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Hello to the BALG community,

My name is Richard and I live in south Florida. I have visit and follow this forum for a while but I am ready to contribute to this community and enjoy everyones company.

I have been interested in the occult since I was a child mainly because of the ghost stories my Haitian relatives use to tell me which scare the living hell out of me lol.

I practice mostly what most folks call ceremonial / ritual magic of Hermetics base on the Golden Dawn style of magic working. However I mix this practice with some southern style folk magic particularly hoodoo to keep my Caribbean roots and identity in my practice. I mostly work with evocation, planetary and elemental forces, candle spells, talisman workings like the planetary seals of Solomon, and servitors.

My goal is to develops new techniques and methods of magic as I am a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to experiments of magic practices.
Althought I am can work with the dowsing divination of the pendulum tool proficiently, I struggle with other forms of divination like tarot cards and scrying so I try to improve on that area.


I’m Lex, I’ve found myself pulled into this website for almost a year now, as I have been looking more and more into gods, or certain entity type things after trying to figure out why astrology is so deeply accurate and revealing. I’ve studied astrology and looked into various religions cause of it for about five or six years now, however I’ve always tried to stay on the fence and not completely believe in any of it in case none of this is real.

Now I’m leaning away from the wall of trying to remain cool and level headed, always saying that “maybe these things are real but most likely not” and letting myself simply believe that everything could be 100% real, as that’s the only way I can possibly get deeper into what I’ve always wanted to know in my short life so far; Like I’m finally admitting my potentially psychic abilities- or more so trying to figure out what they are. As a child I often scared my mom because I would “reply to her thoughts” and it shook her so much she would drop me off at my grandmother’s house. I also used to do certain prayer type things growing up, where in the late hours of the night I would try speaking to anything that would listen and make certain “wishes,” this would take me hours but it was so quick to get results. The strongest time being when I was nine and wanted to find a puppy. I woke up to one, my dad brought him in because he was sitting on our porch and wouldn’t leave. Now maybe it’s basic ‘law of attraction’ or I’ve run into a long strain of empty coincidences, but honestly my beliefs don’t lean towards either of those possibilities.

Currently I want to find out what I can do, and who it was that’s possibly been helping me for years from my silent “wishing” growing up as I highly doubt anyone has enough magic or power on their own to manifest things so physically and rapidly. There has to be something else letting it happen. I hope that finally making this account and getting to speak to others can help me grow and get some answers to the millions of questions I hold in my head.


Welcome Jesus, very special name :wink:

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Hey everyone! I’m new to these kind of things. But I love magic since I was a kid. I joined this community since I’ve been wanting to do something impossible and I’m hoping I can make it possible through E.A’s books, rituals and teaching. Glad to meet you all!


Hi, Everyone Kara’EL Is my magick name, and I had the gift from my maternal line, from my great grandmother to my grandmother to my mom to me, my daughters has the gift too. But this gift comes from many generations before my great grandmother, any ways since I was a kid I’m able to see hear, and feel things that many people are not able to. I always keept these gifts just for my self, and I was instructed to obtain 18 flames I didn’t have any idea what was that? And I was taken to the Erick’s website. There are more flames, but 18 are the one I need to learn. If anyone need help in anything im here to share knowledge, thank you everyone for your help you can provide me too.

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Welcome basket incoming.

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Hello, I am Al. I have been practicing magic for over a year and I’ve met quite a few demons and spirits face to face. Success being mostly in candle magick. Almost instantaneously.

I’m here to learn more about some money magick. Thank you.



So here is my deal. 18 kundalini decided to travel up my spine and well i have been aware ever since. Thinking that this experience could be explained and shared i wasted a great deal of time and effort. I am 45 now and I believe I have learned sufficient amount of esoteric knowledge and understanding and I seek to strengthen my will.
I am very interested in the old gods and wish to learn as much as I can. 93 93/93


I’m an INTJ too :slight_smile:

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Wisdom is the practice of knowledge. I was also like you a consumer of knowledge rather than a practician. But the practice of that knowledge is what actually transform us.


Me also. :slight_smile:

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Hi, my name is david & i’m novice willing to get into occult arts.


Can you tell me please how can i hear my demon voice and manifest it to me?
some people recommend me to do some meditation so they can reach me easier this way, All messages and images.
i can feel them but still no strong enough and no comunication at all!

Hello everyone, I’m Celtic Moon and very new to most magic. I’m pretty sure that I’m an empath. I’ve done white magic spells on my own in the past with pretty good results. I do really well with Tarot and that’s my job right now. I’m in the South in the USA smack in the middle of the bible belt( lucky me). My struggle is growing up Catholic and not feeling as I’m damning my soul LOL. I have been lurking on the site for a couple of weeks and I’m fascinated by the amazing info and wonderful vibe here. I hope to learn from you all and progress in meditation, spells, evocation and invocation as well as improve my abilities.


Welcome to the family! Ill give you this!:

Hey i always ask people to pm me for stuff not because I’m a creep, but because i tried to commit suicide(I’m better now) and a close friend of mine succeeded, i find that when given the option to talk about what’s on there mind, they do. It really helps a lot of people and make them feel much better. And if you needed it you could ask me for my number because sometime you just can go onto a forum and really need a ear to listen.


Thank you Florry, that is very much appreciated. I tried once and thankfully failed, but my depression is something I still struggle with.:kissing_heart:


Hello everyone my name is Matt
My artist name is Eddi Brocc. I’m a retired Army SSG now getting back to my music…I’m familiar with the spirits as I was introduced to Sainteria every on!! Looking to get help and learn how to my contact with certain spirits that can help me!!


Hi there & welcome, I just joined myself. Thank you for serving our country btw.

Welcome! I grew up doing Sainteria to, that and Puerto Rican Vodou and Mexican folk magick, nice to have you part of the family

Thank you…I didn’t believe in that “stuff” but after one week and I saw with own eyes!! I woke up!!!