Experienced Magicians Debunk "Selling Your Soul"

SELLING your soul is over rated concept in our modern days . to sell your souls you had to prepare your self and after all the prep you have done you had to 100percent know that’s what you wanted the preparation taken years and years to prepare because you had to go on a journey you had to go to this forest to get this and then to that town to get this and this journey could take you 10years ,now day with all the information we have the magician has to do fuck all to sell his soul to the devil . this I blame the LHP for making big bucks promoting soul sales left right and center to any tom dick and harry who knows fuck all about black magic , they join a heavy metal circle and hear all the storys so they go I will sell my soul t the devil . that’s wear I put my foot down about people selling there souls because they heard a story and know fuck all . it is a real shame that the LHP magicians have allowed this to go on and didn’t put a seal on it . shame shame shame

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and I have had a personal visit from Satan to sell my soul Isaid NO because it wasn’t my time yet and I knew it

You blame us for not putting an end to rumors and falsehoods?

I speak as both an aspiring metal vocalist and a black magickian; selling your soul for this accomplishes nothing… Hard work and dedication, as with magick, are required. And hell, I’m damn sure some people have sold their soul to get where they are in the industry, but it isn’t a normal occurance.

As with Varnaxis, if it is done, it is done intuitively. There is no how to guide for this shit. If you cant do it based on intuition, there is no way to do so.

Again, I restate my stance:

This is not a regular occurance, and it sure as hell does not work like people think.

(I’ve been up since 3 am so if I disagree with myself later this will be retracted)


You’re on the forum of a LHP-oriented business where LHP black magicians went to the bother of making and adding to a thread about the pointlessness of selling your soul, in their own time and for the benefit of beginners, who they ALSO take the time to direct here (especially @Dinmiatus :+1: ) and you’re crying shame?

Should we begin crowdfunding a team of skywriters, perhaps? :thinking:


Thank you @Lady_Eva and @KingOfHearts616 I was contomplating how to appropriately respond to that. With out going on a tyraid.


Well, I wouldn’t say it’s pointless.
The very fact of the matter is, that rumors about soul trading always gone along with the dark energys.
To a degree its a way for the faith based people, to cope with stuff like loosing beloved ones.
At some point, they actually accuse innocent people, to be devilish, just to keep their own little picture of them selves save and tidy.
That’s one of the reasons why there is so much work combined with just pointing out misconceptions and dogma.
And I’d like to remember a movie quote regarding this "there is no innocent people. Just versious degrees of guilt!"
Now we magician’s work very hard to actually understand and control our soul. As well as our perception, and understanding of reality.
And how does gun trainers always explain?
Don’t fear the sharpshooter. Fear the little guy, who messes around not knowing what he does.

  • that guy is much more likely to do harm which comes unexpected.

Besides, soul selling is often mentioned as if people assume it to be somewhat closely related to self-destruction e.g. Suicide.

Suicide, however comes from a state of mind of worthlessness.
How could a state of worthlessness be traded for fame and fortune?
By being a slave to the devil?
I guess almost every true sorcerer would lough at that.

And about people claiming to have sold their soul to the devil - just take a closer look at what is presented there to you. If the person actually believes what he says, it will be very destinctly different from a person who just wants to grab attention.

Look around the forum a little bit and read.
Look for a few interviews where people claim such stuff afterwards.
You’ll see quickly what I mean.

-and here a little side note about actual afterlife: the pantheon and belief structure can influence where a person goes. Yes it can. But certainly it isn’t a save ground that one ends up in burning brimstone, just because someone disliked him while he was alive.
And I doubt even more the idea of being cashed together with your family after death.
That believe is very close to Santa Claus and Easter bunny for my understanding. :wink:




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Yeah…no i work with lucifer and ahriman and neither has no interest in my soul.

Havent worked with satan but they are not the same lol





Yes and no

yep that’s it true

Hey one of my very first topics is in there

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Makin a seperate post for all the free Video reference material that keeps gettin hurled at me from various podcasts and youtube channels to keep the other post thats is majority community contributed info and posts.

Playlist with videos on topics ranging from pricniples of meditation in regard to ritual, the elements of ritual,divination and energy work.

Playlist with some basics on traditional western astrology

Some videos on vedic astrology

Basic money magick ritual use it and buy some books more advance books if that is what ya feel ya need :alien: ive done a modified version of it with what i know and it kicks ass :smirk_cat:

Regarding invocation

Some videos on magick from the hemertic standpoint

Some simple but power energy work and meditations anchored in norse tradition.


This honey one looks intetesting considering we have bees.

Also glad to see this get a much needed bump. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been getting bombarded with good podcasts and info so made sense to share um incase anyone has any roadblocks they may be able to help them get past.

Also i posted the modified ritual i did in the lounge awhile back turning it from a money to a kind of prosperity ritual. Felt like the right move since my version does have cause a bit of upheaval to do its job that some people may underestimate when gettin started.


Very nice!!! :grin: :+1:

Thank you Andromalius for getting a toxic, drug addicted thief out of my best friend’s life!


I was told by Belial that a human soul is worth very, very little. Ants on an anthill.

Upon ascension it can evolve into something powerful.


Azazel may have ate my soul,

Does this count as selling it? :thinking::japanese_ogre::grinning: