Walking the Walk

I’ll be following your updates! I like your methodologies. Also off topic but super cute profile pic!

(Edit: my phones autocrorrect is literally the dumbest version and likes to autocorrect spellings into nonsense 🤦)


Very good that you read and research rather than ask someone else to tell you.

Yes. Good on you!


Thank you @anon482649 and @Yazata!

Well, here goes. I spent a little time trying to figure out 6 petitions I wanted to do over the next 3 weeks. That’s actually harder than it sounds. It’s a lot of Petitions. Rather than get bogged down in the planning stage, I simply chose a spirit of interest to me, and crafted a Petition.

It was a rather intangible request, one that can’t be easily measured. No reason to be concerned about whether it worked or not. It is done. Simple as that.

As an added bonus, it is a beautiful day, warm and sunny, and I walked into the woods behind my house to deliver my Petition. I found a lovely spot, possibly a good spot to deliver all of them, weather permitting. So I had a nice walk in the woods also.


I’m excited for you and where you are on your path, the beginning’s always the most daunting but also the most grand and inspiring, with me at least.

Something that may be helpful for you - consider “lumping” together different groups of petitions under different broad categories.

For instance, you can have a “finance” category that includes a couple money-related petitions, a “relationships” category with petitions affecting your friendships or work colleagues or other people in your life, and maybe a “spiritual” category for self-exploration and discovery.

I also like to use a mixture of broad, general requests, combined with narrower, more specific requests. So for example, you could start with a “master money ritual” to get the magickal juices flowing in that area, and then follow-up with something more specific, such as a booster for your job or a specific income stream. Another sequence could start with exploring your creative and artistic side, and then end with a request to improve your craft or help with a specific project.

This is just one way to go about things, and ultimately you’ll find your own magickal rhythm and process that works well for you. I wish you good fortune, and have fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Doing daily visualisations and meditation is key, and a solid foundation to build upon.


Thank you shinri! I think the idea of categories is helpful. (“Health” is another good one.) I definitely wanted to start in a general way, so I didn’t expect any particular result by a certain day or time. Just learning to do some new things. Ease and flow. :slight_smile:

This is excellent advice. Thank you!


I have a thread with different info you might find useful.

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I’ve read that thread! “Powerful Cord Cutting and Shielding with Daniella” gave me chills! I really felt something.

I’ll go revisit the thread now. :slight_smile:


Check my profile I have a lot of visualisations up. Let me know what you are looking for. I can write one for you. If you like.


I performed my second Petition Spell this evening. It hasn’t been 3 days, but it was a good time for me. I was (unexpectedly) home alone, and the rain had stopped. I carried a candle outside to the patio table, read my Petition by the light shining through the dining room window, and burned the paper in the candle’s flame.

I liked having the candle. Candle magic is familiar to me. It’s comfortable. I didn’t really concentrate on it as candle magic, but I probably should. Maybe on the next one…

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Well, I wanted to edit, and accidentally deleted my last post. So I’ll just summarize the last two. And add the new one, all together in one.

I’ve done 3 more Petition Spells. Interesting in that I realized I’ve been doing Petitions for a long time, just not in the exact same format of the Tutorial. Doing a written component to a spell. So that’s an oldie but a goody. A scrap of paper under the candle, a letter to the Universe… they are Petition Spells, really. Today I did the grand finale of the Petition Spells. It was to be an all day candle burning spell / petition. Only the candle still isn’t burned out, so the spell continues. I don’t normally burn candles all the way down, so I underestimated the time it would take. (I know a lot of people burn the candle out, but I usually just snuff it and note what it was for, then use it again for the same thing next time.)

I received the book “Energy Work” in the mail this week and started reading it. I’m keeping it at my office and doing the exercises during my breaks. It’s a nice distraction, and pretty easy so far.

Also I dowsed the other day. And I dowsed, and dowsed and dowsed. I just took off the necklace I was wearing, adjusted the chain and used the pendant as a pendulum. I had read a thread about finding your guardian demon by using a pendulum over the names of the 72 goetic demons. Plus I had just been messaging with someone about their pendulum. Funny how things converge. So I dowsed each of the names and came up with a couple that seemed to be very definite yeses.

They were not the “popular” demons you read about all the time on the forum, so I was completely unfamiliar with them. I researched. One seriously struck a chord with me. I meditated on it. Still not sure. :slight_smile:

So I have a series of 7 spells going on. The first one is complete. One down, 6 to go. I’m 3 days into the second one. Short, simple spells that are repeated for several days, or many days. One builds on another. Layering, I suppose. I like moving directly from one to another. Done. Forgotten. Moving on.

Also along the lines of short and sweet, I have practiced a little bit with some incantations. Five minutes of chanting, here and there. I can find time for that. Alone time, of course. I can’t imagine what my husband would think of that. Also, trying to get that vibration in my throat as I chant makes my voice kinda creepy. Not very attractive.

One of the chants in particular has a feel that something is happening. An incantation for awakening astral senses. (I don’t know how to link to another thread here on the forum…) Feels like a tickling in my forehead, and maybe a bit of woozy-dizzy-ness, but not in a bad way. Interesting.

Probably the most interesting thing that has happened during the past week happened today. I curled up on the couch this afternoon to have a nap before I go to work tonight. (I’m seriously tired!) It was bright in the living room so I covered my face with a soft fuzzy blanket. Pitch dark. I had barely closed my eyes when I saw flashing white light, almost at the top of my “field of vision”. Obviously not vision, because my eyes were closed. My hand was touching the center of my forehead, and it seemed as if that was where the flash was happening. It was a bright white squiggle, seemed to be a piece of the sigil of the demon I had been meditating on.

Or maybe it had to do with the awakening of the astral senses. I’m not sure. That’s the problem and the beauty of doing a bunch of different things at the same time. You really don’t know what’s working and what isn’t. As long as something is working, I’m pleased.

It occurred to me to attempt communication, in case it was the sigil flashing in my brain. But instead, I drifted off to sleep. Sadly, my phone rang then and woke me up. So I didn’t even get my nap.

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Finished the 11 days of Spell #2, and now I’m on day 2 of 3 on the 3rd spell in the series. I’m really liking these spells/rituals. They are short and quick, easy to fit into my busy schedule. I just find a few free minutes, raise a little personal power, and go for it. I want to keep on hammering them out, day after day, every day. Yeah, I want to do magic every day.

But. Like everyone else, I can’t help but notice this full moon. Wow! Incredible! So bright I don’t need a flashlight outside at night, I am casting a shadow from this big beautiful moon. It makes me think I should pay closer attention to the phase of the moon in my daily workings.

I am at a point in this series of spells where I could stop for a bit if I wanted. I have worked them from the new moon up to the full moon. Which has been perfect, kind of building and growing, as the moon has. Now I have one more day on the current spell, which in a way is a cleansing, and that works well with the phase of the moon that we are in now, just beginning to wane.

So I think I will call a halt to this series of spells for the next couple of weeks. Once the moon begins to wax, I’ll get back on it. Until then, I’ll need to make a new plan. More to come on that…

I found some meditations I really like on youtube. I did one for clairaudience last night. My left ear actually popped. Several times. I thought that was a good sign. I kept hearing the word, “Soon”. And I just got a chill as I typed it. Yes, soon we’ll be chatting, you and I. :slight_smile:

I said I would make a plan for the next couple of weeks, and I think I have one. I saw a post,

(Look! I learned how to quote another thread! Yay!)

downloaded the book, read it all last night. It was short and very easy to get through. Looks pretty simple. I like it. I’m gonna give it a try. In fact, I would really like it if some others who downloaded the book would start a group of working through it. I would be game for that. I know, I know, I could start that group myself, but I’m not quite that confident yet.

So, a few of my thoughts on the book after one quick read:

It utilizes the angel Raziel as an intermediary for communication. I like angels, so I’m down with that. It gives a “scene” which you imagine, (kind of strange scenes, but who am I to judge?) that sort of take you to the spirit instead of asking the spirit to come to you. Also gives the sigil and enn for each spirit, a list of their powers, skills, offices (Is this rather truncated? Oh well, it’s good enough for me at this point.) and various other bits of info about each entity.

A quick read through the offices of each spirit showed me some which are of great interest to me, and some which are not. No offense on the ones that are not! As an example, some spirits are mainly involved in love, sex, seduction. Well, I am happily married. I won’t waste their time. I’m also not very baneful. I’m just not. My idea of the worst possible curse I would inflict upon someone is… diarrhea. That’ll fix 'em! :grinning:

Of the spirits of interest to me, it would seem prudent to contact the ones who assist with magickal skills right off the bat. Make contact, possibly start a good working relationship, request a little boost in that department…

And go from there.

Also, I forgot to mention that I ordered a beautiful copper pendulum last week. Can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it!

I have put a lot of thought into the Goetia Pathworking book I noted above. I did my own research, made my own notes on each of the 72 Goetic demons, and narrowed the list way, way down to just a few that I think would be beneficial for me to work with at this stage of my development. It was time well spent, I think.

Now I just have a bit more planning to do, and I will begin said work. I have pretty much abandoned the book and will go my own way. No big surprise there. That’s what I do. :slight_smile:

Also, I just joined a recently resurrected thread:

I meditate often, but not every day. Still, only 7 days should be a breeze.

In other news, the pendulum has finally shipped and is moving toward me at the speed of… moss.


I am working from home this week, as are many many people worldwide due to the coronavirus threat. At least I am able to work from home. Others are not so fortunate. I had been fasting for Lent, but I let that slide. Figured if the apocalypse is upon us, it’s probably not a good time to be bone-thin. LOL

I am trying to maintain some measure of normalcy in my life, so I have done my best to continue with my magical workings, despite a disrupted schedule. I did finish the 7 Day Meditation Challenge. In 8 days. Oops. It was tougher than I thought it would be.

Also, I have spent the past 2 weeks, on and off, studying the Goetic Demons. My plan is to attempt contact with Vassago first. I’ll speak more on that when it happens.

Tonight I got back into my 7 spell series. Spell #4. The moon is new, and I felt the time was right. Wow. Powerful, intense feelings with this one. Calling on these angels made me feel somehow cold. And yet I made myself a milkshake afterward. :innocent:

Tomorrow night, Spell #5. I don’t have everything I need for it. Yes, this spell requires ingredients. Dammit! It’s not the best time to go shopping, you know? I can probably come up with a workaround, a homemade something that will suffice.

The cat just came in from outside, and I informed her that there is a big-ass spider in the bedroom. I saw it run under the bed. If she would be so kind as to hunt it down and eat it, I would be much obliged. :smirk_cat:


Great start. Can’t wait to see your progress.

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This journal is brilliant.

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