Dantalion tips (and everything that you need to know about him)


I see more and more people are interested in this spirit and work with him - often asking about his preferences or just looking for information wherever they can (you can see however, there’s not much different stuff about him, except repeated quotes from Goetia, right). I know this spirit for a long time and decided to create this list and tips to help you with your researches and finally tell something more.

Are you planning a pact or you want to start working with him, or just want to complete your knowledge of demons - here’s the most important things you should know about this spirit. So, let’s begin.

“Who is Dantalion you may well ask… and it shall be answered” (…)

Dantalion - Spirit of knowledge, empathy, passion, love, emotions/intellect, Demon of mind.

Abilities (Generally, he can teach you everything that each human in this world has thought about or known, but of course these are his main job)

  • He knows thoughts of all people and can change them at his will - and also can teach you how to do this (also telepathy)
  • He teaches all art & sciences (ya know this before, but I wanted to classify it)
  • He teaches how to achieve alternative states of consciousness (OOBE, Lucid dream, higher states, past life reading, hypnosis etc.) and he can accompany you during them.
  • He can help you open astral senses or knowledge of something that you want to know (but better be ready, cause your brain may take a break for a really long moment…)
  • Teaches persuasion, manipulation, lies, flirt, good speeches, relations, mind control, generally all social skills.
  • He can heal/or help you with low self-esteem, negative thoughts, neuroses, depression, other coded wounds in the subconscious.
  • He can suddenly put in a state of deep peace and relaxation, and show you how to do this with your mind (He also knows a word which makes your mind calming down).
  • He shows similitude of any person including your person (it’s for empathy skill, when you want to more understand others or people you may like)
  • He can cause love or other emotions (but remember, it’s not like someone who never knew you will love you automatically, but he/she will have more positive thoughts/attitude towards you)
  • Causes obsession, illusions, fear or hallucinations.
  • Causes lust (No, he’s not a nerd who is sitting on the armchair and reading his book with a moral look of your catholic aunt. He knows what is sex and he knows it very good)
  • Finds persons similar to themselves and causes them to unite (even if your other half is in the beyond)
  • Knows secrets (knowledge, but not only) and reveals secret councils.
  • Can show you other aspects of your personality and makes you more charismatic/or who you want to become.
  • Causes people not paying attention to you ( so you can secretly work)

(you probably saw lots of other planets/elements/zodiac assigned to him and you were wondering what’s going on - these depends really on aspects, that’s why I mentioned a few, best suited to his nature)

Zodiac - Pisces(venusian), Aquarius (saturnian)
Planets - Venus/Moon, Saturn
Elements - Water/Air (perfect harmony between the intellect and emotions)
Number - 9
Quarter - North (north gate)
Time - Night time/morning (generally before noon)
Color - Gray, red, purple, green, (dark green or dark purple) blue, black.
Candle color - Green, purple, generally dark shades (u can also use white)
Tarot card - 9 of chalices.
Stones - Pearl, emerald.
King - Paimon (he’s one of his dukes)

Raspberries, cherries, tea, honey, whisky, classy wine, flowers - dandelions, roses (especially with passionate colors - he’s a romantic guy) nuts, your love.

Scent - Sandalwood, honeysuckle, jasmine, rose petals.

Usually shows up as a robed man with women’s and men’s faces and with the book in his right hand (sometimes replaced with a mirror). But he’s a shape-shifter, so he can take any other form. This spirit can look like a man you may personally know (or not) or even he may look like you. You can also see him as a black cloaked figure, black mist with eyes, gray cloud or floating face. He usually appears as a tall and slim man, in style of gentleman or businessman.
( I usually see him as a man dressed in dark robes with pale skin, black long hair decorated with jewels tied back and with crown)

Most often dark and deep. Can also be as whispers or male and female alternating voices. Often speaks quite poetically (but he also knows nice slangs)

Energy (how to recognize)
His energy is very strong, focused and deep. You can feel the multidimensional planes of his being and it’s very characteristic. It is very penetrating, surrounding you from all sides and you may feel like your mind is a bit underwater. Generally, his energy is quite psychedelic and the effects are different. After, you may feel on high (like after good marijuana) have a headache or just feel weird. If you look closer, you will also feel great calm from his essence.

Just remember one word - COMPLEX. You will never really know how he will behave, because he’s like chameleon - he adapts to people, situations and places. For one, he will be a nice guy full of heat, and for another a dark tricky spirit. He may look cold and serious at the beginning, associated with his “knowledge aspect” (air) but he’s also very emotional spirit. He’s impulsive, determined and it’s quite easy to offend him. He has these two aspects connected (intellect/emotions) with whom empathy and healthy thinking can exist. If he behaves quite dark/annoying/arrogant that’s usually because he wants to protect himself (it was a bit like empath complex - the most openhearted and sensitive people are used by others the most) So he seeks balance and tests people. In reality, he’s a very generous spirit, patient and forgives quite quickly, but also he trusts hard and always needs control (he must see everything).

