I can't Clear My Mind

So I’ve been trying to meditate for awhile but I can never clear my mind. Like I’ve tried the void meditation and things like that with visualization but I can never fully concentrate and Idk why. Same with evocation and listening for spirits inside my head, they feel like my thoughts most of the time. This standstill has really troubled me for a while.


Have you tried just focusing on your breath?

Yeah I do try and do that and it’ll work sometimes but other times I still get distracted. Espicallty finding a comfortable position to mediate in. I have an awful back so that also gets in the way.

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I have back pain as well. I lay down with my knees up and arms beside me during meditation for that very reason.

And I had a really intense one where my body started moving around and I toppled over so since then laying in this way has been my go to and hasn’t had any negative effect on my meditations.

As far as your mind goes, it’s possible that you could be making it worse with the perfectionist mindset. If a thought pops in and you are like " Gods damnit! I can’t focus!" And feel like you’re failing you will make it so.

Instead when a thought pops up just bring yourself back to what you are supposed to be focusing on without beating yourself up over it. Every time. And with time you will notice improvement.

Perhaps look into moving Meditations, and incorporating mantras, can help.


Actually, you’re completely right I do get frustrated with myself when it comes to my thoughts. I’m OCD but in a more obsessive way and It has to do with thoughts. Like if I get a thought in my head It’s really hard for me to bring myself back.
I also got a message from someone who speaks with Lucifer and Lucifer said I needed more practice so I think its time to just let it all out and see if anyone here could give me advice

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I highly suggest using mantras. It helps the focus because it gives more structure.

It took me a while to find something that helps me get into a focused and deeper meditative state, you’ll find what works for you.


Thank you, I hope it also helps with the Theta Gamma Sync because I’ve only really gotten into once when working with Mepsital but after that one time It hasn’t gotten to be that strong

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I like to imagine the space inside my head as being dark and empty of anything and the connection between my skull and my neck, or the rest of my body is like a drain or black hole… When thoughts pop up in my head, I like to visualize the thoughts in the head space as words. Just observing the thought for what it is, and allowing it to be without latching on to it with any emotion, like frustration… then letting it swirl down the drain and away from my awareness.


Thank you, I’ll try and put that to practice

Find guided meditations on youtube.

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I second that… There’s a ton of good ones out there.

I also have troubles with this, practice helps I suppose

Doesn’t matter.

Talke a look at the OP in this topic:

Also, simply put, you don’t clear your mind in order to meditate - you meditate to gain comprehension of your mind’s workings, which will with time make quieting it (not the same thing as clearing it) much easier, and even happen as a kind of reflex. :+1:


I don’t think it could have been said better… Reconnecting the body and the mind.

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The way you describe it makes me think about “racing thoughts” and if it’s that, the only real way to get rid of it is forcing your mind to be blank. I have this because of panics and you can do anything but the only solution is taming your mind.

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Do you know a good way to do that. I really want to get it under control

What works well for me is music, while you listen to something you really appreciate you have a tendency of not thinking too much so try to put a lot of music you love and then to keep this state of mind when it’s quiet and blank, even if at the beginning it’s just for like 5mins it’s okay the more you will force, the more you will be able to tame it.

There’s truly no secret except forcing. You just have to stop the ‘monkey thoughts’ in the back of your head by yourself. Just stop thinking, when you have something you can’t stop try to shut little by little for exemple you will have many thoughts, just keep it to one sentence then to one word and then stop and there keep it like that. I truly hope your mind is not as full as mine was but this is what worked for me.

The only other help I’m seeing is medecine and to me it’s really not help because you won’t be able to learn how to build your mind by yourself.