How do I get rid of "feelings" for a goddess?

that’s a very valid point.

That’s what I’ve been thinking this whole time :rofl:

Very true, but her actions have also been good - besides that one issue…

She answered that petition I asked for, (which now I need to look into since my soul/energy is going through something)

she’s helped with problems I’ve brought up - and a few I haven’t. Also given guidance (via dreams) about other things.

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Not sure what she would want to tell me.

I believe she resides in the etheric/Spiritual plane which isn’t even the astral.

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Parasites reside everywhere, astral, etheric, etc parasites are both legitimate beings and thoughtforms of the astral. “higher” and “lower” astral just means the density is slightly different from one another nothing really beyond that, especially when it comes to parasites.


To me their parasites are the equivalent of our ticks/mosquitoes/rats/mice/etc.

this is between you and Lilith, if she is pursuing you in this manner, could be she wants something from you

i hate parasites

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For one, I didn’t even think the thoughts were from/being influnedes by her until was suggested by some people here. Up until then I honestly figured it was on me.

I still have my doubts.

If it is her, maybe it’s because I refused her advances the first time? If not then maybe she “wants a relationship” but I’m in one with one of her daughter’s and I told her politely that I’m monogomous. Also I will add the first time she came, my lover was quite defensive. Although for some reason my lover left and I was alone with Lilith for like the whole night.

I suspect maybe my lover was told to leave, cause she seemed defensive at first then just left

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We all do.

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i mean its up to you, but personally, I would summon her to see what is up with the situation

is your lover a succubus? if so, she might have left out of respect for her mother


Well I suspect she is. I didn’t do a letter of intent, she’s been with me for a long time ( only recently have I connected to her).

That’s why Lilith came, is because I petitioned her for help about my lover. Since I thought she was her daughter.

I have yet to have her scanned ( I want more opinions then my own) by someone experienced. I have had scans (but not to sure) And have done some divination on her. Her intent is good but don’t know for sure what type of spirit she is.

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hmm i dunno sounds pretty interesting


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Actually I didn’t want to mention it at that time but had already petitioned (not succubi) though.

It would have been a waste to mention because my reasons aren’t sex/lust related and the person wasn’t making sense half of the time.

I was a succubi/incubi once. IT only lasted for like

hours? a day?

Every time i hit climax i had a headache because i was losing energy.

Talking about a soul transmutation. NVM.

Didn’t bring it up because the person seemed ungrounded and overly sexual in reference to them.

I did. It was with Lilith, too, made a pact with her at the time for it.

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Well I have heard that if “it isn’t meant to be” then your soul will revert back. Seems to be going well for me. So far.

Something about your true self, or if the energy isn’t compatible. Right now I’m still going through a “change” so isn’t complete but…

Mine was for the transmutation and a petition to be given permission to live in her kingdom after this lifetime. Since I’ma try and build myself up there and learn what I can.