All demons are evil, correct? Or are they all good?

Interesting, someone wrote in another thread:

I too have seen it often, that those working with specific entities are in categorical denial, that their entity can be in any way either evil or act evil too, when someone tells them an opposing experience with the same entity. “It cannot be”, “it must have been an imposter”, “it probably is a parasite”, “they are nothing like this”, “No, they are wonderful and loving”, are some of people’s responses.

This reminds me of the black and white thinking pattern, which noone of us is immune to.

Why is it for people so hard to take another’s experience into account with an entity, if someone describes an experience which is so much different?
Especially, if many in the first place admit, that actually, entities can be good and bad, why, when they are confronted with it, are many never accepting and rather declining that about their entity in practice?

What does “demon” actually mean?

The original word comes from the ancient greek language, which is “daimon” or in modern greek “daimonas”.

These days, this word is often being associated with a malevolent spirit, especially in christian literature. However, the ancient word had no negative association to it, and meant either “being of spiritual nature” or the “godly power”.

So, the greek word had no special indication of good or evil. Yet, it included both, of course.
Interesting is too, that the ancient word “efdaimon” (ef = a positive addition in greek language to a word, which means “well”) existed too, which is no longer in use though in the modern language, and were to explicitly refer to a positive or benevolent daimon.

That non-separation ceased to exist, when the first christians started viewing the Gods of the Olymp and other gods or spirits as idololatry, based on the old testament and as such as the works of Satan, the opposer of the christian God, and the word “daimon” was used in the translation from the hebrew into greek adding a negative notion for the first time.

In ancient Egypt and it’s language, interestingly, there was no word equivalent to the ancient greek “daimon”. Reason for this is, that the lines between spirits and gods were quite blurred in ancient egyptian religion. Still though, they were recognized as good and evil gods/spirits. As ancient egypt magick writings show, the way to distinguish them was to write the names of the evil ones in red color. The egyptians believed, that spiritual beings exist which serve their gods. These beings could be either protectors or tempters - it’s very interesting to notice, how that partially reminds us to the concept of angels and devils.

In many cultures, people were aware, there are good and bad ones. And those cultures did acknowledge that fact. Yet, in our time, it feels often, when reading posts throughout the web, that people act as if they always encounter only ever good ones, and the evil ones, do exist, but are so far away, as if they rather would exist in some Astral 2.0 with no connection to us :smiley:

How come people are acting like this? “Obviously”, those in magick (meaning: some) these days never call in evil ones? Not even, when they call on those, who’s historical records claim to have been of evil nature or do evil acts? What’s your opinion or explanation to this?

Honestly, I think you need to take your blinders off, I didn’t even quote all of the good and evil are human concept posts. I figured you could be a big boy and search those, since I’m giving you more than a good enough head start for taking those blinders off and reading the rest of the story, instead of only the side that offends you and your buddy. :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:


As I’ve always stated good and evil are only human concepts and man-made morals that don’t really apply to spiritual beings nor have place in any existence beyond the lense of mankind’s perception.

The actual animal kingdom itself can be called evil, wicked and so on, yet these animals aren’t evil nor good its just their nature. Apes for example actually hunt each other down, they have even been reported to kill each other for sport. Other animals eat their young and some young eat their parents, mother nature herself can be seen to be nurturing and also destructive.
Yet none of these things are good nor evil, just like the forces of spiritual light and spiritual darkness, they only have associations with good and evil, because we personally associate them with that.

So yeah good and evil as I’ve seen have no place in any real spiritual essence.


I think you are on a misconception here. I have no blinders nor some buddy(?) you seem to refer to. None of my opinions on the topic were posted. I just observe a pattern sometimes, and I am simply interested to hear people’s views, positions and opinions in that regard.
I haven’t been offended by something or someone.

I am just pointing out that you are only seeing the pattern you want, instead of actually reading all of the post and opinions, particularly those from the more experienced members who go against the pattern you and the person you keep quoting as correct are trying to say exist. :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

If you did a little more looking, you’d see there are two sides to that, and many of us don’t subscribe to what you call that pattern.

Muting though, because I’m not going circles with someone who only wants to see half the story, and not acknowledge that there are ample people saying that no being is a fluffy bunny.

I quoted more than enough to debunk your theory that there is an across the board pattern- without even digging that far, when really there are two types of people and it doesn’t apply to most of the experienced members.


