Could someone grant me some energy?

I’ve been sleep deprived all week (getting no more than 4 hours a night)

My job changed hours to be earlier. I worked 6 eight hour shifts in a row, then had 3 days of eight hour jury duty shifts, and now I’ve worked 2 more eight hour shifts since then. I dont get a day off until Tuesday. And then not another one until Friday. And the whole time only getting 4 or less hours of sleep and no time between for rest.

I can easily say (and I know the feeling from experience) I feel like I’m dying. Like I’m literally about to collapse right now and let my heart explode. Worst part is work has been busy with not stop customers. So I have to deal with the energy of roughly 300+ people a day.

So could somebody be a dear and give me some healing or energy or something? I’d really appreciate it. I just need a boost to get through the next 7 hours of work until I can get home and black out.

Have you tried doing some qigong?
There are ways to draw energy into yourself that don’t take massive ritual.

Ya can find a few here :point_down:just remember to ground after.

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