisting you all with yours.


Hi, I’ve been through some magickal systems throughout my life, most of them from the left-hand path. My main goal is to achieve godhood. Hope this forum helps me in my path.


where are you from?

Um hi, Im River.
I mostly used Wiccan type magick. I want to get back into it. My current struggles is all the stuff holding me back.