I have no connection to that person I quoted. Nor I said, that I share his or a specific side. Nor is there a theory that I support. The quote was just a spark of thought, for a topic I would be interested for further discussion and to hear the thoughts of others. I do know, that many do not share this pattern, but again, it is a pattern that can be seen sometimes, which I cannot comprehend fully - simply one of the reasons I’m interested in this topic.
You are simply implying and concluding too much here, just because I happened to link some topic. But it has no other relation to me or this here.

Regardless of morality’s spiritual irrelevance and being strictly man-made, we live in a human experience nonetheless. so morals are inevitably relevant. Plus, both spiritual and physical experience mirror each other. Humans have the desire to create a more hospitable life. Morality enables this on the social level. The real question is, does the demon in question align with your core values? Would you sacrifice them for it?


What is for my moral compass “good” or “evil” could be the opposite of some other dudes alignment.
If I call upon something that simply IS (without using terms like good or evil or right or wrong) I can’t demand (or rather expect) that what IS will bend to my personal moral compass. If I expect it to take a form that will serve my alignment of right or wrong alone I am in for a surprise. In my case it happened before and it will happen again (most likely); it is for the practicioner to decide if they can take it or not.

Edit to clear things up: I’ve noticed that there seems to be some kind of underlying controversy between the lines here about parasitic behaviour from another thread. I haven’t read that thread thoroughly and I won’t do so in the future for several reasons, so I won’t comment on that matter :sweat_smile:


Absolutely. That’s a great point.

Makes me think of a question…

Do you think, that people may in consequence of those different morals, qualify spirits as good or evil then? Maybe even, to the point, that similar experiences with the spirits may be qualified by one person as good, while another classifies it as bad and they in consequence project this to the entirity of that spirit?

It’s not about that other thread nor parasites. I realize it was a mistake to even mention it. I haven’t read through it either much. I started a new topic, quite because it didn’t felt to fit in that thread.

I would like to point out that it is not only demons that are both good and evil, humans are so as well. There have been many times when I have been tempted to cut all my close relationships with them because they are so awful and made me so angry. I feel like I have been made to do too many things that are outside my nature and that I can’t stand it anymore.


It’s weird how this constantly gets brought up simply because one person suggested Lilith might be an imposter and now everyone is taking one person being upset at the possibility to make duplicate threads on it :man_facepalming:

No being is good or evil, none of which exists, beings are all grey as their personalities and emotional reactions are. So in the end this is one of those going around in circle type threads as we’re all adults we know the whole basis and origins of good and evil, we all personally choose to follow it or cast it out as a load of nonsense.


Instead of the terms good and evil, which have moral value attached to them, I prefer the words benevolent and malevolent.

The demons we know can be benevolent, which means wishing no harm, to one person, and malevolent, which means wishing to do harm, to another, both at the same time, just as humans can be.

I’m not sure if there is any being that is truly and completely benevolent, however, I do know there are some…things… in the wilds of the multiverse that only have malevolent intent. Their entire purpose is devoted to destroying existence. They are inimical to all things, and would probably be the closest one could get to actual evil.


I agree with this, beings can be malevolent to some people and benevolent to others.

The moral side is for me irrelevant right now. What I’m trying to understand better is, why so many people think, that some beings are generally either evil or good? Do you have an explanation?

Not just christians, but I met practitioners too, that seem to have the same thinking, saying Yahweh is just evil and Lucifer or Satan is entirely good.

I want to understand better, why people fall into this thinking in the first place? What do you think?

UPDATE: Ah crap, another trap I’m about to tap into I think … nonono, not trying to start a satan vs yaeweh convo. It was only an example. Sorry! :smiley: Let’s not get there. Would been better I didn’t had started the topic, huh? :laughing:

Indeed this happens, although there are variables such as the operator making mistakes or being tested by a spirit, which may happen up to extreme degrees thus making difficult to evaluate the situation. Personally while I support the concepts of good and evil, I tend to a scientific interpretation of entities as positive or negative forces (also, each polarity being “spoiled” by the other one: so we may sometimes see the devil with a little flame between his horns and an angel brandishing a sword), a possibility is just that this concept of positive and negative confusedly felt in ancient times led to believing in good and evil spirits.

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In my opinion, it is because we live in a world of duality, so as a function of physical life, we are naturally inclined towards categorising opposites. There is up, and there is down. There is high, and there is low. There is life and there is death. There is illness and there is health. There is good and there is evil.

Because our brains function on categorisation, most people feel that, if there are beings that are “good,” then by the nature of the universe, there must also be beings that are “evil.”


Closing topic at OP’s request, thanks to all who have contributed your views. :+1: