Truth and Lies (Noob needs help)

Sooo I’m still a noob and I am really skeptical when it comes to the occult, and similar things. I am weak spiritually, so I don’t know how to do anything yet. I did do research into meditation and other things to further my ‘spirituality’ but I decided to focus on getting rid of my issues such as depression, anxiety, and others first(Which I have done, so I’ve come back to ask about the following). And beforehand, sorry for the long read!!

So I got high (weed) for the first time in a while with a friend (satanist, got me into the occult, says he can see demons/the demons that are here, and gets ‘possesed’ by them, but I can’t tell if he’s bullshiting me), and he got ‘possessed’ by the demon I know as Lamb (First met in my garage a few months before this, she was bound to an elderitch ‘JD’, anyways long story short Satan(my friend also says that he is satans favorite pet…I doubt it.) banished him, or so my friend says. Lamb also says she is a Lord of Hell, and was a sacrificial lamb before becoming a demon, and is from around 100bc.) Now the events during the high got me all skeptical (probably just tripping out lmao, Bahamut possessing my friend, Belial showing up talking to Satan and Lamb about how he’s not going to stay or doesnt want to be apart of it? I was fading in and out so i’d hear parts of their convo), first off I was ‘blacking out’ or well skipping time, and then my friend ‘possessed’ by Lamb, starts laughing and starts talking how she has a voucher for my soul, and how I am going to be her champion in the ‘Arena’. Blah blah blah, come to a week or two ago, ask my homemade ouija board (I don’t know any other means of communication that I can do right now) something I forgot what, but they said not to trust eric, and that they are manipulating him, and that he’s been manipulating me. Soooo yeah I don’t really know how to proceed on this whole thing. So is anything that happened bullshit, or truth, or just me being high off my ass!! (I probably could have said this alot better so I apologize for the inconvenience, i’ve been up for around 24 hours.)

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I’m agreeing with your Ouija board, that “friend” is using you.

There are people here who can see, hear and do invokations of demons but somethings this guy says I wouldn’t trust.
Anyone tells you a demon wants your soul or has “a voucher” on your soul, don’t trust them. Demons don’t want your soul and I don’t know what is up with people and this Arena or Battling or War on Heaven shit lol.


If you’re unsure on the whole Soul thing it’s discussed here. Hope this helps, plus use the search feature here, this place is a wealth of information.


This does sound like something Lord Belial would say. Probably in reference to the situation.

When I’m at work and a customer comes in high off their ass, sometimes I hear Lord Belial sigh in disgust, or a general strong annoyance emanating from him.

One of my friends was doing “poppers” and I instantly heard Lord Belial tell me. “Don’t EVER do that shit. You don’t need those chemicals interfering.”

Lord Belial. My anti-drug. :+1:


Thanks! And will read up on those threads

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