Dantalion tips (and everything that you need to know about him)


65103b16a1d44da3bdffaf753650cbe4 Hail Duke Dantalion! He gives wise counsel.


I reached out to him today, and right afterward my co-worker started going on about dandelions - dandelion greens, the medicinal value of dandelions, etc., etc. I love this kind of acknowledgement from the Duke; makes me want to pursue a deeper connection.


he can cause love? can he cause break up to how fast and is that all id like to call on him but since im new idk if i can work with two spirits since i made a pact with furfur n not only that i dont want to over do it either but if i can get an overwrite (metaphorically speaking) of my life id be so grateful


Yep, He can cause love or repudiation, it really all depends on your request - He can manipulate people’s emotions and influence their relationships/general relations. Depending on whether you want to keep your partner/friend or you prefer to part with him he can do both.
It is said that he is the spirit of love and there’s special attention to this attribute, but in fact he can bring any emotions. (I know stories where people ended up with hatred from all sides)

He may look at your relationships with his eye and evaluate what will be more beneficial for you (and he often does) so observe the situation from a more open perspective. Sometimes he does work in his own way, not quite the way you asked for. You can stay open or try to discuss, but he’s usually stubborn.

Working with two spirits at once aren’t bad but some spirits don’t have good relations with each other or their energies aren’t cooperative. It’s good to keep that in mind.

I would suggest first talking to Furfur and seeing his answer. Spirits after pacts are closer to human, so It may turn out that he will deal with it alone.


i was just thinking about talking to him to see his opinion on the matter and its more of break the guy up with the girl that will hurt him n the end away and bring him back to me or show his true feelings about me to him of just tell me hre is ot is not the one and just heal get over it and randomly met my one you know


I tried to evoke Dantalion for the first time today. I want to be in a relationship with my husband again who has moved out and wants a divorce. Worse still, he has got a new girlfriend. Since this is a matter of conflicting emotions and love, I thought Dantalion might be the best demon to call on in this case. I want him to influence my husband’s mind and soul… to make him love me again as he did before.

During my ritual I didn’t feel Dandalion’s presence at all. I was a bit disappointed and thought I had made a mistake somewhere or somehow. But from what I have read here, Dandalion’s presence is subtle and often not felt during the ritual itself.

AFTER my evocation, however, I felt a sudden sense of peace and contentment. Those are rare feelings for me at the moment - so I noticed and it made me think. I attributed this emotional change to Dandalion’s presence. I offered him my soul if he was willing to bring my husband back to me and make him life me again. This is a matter of great importance to me so the offering didn’t seem too much.

I got a subliminal (or emotional) message from Dantalion that he wants me to perform another ritual tomorrow after noon. He was quite specific regarding the time (12:37). I got this information in the form of sudden intuition. I guess, there will be a stronger presence tomorrow. I’ve got pearls, nuts, copper and water as offerings for him. I hope he will accept my pact. But somehow I feel, he has already done so. I just don’t know for sure.

I would be more than happy to hear your opinion on this. How long will it take to see effects? I’m a complete newbie, but eager to learn.


he made contact back to you so its a good sign he most likely did accept your pack he is very kind and not much of a talker at times he listens he gives very good advice and he is funny n flirty he will turn tides for those who seek him out that he approves of


thank you thinking to call him.


Woah! You offered your soul? What in your perception is your soul? Like no more chakras/after you die all of your energy is consumed and you stop existing forever? I don’t think there’s any need to make an offering like that nor do I think you actually can luckily


Not all perceive soul as one of the layers of energy body. Some people distinguish the terms of the soul and spirit, defining the spirit as energy vessel of information, or soul as one of the deeper selves of own being. I have heard of many other terms and systems of specific definitions but it really doesn’t matter if you have clear intentions towards the spirit. Offering one’s soul usually means symbolically your devotion of self/attention to a spirit and welcoming this being in one’s life permanently. Spirits are more concentrated on your clear intentions behind your words, than specific terms which try to determine the nature of energy bodies.


Dantalion is next on my list to evoke. Thank you much!


I am working regularly with Duke Dantalion too, but I have never seen him in a visible appearance, only sometimes a shadows in a flame. I am using his sigil carved on a copper and modern evocation technique. It was sufficient easy for me to achieve a contact with him. He helped me a lot to influence a people and also can give an important information through dreams.


I’m glad to hear that you get along well with the Duke :wink:. I often hear from people that they have a problem with seeing his visible form, even if their spiritual senses are well developed - it’s quite common and normal when it comes to his presence, if I say so. Personally, I got impression that he often prefers not to be so obvious and keep some of his mystery hidden. It’s just his nature. Seeing him in the form of shadow is already a good job - he often likes standing behind you or just observe you from the dark (or your mind), without your awareness. Dantalion seems to behave in a rather bizzare and mysterious way quite often, and then suddenly changing into a very open spirit or having different, a bit weird traits again. But after some time it becomes a normal thing when you stop trying to determine him.


@Sha, thank you for the comments on my feedback! I think that it’s need to take into account that my birthday is near the days of maximal power of the Duke Dantalion. It may make the first contact easier. Also I am performing the ritual always on the day of Venus at the hour of Venus.


Curious, I read something about people offering part of the pleasure of sex for the first time with the loved one Dantalion helped them get… how does one give Dantalion part of the pleasure from that…?


When it comes to physical sex with partner, you have to let Dantalion possess you in some way. You can call him before the act, doing the invocation and invite him into your body (drawing his sigil on your body faciliatates the transmission of the energy). Or you can call him during the act and invite him into your body by concentration on his enn/name, visualizing and feeling the connection between you and him. Second option requires more concentration skills cause it might be hard to turn your attention away from the sex.

Dantalion will take part of the energy himself and he might participate in your act, so keep in mind that your feelings, desires and perception may change.


My first try at talking to him I didn’t see or hear anything but the room got a little more chilly and I felt sort of light… my head stung a bit when I finished saying what I’d like and what I’d do…
I told him, since I couldn’t hear him I’d like to try and speak through the pendulum. Was told what yes and no were… and asked if the pact was okay. Was told yes through the pendulum.
The room is still very cold now that I’m done and one of my bad headaches is starting in my neck.
Can’t wait to start working with him and seeing the results he brings me. :heart:


Is it normal to be unusually tired/out of energy the next day? I feel exhausted and usually after being up an hour or so I’m good. I’ve been up several hours and just feel drained.


Well. This all sounds familiar


Yes, it’s very normal. Connecting with spirits (invocation/evocation but also divination and magic practices all in all) takes a lot of your energy, that’s why you might feel tired or even exhausted. Your energy should be renewed itself, but it’s good to ground yourself after rituals or eat/drink something though. Take some time to rest.

If low energy persists unchanged and for a very long time, then it can mean there’s something wrong or there may be a parasitic spirit nearby.