How to deal with the sensation

Hello everyone, Friday niggt I was touched by King Paimon…I was told that now my aspects have been unlocked but I also had funny feelings in my chest which landed me in the er lol

Now I’m fine by medical science standards. Last night I heard something while sleeping…most importantly how do I deal with this new sensation I feel in my body!! I guess since I’m new I’m not as strong as others but I would like to feel better I guess!! My teacher told me that when she talked to King Paimon he said that I’m ok…but I still feel funny!!! Is there a process I can do to either help or speed up the process??

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If your medically okay just go through the process. If any thing painful or worrisome arises then for sure get it checked out.

Dealing with spiritual senses is like draling with muscles at time ya push too hard with muscles ya can tear something. Push to far with your subtle bodies which are the vehicles that perceive the spiritual ya can short something out.

If you are making progress just keep on doing what your doing.

Ya may wanna incorporate some qigong to get the energy in your body moving just make sure to ground it after.

If ya have no resourses on any ya can find some here.

Thanks, nothing painful at all…but it’s like something is going on smack dead in the middle of my chest…I feel that I’m evolving and something is happening…I know it’s a process but I wish I can just get mind off it and not be so tuned in lol

It’s just weird to me, I know it’s real and I do believe in, but I just need tactics to ease these transition lol

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Alot of people always seem to be in a rush to become spiritually aware of what is around them and with them but the thing is once you get to that point there is NO OFF SWITCH just like there is no “on switch” for spiritual senses. They are like i said like muscles just for a different set of senses.

Ya can tone it down by regular grounding but ya can never really turn it off once that jack in the box has been open.

Just keep doing what your doing. And like i said unless ya start getting pain i wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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I’m cool with the “no off switch” but I’ll try the grounding

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