Dantalion is a spirit who is focused on human bonds, so you may see him talking about ethics/morals or knowledge which opens people to the truth about their nature - that people are the same. We will always be individualists but our needs are very similar - we want to be loved, appreciated and satisfied with our actions. People may create stereotypes, hierarchy, determinants of coolness but no human will create your face and never see through your eyes.

Dandelion (sounds familiar to Dantalion, it’s not a coincidence) is a symbol of this unity. Seeds of this plant may flew away with the wind but they’re still a part of this plant with which they have formed the whole before.

Tips for working

  • Take it slow. This spirit can make you very obsessed (u feel these nights when you were searching the entire internet to find him and you didn’t know why?) Look through your thoughts and set your clear goal - if you want to find him try invoke him or meditate, but don’t rush. Follow your goal not obsession. Dantalion will not run away from this world.

  • If you want to start relationship with him, prepare for patience again. At the beginning he’s formal, cold and not very emotional. He must find a place for you and adapt. (he’s a real thinker) Show the heart, he will show it too.

  • Get ready for a tests - he can test your intellect or your transparency in thinking.

  • Speak directly. He has sense of humor, don’t worry, but sometimes he takes words a bit too literally…

  • He doesn’t like work alone. If you’re this type and you prefer sit and wait when the spirit will end all his work, this may take a long time (except when these aren’t big things, then no problemo) Otherwise, He may start to make sure you’re still planning to pay him, and everything will be slower. (He non stop must watch what’s going on)

  • He usually works quick but he sometimes has a several episodes when he’s a bit more limited (idk maybe he has this delegation again) and he answers for a few days. Just wait 3-4 days and if nothing happened try again.

  • As I said before, it’s easy to offend him. He has big ego. Know your way and know what you want but unnecessary words can cause an awkward atmosphere. Get upset, but continue anyway with determination. Let it be rational and intelligent talk.

Other asks

  • When you did invocation/prayer and you don’t feel his presence that doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. He usually sees everything with his eye and even he may already work with you but you don’t feel it consciously. He likes working behind the curtain.

  • Sometimes he acts weird and unexpected. People do strange things, your cat began to like him more than you, one time he wants to talk and the other he prefers to sleep, he walks on the wall, whispers strange things and this day he prefers eat pizza than classy alcohol. Can encourage you to play. It’s just his complex nature.

  • He’s not a demanding spirit. Just give him something from your heart or what you think is valuable.

  • He’s a good guardian when it comes to safety with people.

  • This spirit has equal gender. Dantalion is both female and male. Here I prefer call him “he” because that was my experience and this spirit’s attitude.

  • Dantalion is a djinn, demon, fallen angel, dark angel - he’s everything. Name as you want.

  • He may look nice and with good heart but he also :fire:HATES:fire:. He really gets pissed off and can destroy your life very hard when you think you shouldn’t give him what have you promised earlier (and then there’s no empathy at all …)

  • He’s a very loyal boy if your work was successful. He can come back to you even after a year without contact.

  • His attributes/symbols are - eyes/eye, faces, crown, books, the speaker, the judge, Judge’s stuff of high social rank, scepter, psychedelic waves/smoke, dandelions, brain, mask, mirror, water, clouds, the priest (absolutely not about religion but more about education and speaking to people)

I hope you have learned something useful and new for yourself and this spirit.

I wish you success !

:eye: :eye: :eye: :eye: :eye:


Good stuff thanks for this

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Nice info, I don’t have a big interest in most goetics outside Astaroth but Camio and Dantalion have been kind of interesting to me recently.


Thank you for the post I’m working on something and a few days I was asking the help of Paimon for somethi and I had two times Dantalion in mind when I asked for that special task and now to read that Dantalion is one of the Duke of King Paimon that makes all sense.

I’m going to call him as well.


Yep. These spirits work well together.

When you have a task or a problem and you see your thoughts often redirect you to Dantalion, he probably tries to get your attention. It’s his basic way of finding people. Let’s check it, maybe he knows how to help you.


Fascinating stuff, thanks for posting! I like to do research before I contact any spirit, and I’ve been frustrated at the lack of info on some of them. Any chance of you doing this with any others you’ve worked with? Would be very cool to read, and a really good resource.


Duke Dantalion is an exceptional entity, and it would describe ‘him’ a combination of guide, influencer and oracle.
He’s been an absolute rock and guiding light to me and I do feel that I neglect him a little too often.
I’ve seen a similar list before however, several aspects have now jumped out at me and make so much SENSE.
It’s almost as if the entire list has revealed his secrets to me and the nature of what is happening in my life.



He’s the perfect one for the task but I didn’t called him at first so now I will !


I haven’t worked with him yet, but I think he doesn’t get enough credits, he sure is a fascinating Demon.


Thank you.

Yes, I’m planning to do a few descriptions/lists of spirits with whom I work closely. I’m still gathering information and learning about them and their nature, so it will take some time but I want to be sure that my intuition is real. I will definitely publish when I feel that I have everything I need.


This combination defines him well.

