Where to start?

First, I should mention that I am completely inexperienced with magick but I really wish to learn more about magick and how to start, I have one specific goal but I think its very silly all things consider but bear with me

My goal is to simply get a first account telling of the different beings that reside in other realms- aka a “biography” that resides out there

its fine of anyone think my goal is stupid or petty but it what my curiosity always led me to: to know about whats out there. to be more of an observer


You should lerk this forum more then, this place is a Biography and so are the books by Authors here. You’d realize this place won’t find what you seek as petty or stupid but you do need to look around here in order to get a better grasp of what you want.

Did you do an intro yet? It’s part of the forum rules so people can get to know you and help you better.
Click this link I’ve posted to make an intro.

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Yes i did introduce myself as per rules, but i am not sure exactly where to start, if you can pinpoint any reading material, posts that could help me that would be great

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Well working with basics and building a soild foundation will help these have a fair amount of info which can help with that.

I dig the name and your objective, best of luck

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I would start looking at makeing a personal ritual to open door or Vail
Be it turning a key visualizing opening a door ectra

Learn to obe.

Thank you!

What do you mean by that?

Out of body experience aka astral travel

no i was refering to what MATT1976 said

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Just a couple links to things i found useful personally, maybe theyll help out along the way

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Make a ritual or action like sign of.the entered or something similar visualise open the door to whatever you want