How would you offer up your life?

Exactly, the method of dying isn’t really matter, all matter that i pact with someone, to bring me what I want and after that gets the soul and the body

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I mean, I don’t see why it would not be possible to make the offer in the form of a typical pact. Whether or not the spirit would accept it is another matter, as they are free to reject the offer.


Sounds like to me you have already done that! Sign sealed, delivered? Yet it didn’t work out, like you had planned? Lol…now I know why you see the fox! Lol. Makes sense.

What do you mean by the first half I don’t really get it, and what is a future plan related to a fox ? :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to be mean, really just to understand

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Il keep it simple. Have you tried to sell your soul? Some contract etc?

Not yet I think, nothing above like saying in my mind (not in rural just in the car or so) “ahh I would do or give anything for this or that”

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Well dont please! Part of me feels like you have already given yourself over to the idea! Bad move, your choice tho. I am just advising what I think is right. Happy fox hunting my friend! Lol x

How could this kind of pact go wrong? I’m unsure since if I don’t get what I stated in the pact, then it’s not a “deal”

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Hotep Bruh Know that Giving Ones life And Taking it Back are two wholly diffrent Routes. You Have The Ability To Do all You want While maintaining Life. Though, Its your path your way of doing it. If I were to offer my life it would be on my terms. Js

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Do you think, you are the only person who has come to this conclusion? Things required, in exchange for payment? Please! Don’t be so naive! If you want to sell your soul? Sell it to me! Lol

You speak sense friend.

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Call Anubis Bruh… For Real He Can guide you through Without Death Being an Option. Though Setekh and AuSet Took me through much. I Did Give My life, and it wasn’t fun. Ended up Hanging From a Rafter, rope Broke. My Life Was forfeited. Careful What You Give away. Things may Never Be The Same. They Found me Important Enough to Break The rope once. That’s all I needed. Some don’t have that Kind of Protection. It’s in My Blood Idfk. I was Born Of Osiris Baptised in Fire at 5, at 9 Au Set Held me. 19 I died the first of three deaths, Then Again 25, 29. Here I am, fuck I get it Ok. I’ll teach them. Don’t give your life away. Hotep Daios Nashoba Dae


Can you link me any content about this? I’ve never ever worked with gods like Anubis before

You can check this

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First, thank you, secondly, in this situation what would you ask or what would you get from him during an evocation?


I Ask for knowledge, To be Guided and Built for a Purpose. Higher Calling. Knowledge in Magick and Gnosis. Etc. It’s beneficial to Build an altar to place Immages symbols he gives and offerings in stones etc. Follow your intuition trust what he tells you within. Write it down so you reme,bar it later, sometimes alot of information is given at once. Write it all then later read it don’t try to process all at once.


If I was you ancient, I wouldn’t be asking what you can get from an evocation, reason why? If you guided by the fox, you already capable of achieving it! Lol…
The fox gives you the power, to gain something, while also giving you the guile, wits to escape a contract! Food for thought

Personally i prefer the path of self reliance.
The whole concept of the “faustian pacts” and concepts like it such as having to sell your sould to make any headway in magick is a result of fear based concepts, political and religious agendas propagated to keep people from seeking personal power as far as i can tell. You see examples of this put in plain sight in some of the older western ceremonial magick texts.

Ritual sacrifice is a thing but not in the hollywood way most people think of. More in the sense of sacrificing of self to ones self to grow and expand such as with the myth of odin. That or through an expenditure of energy in specific practices with animal sacrifice with a repurposing of energies in a similar vain not the most pleasant experience but it yields powerful results when done correctly.

This has some resources to explore to make your own path to what you want.

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For real. People talk about this stuff more often than I would have expected and the act deserves much more respect than it is given.


You can strike such a deal with an entity in exchange for something less significant than he balance of your life. To get help, contact VK Jehannum or or Purgatory Apotheca or The Black Witch Coven.