I know what you feel because he has given me a new chance in my life too. But you know, when he comes and you leave the door open for him, he will stay forever. There will always be situations when there is no time or your attention is focused on other things or other spirits - that’s normal. Dantalion may also be overworked and often he is.

Once I had impression I left him, I was worried about this relation and his feelings. But when I focused on him again during my meditation I felt he was there all this time by my site and within me.

Sometimes it’s enough that you just loved him truly. He really doesn’t require much.
How I like to describe it not literally - He has taken your face as his own - .

I feel he has a lot of hidden aspects but I don’t want to write out all of them, without his knowledge or consent. He likes to be a bit secretive with his being and I’d rather be sure that this is ok. Also, his nature is very complex and better to have his words on the side to be sure.


I agree. He’s a spirit who can really give a lot for people and he wants to work with them, educate them, heal them. But most people prefer some other kind of spirits, more “fiery”. It is not bad, everyone has their own taste and favorite company, but I hope that what I did will cause more people to know him someday.

Look how he’s interesting - these faces, this smoke, these strange whispers, these creepy eyes watching your every thought, this crazy manipulation of human minds - How to be bored with such a cool boy?


Yes, agree, I was attracted to him as well but my pendulum didn’t approved lol… I will have the chance to experience him a bit during my evocation of the 72, but it’s a looooong road until then.


Confirmation - I have written piecemeal about my experiences. Oh my word. And today he has come through in a huge way - I don’t want to say how but it relates a number of threads tying together.

When I have seen others discuss and comment that what they get is nothing, or it’s slow or not working the way that they want - I know from my experience that you have to follow his rules.

That goes for all entities - these are out business partners, they need respect.

I would never ever expect anyone to tell me a confidence like this, and I am glad you are one who honours that.

The following are NOT confidences:

There is one thing I will say is that thankfully he isn’t fickle in that respect, he will teach you, and he won’t turn. He will test you, and he has a tell so you will know if you are dealing with the real Duke, just as any other entity. I won’t tell you my tell, I guess each person has their own.

If you are doing something stupid you will be told, if you choose not to do something it will take longer, or he will test you further to check why you haven’t done what he has asked you to do.

There is one thing I haven’t done yet which I will need to do on a particular date, he told me to do it in the last session but I haven’t done it because I didn’t have the items and there is an implication although I could possibly do it before next Monday thinking about it and take it with me. I know that sounds vague - it’s simply that I’m not alone for a few days and I’m stuck so I need to think when I can do this ritual.

I am NOT revealing anything others don’t know or compromises the relationship.


Haha, that’s why I hate pendulums.
I know this topic and I wish you good look with your work. (and patience)


That’s true that all entities need respect, but we also need harmony between their needs and our needs. At the beginning it’s good to establish your own rules and know that certain things should not be done beside new spirit.

But relations are different and the same spirit may approach each people differently. It depends on what you expect, what you want and general personality of this spirit and man. Some only want to work and get things done (like business) some feel they have a chance for deeper relationship.

I personally have never experienced that he would impose his principles on me but I agree he can encourage you to do something with his silence. He even waited few years for my turn (I am stubborn too, haha) and didn’t seem like he was in hurry. He was drinking his tea with completely patience and I was like '- “I fucking hate you very much”.

That’s very in his style. Yes.

I think it’s good but also remember we are humans and we want to learn or share our experiences with spirits. Information make us know spirit better and they often like when we talk about them, but just better to watch out for spirit’s personal things. When you feel you shouldn’t - just do not, but better not go the other way, where we are completely afraid of the spirits reaction to our stories and experiences.


No it’s not silence - it’s simply not telling everybody everything that I have done. I write down everything and ask his permission to do so, which I then type up and destroy the paper copy.

Like I’ve said he acts almost like an oracle sometimes for me. In some ways I’ve had to be incredibly patient because unlike some entities and some individuals here who seem to be able to create a ritual get their result within a few days to a month - mine is a long game and that’s what he is doing. It can’t look as if there is any kind of working taking place.


I understand. It seems he works with you in this way.

My work looks a bit different. He is always near me and encourages me to do some things. It’s like -“I can tell you but you must want it and come closer”. If I do nothing he will just waiting (chillin with tea or at the pool with sunglasses I think). It’s working on me because I personally hate inaction and silence or nothingness make me really pissed off. I need to do something.

But as emotional support he’s always there. If I need solace or peace he will always come immediately or the same night. No games, no rules there. For me he’s also a comforter and sets my spirit in deep peace. It’s even hard to describe this feeling but is amazing. As if you already got everything in the world.


i really like DANTALION
he show me the way and give the answer only 1 week
(even isnt what i want, the answer is VERY GOOD for me)
he show me the TRUE character about someone
i gave his offering just tea and chocolate


Yep. It’s how he often works. In the matters of love or partnership he will tell you if this person is honest with you or is his/her personality complementary to yours. (If you want long-term relationship)

I see he often doesn’t want to connect people with you who will not bring you real cooperation or this relationship would be toxic.

Chocolate is nice too.
I gave him pralines and peanuts covered with honey and I felt he very liked it.