How do you stay stress free?

In general for people who don’t really stress out during their lives despite the problems and possible hell they’ve gone through… for those: how did you do it? Did you meditate? Do rituals? Both? Anything else??? Trying to pick up methods from others and possible experts etc


Yes, all of them. But I typically do them for specific reasons.

Meditate - yes. Different kinds. It’s not uncommon for me to trance out to an extent during a walk outside so I can communicate with entities. This not only gets me the benefit of exercise, but also that of insight into things I may have on my mind (or that maybe I should).

I don’t do full rituals every day, but I do SOMETHING every day. Usually several somethings, if there’s a reason for that. This may involve singing to a specific deity as an offering, communicating with an entity about a certain topic, or an actual ritual where I’m working on an effect of some sort.

I also try to learn something every day in both the mundane and magical fields. It doesn’t have to be a lot or a new topic, but I actively look to learn something. For example, before bed, I finish up with a book on the Civil War, but before that, I try to read something from the Occult realm, too. Right now, this is the Black Magic of Ahriman (I told myself I’d read through it to learn something).

I typically hit all these points every day. If not, I hit as many as I can. I worked almost 14 hours the other day, so I didn’t hit anything but the reading. It happens. I picked back up the following day. It’s a process.


Hobbies and crafts, making stuff where there’s a start, middle, and then end where it’s complete, is a nice balance to stress, and meditation helps but it has all the “shoulds” and “musts” and “6 hours a day starting at 3am with your legs in a weird position” baggage attached for a lot of people.

I wrote a wee bit about that a while ago here: Meditation, Mental Chatter, And A 7-Day Challenge - Who's In? ☼ September 2020 Round 2!


Ok cool!! So distraction with books and sticking with a deity you feel connected to , so relying on the supernatural

So pretty much doing practical stuff you enjoy, cool!! Distraction is only good for me only if I enjoy it, never thought of it that way

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What? No, not just relying on the supernatural. I don’t just walk, I also do things with my hands and have started lifting again. You gotta ground in the physical, too.


Nobody is stress free. It’s impossible to be so if you’re human. The body is actually designed to grow from certain types of stress (the obvious one is that your muscles get stronger when they are placed under the stress of heavy weight).

What you want to do is learn how to process it better. Connecting with your body through exercise is proven to help, especially with mental based stressors like anxiety, depression, and worry. Gardening is also a well known de-stressor. It grounds you to the earth while simultaneously being a meditation for the mind.

A lot of unnecessary stress comes from our natural instincts toward fight or flight which have little application within modern living but still cause our bodies to shift into adrenaline fuelled overdrive. I think that is why exercise helps so much (well that, and the fact most people live in their heads and are very disconnected from their bodies).


Enki told me life is about:

Staying healthy
Enjoying good food
And Celebrating holidays


Rituals from Mystical Words of Power and/or Archangels of Magick have helped a great deal for me personally.

Also learning to train my brain to see negative events as part of a series of events unfolding to bring me towards a more positive future goal. Getting off the hamster wheel of overthinking.

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A very wise person told me a long time ago to, “Embrace the suck.” He then told me to do, “some gotdamn pushups.”

I have followed his advice ever since.

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Oh nice!! Prevention is better than cure

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How do you work with enki?? Sounds like great advice

Did you do rituals every day with archangels of magick??

What do you mean about process it better??
Sorry for asking

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I mean learning how to let it go once the stressful situation is over so it doesn’t build up. One of our biggest problems is that we hold on to things when there is no longer a need to. Even once we are out of danger, or the problem has been dealt with, we tend to go over and over things in our mind, putting our bodies right back into the same state of fight or flight and stressing ourselves all over again.


We all stress out. You need to learn to be able to relax even in stressful times.
For example, when I had stressful times at work or in school, like a big test, I did everything I could to prepare myself and then let it rest. When I went to bed I thought “Now I’m allowed to rest and sleep, how good is that.” And I used to tell myself that it will be over soon, and even if I fail I will still be the same person.

For going through hell, you make a decision. You can decide that whatever shit you are going to face in life, it will not break you. Life goes on. That’s how I pulled through tough times.

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we can usually learn to mentally bend our mindsets and minds. tons of ways to do it, but its very possible.

I personally don’t, but you can. I found the rituals in MWoP were quite helpful and I could do them as many times as needed during the day without feeling like it was overkill. Actually rather than doing the same ritual repeatedly I would normally choose a handful of related ones and then fire them all off one after the other to the point where I couldn’t remember what I’d actually done. This helped to take my mind out of that expectant state where you’re hypervigilant about potential results and only get in your own way.

As a perpetually happy and stress free person, I just take everything that happens as a lesson. I take it in stride and enjoy being in control of my emotions. I don’t allow outside influences to dictate my reality or life. I try to make sound decisions that protect my interests at all times.
I mediate, exercise, listen to music, game, weeb out, and I’m a Dancing God. I care about and love myself immensely and I let no one interfere. I’m probably also a little crazy, and that helps. Hit me up if you’d like free courses in not giving a fuck in a very special way. I love life. Ta’ Urt is beautiful and so are many of her people. This experience is amazing and I’m genuinely enjoying it. Last but not least, I can’t believe I almost forgot! I write. I was told to write daily, but I don’t always have stuff to say on a daily. I write out my existence. I put an ongoing, living spell on myself and it works.

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I do both plus journaling, hobbies, housework, planning,working out and studying philosophy.

Check out the life of James Stockdale, especially during the events of September 9, 1965 to February 12, 1973. He found himself in a position where giving into the stress and emotions of the ordeal would have lead to his death. You might find something from his time of suffering that helps you with yours when the weight seems too much.

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