Meditation, Mental Chatter, And A 7-Day Challenge - Who's In? ☼ September 2020 Round 2!

My take on it is that if you can do 7 days straight of JUST focusing on your breathing, and maybe thinking SO as you breathe in, HUM as you breathe out, getting distracted and just bringing your awareness back without self-recrimination (because it happens to EVERYONE, the point of meditation, arguably, IS to have distractions and learn to not go with them), you ARE basically doing it, and it’s not a sport so you don’t need to rank yourself against other players! :smiley:

You can make things more elaborate, start “meditation without seed” or start bumping up the time you spend, but 3 or 5 minutes TOPS a day that you do every day for a week has broken the illusion of “this isn’t for me, am I doing it right” and so on.

This time next week everyone who wants to be, and who has THREE MINUTES A DAY can become someone who now meditates daily. EVERYONE. Even if you can’t sit up straight, lie down with your spine as straight as it can be, and do your 3 minutes.

@dagar I don’t understand the question, sorry - what do you mean? :slight_smile:


Day 1
Location: Lovecraftian ritual mat, temple
Time: 8 mins.
Gnosis gained: a tad on how I relate to the current
Notes: intense energy was surrounding me. The air was extremely thick and very warm. It was very alive. Time passed quickly


Day 2
Location : bed, music because roommate was there
Time : 5 minutes
Notes : once settled and after mind dump, mind began to ease a bit and relax, about slept, loosened a bit, and mind quieted only for the allotted time, then began bombarding about tomorrow.

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Day 3
Time: 3 min
Location: Same as last time in the same environment
Observation: Felt slightly more aware than normal. Time went by slower than normal and was not as calm and peaceful as yesterday. Like I lost progress it feels like but going to take it with a grain of salt for now and continue on in 24hrs.

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iam amazed this has so few likes I found EA’s video on meditation very helpful going to meditate right now


Day 1

Time: Meditated for about 21 minutes

Place: my room

So I got into an asana and I played some Native American drum beats to help move the process along.

I noticed that at first my mind wandered about quite a bit, it was hard to see the mental images or focus on anything.

Going further in I found it was better to just get lost in my train of thought, I followed it through till the end. It was then easier to bring the focus on my breathing and I tried to put this into the same rhythm with the drum beats and that worked well until it became a subconscious action I could carry out without much thought.

I did some stretches and clenched and unclenched my muscles to promote physical relaxation and I found myself feeling more and more relaxed.

Mental images were becoming more vivid and it was easier for me to visualize clearly. I didn’t visualize anything though as I just wanted this to be a sort of free for all whatever comes type of thing.

I did notice that It was easier brainstorming solutions to problems in this state of mind. I easily found a solution to an aspect of a spell that I had been working on and it came clairvoyantly so I can’t wait to try that.

Nearing the end of my meditation I found that I was aware of a vibration of some sorts, it was really weird it felt like I was suddenly aware of my this subtle hum all around my body. I could feel the vibrations and the more I focused on them the more amplified they became.

I then ended the meditation because i felt it was time to do so.

All in all I feel like patience plays a really vital role in meditation. Go easy on yourself and don’t expect everything to happen at once, sometimes we all need to just meditate for the sake of meditating.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow


Day 4

Time: 3 min
Location: Same as last time in the same environment
Observation: Felt slightly more relaxed and easier than yesterday. The only thing going through my head was sleep and necromancy (probably because I was looking at that stuff before I did this today).

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Day 2
Location: living room
Observation: nothing out of the ordinary, I was doing a simple third eye meditation


Day 3 (yesterday, forgot to log):

Time: 5m timed on phone
Location: busy train, took an extra 2m to compensate for any distractions
Observation: a lot of genuine external distractions actually reduced internal chatter, because they’re more pressing but also, easier to tune out.

Day 4 (today):

Time: 3m timed on phone
Observation: nothing much, felt the benefit of some coffee I had which seemed like dark fire racing through my mind, thought of food a few times, nothing pressing that I was unable to acknowledge and then move away from, back to focusing on breathing. :slight_smile:

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Day 3 (yesterday because things came up before I was able to post)
Location : couch
Time limit : 5 minutes
Notes : utter blankness… it was a bit peaceful actually.

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Day 5

Time: 3 min
Location: Same as last time in the same environment
Observation: Felt the same as yesterday. had the face of a dragon appear today but it was like when you look into a light and you get those dots when you blink it was in that form and it moved closer at a decent speed fading in and out. But my eyes were closed the whole time.


What’s the skin color of the dragon

It had the black of the background to it and the outline was in orbs that went red to a blueish green as if you stared at a light and then blinked rapidly but it was in perfect detail every time it faded and came back but I am in a pitch black room with no lights TVs or game consoles on with meditate music in the background.

Nevermind, it wasn’t who I thought it was.

Who did you think it was.

Bune usually appears to me as a red orange tri headed dragon.

well, I am going to go looking for whom it was or this will forever bug me.

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The vibrations were probably the vibrations you feel right before an out of body experience. Maybe next time focus on floating up or on a position by your door or something and see what happens. Might be a cool experience!


He will probably be back. I have seen a black dragon face- like smiling right in my face. It was black and shiny with big beautiful white teeth. I was very surprised when it suddenly appeared there! I asked the entity I was feeling to show me what he looked like. I expected a human type face! lol! He wanted to show me his dragon form apparently. Or just shock me! He was amused. They are very playful. Well… some are. Some are very serious.


So I haven’t been on for a couple days and for that I apologize but I have been very busy! I been reading and studying and life but I have been meditating too so I am going to post the last two days.

The first day I did the void meditation. In my bed in the dark about 2AM. It took a little bit to settle my mind and relax but I did the decent twice. The first time I felt like it just calmed me but I was not as deep as I could go. I had put on a chakra balancing oil prior to starting the meditation. The second time when I fell off the last step I felt the floating sensation. While floating in the dark I waited to see what would happen. I noticed my chakras started to activate and open from the root on up and I opened all my chakras including the ones outside the body and others in the body besides the 7. At the end I felt really good.

The next night I did it It was similar at the start. I had put a healing oil on and this time the difference was I went deeper into trance state. And then I went to sleep.

Last night I started to meditate and fell asleep. I was busy over there and didn’t get started until after 3 though so I was tired and yeah. That happened!