Proof it's not an imposter?

Do a working to strengthen your will.

Having the will to direct your intent without it faltering will help you.


I guess you’re right… I just wish my senses could develop as soon as possible. :persevere:

I’ve tried doing that. The one, behind most of the problems, is bounded to an enemy of mine. It’s like there’s other entities who just despise me. :weary:

Hmm, I suppose I could try that too.

Try to practice on developing and strengthening your clairs. Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, etc. I’m practicing myself so I can have better communication and find a way to discern other spirits.

Watch this and the other videos on this channel. It really helps.

I wish you luck. I hope everything gets better for you.


Best thing I can say is that imposters feel weak. They take the form of the Entity that they are impersonating, sure, but having been in the presence of the real thing the sensations are INTENSE so when something is around that looks like a Daemon but barely registers on my radar I get rid of it. Sometimes I just about want to pass out the pressure of a Daemon is so strong so if I don’t feel that then I don’t trust the thing that’s around me.


Think of spiritual sense like another set of muscles the more ya use um the more they develop. Evocation is not the only kind of magick you can explore. There is plenty that deals woth raw energy you can do untill you feel up to working with spirits again.

As was stated above fear can ruin an operation in so many ways

These may provide some materials you can explore for ideas.


I suggest attempting to develop other talents and abilities and take a break from spirit work for a while. Things like afore mentioned by @Lotusarcane , clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, and build up. Start with just simple energies, of people, objects, plants. Once you can deal and see those clearly then work up to lesser spirits. There are loads of them swirling around doing who knows what, with no intentions of deceiving. They simply are there. In fact the more you work on these skills, you will start to notice them on your own.
Entities will know who they can fool.


So how long will I work on my senses before results show? I’ve been on and off working on energy sensing and my “third eye” for years. Maybe about 4-5 years. I would take a few months break, and then, get back to working on my senses for a while. It was just that cycle I kept, but sometimes I just worked a lot harder.

Well, if it is 100% an imposter…


It happens at different paces for different people. Just like everything else. But if you’re putting in the effort you can do it

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Jokes aside, banish and cleanse like a mad woman. Ground yourself, get stronger, and you should be golden.


That’s what I did for a couple months, but I was still having issues

I put in hella lot effort for almost a year now. I don’t know if it’s just me holding myself back or still something else… maybe even both?

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Look up EAs blue ray meditation. Try that.


You could also explore these for more ideas.

i have a few of frater Xavier’s programs and they are definetly worth the money :grin:

Frater Xavier’s Programs:


Okay, I’ll check those out later

I tried it last night, and it was like my vision around the candle was blurry and then turning white. It was weird, and I accidentally did it longer than I was planning to, lol.

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That’s ok. It got blurry for me to. Try it for a couple of days and see how you feel about it. Different things work better for different people.

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I mean it worked good. My mind only saw the candle like I was in a white room with only the candle I was using.

I actually ended up casting spells in my dreams, and that is a sign it did something already, lol!


Oh, and I saw an entity as clear as day in a dream. I rarely ever do that. I’m definitely gonna continue doing that meditation.

I wish I done the meditation earlier.

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