In my own head? need help?

hey ive been reading alot for months and months.but when it comes to me to do any work i get scared and nervous my mind is all over the place when i try to meditate or visualize anything my thoughts get in the way it wont shut up so its hard for me to visualize anything. but i keep trying i have tried to contact duke sallos by doing the method here on BALG but i have no senses at all so i dont know if he even heard me. im also trying to build a bond with Santa Muerte i did have a few dreams about her is there a better way to better your just sucks because i have a number 1 goal but i also want to better myself and i feel like my mind and a little doubt is holding me back from being me

No-one’s mind automatically shuts up, and nor is that the goal of meditation in the first instance - IMO the goal is to realise you observe your thoughts, but you are not defined by them. :smiley:

That you are not your mind, and its ceaseless chatter, any more than you are your emotions, or your body - you are the ruler of these vehicles.

Get thee here and get started:

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But if you can, then presumably you can hold some kind of image in mind long enough to, er, get the job done.

Try this: walk-through on visualising and creating wards.


Get shiny rock. Put rock in front of you. Stare at rock with all your attention and focus. Don’t tense up your eyes or head, use a relaxed gaze, just purely mental focus on every detail of the rock. Keep doing this into your brain shuts up and you can manage it for up to an hour or more. It will take possibly many days of practice. You can also start infusing the rock with any energy or concept you want for a talisman to carry with you. Mine I just store a ton of energy in as a backup supply and power focus.
Could also do this with jewelry etc. Shiny is preferable because it holds your attention better.


I saw a video of a monk describing the idle chatter of the mind
he basicly called it the monkey, and you need to give the monkey a task to distract it.
let it be in charge of breathing in and out, in other words… focus on your breath and come back to your breath every time your mind starts wandering.


Fear is very common among new practitioners. I’m not exactly new, and even I only completely learnt to control fear. As you learn to control your mind, fear and manifestations will all fall into place. It’s just a matter of practice.
As far as your senses go, there’s a couple of things to consider. Firstly, what do you want to use your senses for? If it’s just evocations and energy work ( during rituals ) then gaining the kind of astral sight some members talk about isn’t necessary; you would manage perfectly fine by learning to ‘feel’ the spirits words, though the energy in your ritual. Obviously, if you’re looking at performing astral travel and remote viewing, then you’re going to need far more… well developed is the wrong word… physical senses.
The thing to remember is that each approach to astral senses has its own benefit. Sure it impresses your fellow forum members to talk about visions and prophesies you’ve received, but going of energy sensing alone has a lot of practical benefits. You’ll find properly channelling energy is easier; feeling when a spirit is trying to contact you becomes easier; you can see past people’s false personas they hide behind etc.
I haven’t looked at the method provided here, but I used to use a mirror, lit by candle light. Focus the spirit’s energy onto your own reflection. No need to use a black mirror, though you can if you want.