Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

@anon50363245 Im not offended if you wish not to answer and I dont mean to be intrusive but I feel like Ive met you before in person. Are you/have you been to Australia?

I am not offended by your question at all. I am not in Australia and I have not been there, at least not in the physical. Perhaps your soul recognizes mine… I get that alot.

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My name : Jun
Fav Magick : none that i know of. But pomba gira came thru.
Current goals: work well with pomba gira
Current struggles : manifesting dreams


Hello, i was lurking on this forum for a while but i signed up like 5 hours ago lol

My real name is Nebiye but i like Enisa or Sasa better.

I don’t have a favorite kind of magick yet.

I hope that was okay? Lol :laughing:
Nice to meet you everyone~


Thank you for doing the intro, and welcome! :slight_smile:

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Welcome baskets incoming.


Hi guys i’m Alex, I’ve been practicing magick for about 5 yrs I’m not a pro or anything i started gradually doing LBRP’s and the like and then progressed from there I’m not a right neither a left hand path magician i’m not sure whats my path i treat all entities with respect and do whatever works best for the manifestation of my will i love the forum and everybody here regardless of their path the information that can be found here is pure gold and i’m glad to be part of this.


My name is Badulf, and where should I begin? Well I’ll start off by saying that I’ve been a professed Odinist for over 20 years, shamanistic elements and the Left Hand Path sure does leave an interesting mark in the veil. It’s like every spirit knows who you are and what you’re up to, my path is a bit chaotic. I have done skinwalker (ulfhednar) rituals, so there’s some Thursian magic involved. I do a lot of rune working, have studied it’s language and power over the years to the point that making a bind is no trouble at all. I take notice of other practitioners when they do their runework and rituals, I don’t do too many rituals because the galdr side of things doesn’t really apply to me, I lean towards more seidr which is ideal for most that are more berserk in nature and or skinwalker types like myself.

My goal in life is to live simple, I am not one that has needs for materialistic things or have a want in anything from the mundane world. My struggle is getting to that simple life, living in a concrete jungle with the need and the want to live in a more rural area. The city is rather distracting and loud, even the vibes can ruin the magic especially when you’re trying to be in touch with nature itself. But anyway, if anyone wants to get to know me and understand my struggle in the mundane world. Let’s connect, I don’t have a Facebook, or Snapchat, or a VK, Social media outputs was and still is a total cancer. I never really associate or join covens or groups or other tribes, I’m not really the type that joins because I don’t like the feeling of being a minion. I have more of a leadership quality and potentially I can start my own tribe group, in which I do because I don’t consider myself in charge because me and my two shield-brothers are tight like that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my introduction, because that’s all I got for now.!


This may be useful to read:


Perfume, strong black coffee, and red wine, also white flowers. If you buy a small bottle of perfume you can offer her that, spritz it near her altar or on a sigil when you work with her. She seems to like sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh, all kinds of rather traditional scents from floral to woody.

Also, play some ancient music from the Middle East before and during the rite, there’s plenty on YouTube, authentic recreations using the correct instruments.

This is my observation fwiw. :+1:

@Void7 I PM’d you the tutorial for that method, there is some information on tool-free magick here:


Hi im not gonna give my name as I believe it to be very personal and a powerful thing to do. I live in the uk and have been practising witchcraft for over 13 years. I have been studying wicca on and off for about 10 years and never saw any results and found it quite consuming having to do things certain ways. I stumbled upon the left hand path around 1 or 2 years ago and have been seeing amazing results. I call my craft DEMONIC HOODOO as I work with the hoodoo current but demons instead of saints. To me I see Lucifer as my God.


i really appreciate this information! Truly helpful and makes me feel so much better about what I’ve been experiencing.

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Im Kim.
Im a shy,kind guy.
Sorry my english :-):grinning:
Im verry new to Magic.
I have been reading for a mounth on this forum,and i think its great.

I have been contacted demons and sigils and that is all for now.
Im verry exiting to try new good things from this forum.
Thank you for letting me in too this forum :slight_smile:

Have a Nice weekend everyone.

Best regards soon magican Kim smile


Hello all. I’d rather not share my name, but currently I’m hoping to use magick to help bring my ex back to me and in the future I’m hoping to use it to improve my writing abilities.

Hopefully I can gain knowledge from all of you and if possible provide insights of my own.


Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG @Vauxlient and @Kim !

Thank you👍

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Hello blessed friends in all- I out of despair and fustration have been probably led to this platform. My name is carlampsmfo, a novice in the art of magic. I desire to learn more on sigill and black magick. I have the difficulties of getting a teacher to assist me understand the art. And wish to utilize the art in bringing balance and fulfilling life in the society. Your ever humble servant,- Carlampsmfo


Hello everybody,
My name is Emil i am 28 years old from Israel (Originally from Russia).
I was most of my youth narrowing between Luciferianism and Theistic Satanism, i am currently working on my own sect of Illumined Satanism and writing my first book.

I am very much interested in Sex magik, blood magik, black magik, and any kind of magik as it is…Magik.
My goal is to become a God. Literally. To understand myself and perfect myself, to break all the weaknesses and rise above. What holds me back, is lack of self-confidence, unable to awaken the beast in me, unable to awaken the lust in me, bad self-image, unable to sound my voice firm and confidently.

Hope to gain much insight and help from you guys.


Hello all, I’m Brigid. I am a devotee of La Santisima Muerte but have worked in many traditions using various grimoires, angels, demons, living astral entities, thought forms, etc. I have been interested in E.A. Koetting’s work for some time now and finally purchased some of his materials. I am here to learn more about baneful magick and necromancy.


Hey im Corbin i live in the southern region of the US (Texas/New mexico back and forth), i have recently turned 18. i began my path in magick a little over a year and a half ago doing basic lazy chaos magick stuff but as time went on i set up an altar to Saturn and began worshipping him through trial and error piecing together my path, not long after i came in contact with Austin Blackstone and Chris Paige and this lead to an interest in the left hand path and more sinister side of things. i have worked with him solely to this day only using other forces or deities rarely to influence my work recently and it has been very fruitful. i now own a copy of Cult of The Black Cube and it has taught me alot while confirming things ive been doing right in the past. i currently do not have an altar to him as my last one was torn down by my overly christian mother causing me to move in with my more open father and non practicing wiccan stepmother. i am currently waiting to get my own place so that i can build him a much grander altar than before and seriously devoting myself to him more than i have ever done so. he has helped my path greatly and given more discipline to someone who has hated authority their entire school career. just as an example i used him in a money spell and i now have a 100k salary waiting for me whenever i wish to get my piss clean. i am glad to answer any questions about Saturnian magick or worship as i am more knowledgable than most in the subject despite being young. i look forward to being a part of this forum!