How do I get rid of "feelings" for a goddess?

Sounds heavily influenced to me, from everything you’ve posted recently about it :slight_smile:

If you were in a physical relationship, and somehow winded up kissing a girl because you were drunk and it was nice and all, would you let it ruin the relationship you really wanted or would you own your emotions and make decisions for your betterment and relationship?

You can say fap around here. I won’t think you me fat ass pug I promise.

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I try to be descrete about the word, sorry if I was crude about it.

Well it confuses me, because the reason she came was because I wrote her a petition to mediate between my lover and I (who I thought was her daughter).

She touched me alittle, and that kiss - but I clearly told her I couldn’t because I was already in a relationship with who I presumed to be one of her daughter’s. She stopped and just kinda comforted me in bed that night but the thoughts and stuff are here.

Well I mean it wasn’t a normal kiss and I was sober. The kiss itself felt very drug like (in the way it affected my brain + thoughts for her). It also made my brain + body feel very warm and good.

Every teenager whose ever thought they loved two people at the same time, has had this confusion.

At the end of the day, you get to decide.

Hell even adults. I’ve done it once or twice in my younger years. Doesn’t even need to be love, just attraction will do it.

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I have strong morals and values around this sorta thing though, which is why it bothers me.

Plus I’ve kissed my lady and obviously had human relationships to, this kiss wasn’t natural. Just my point of view.

Also I didn’t kiss her, she surprised me with that kiss.

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Spirits are expert manipulators, ref: the 3,689,325 posts about them manipulating bosses, cops, exes, etc. :wink:


And probably was, she tweaked your body chemistry to make you feel like pair bonding, but it’s just manipulation.


An uncrossing might be benefical here, although a slight change in intent to remove influences will be needed


Right because beforehand I know I didn’t have feelings at all for her. I was just trying to be respectful, communicate about the problem, etc and after too.

So I should do an uncrossing? I assume I shouldn’t confront her about it?

I find this odd because I’m in a relationship with one of her daughter’s…so…which is going well (I will add that my spirit lover seemed defensive at first when Lady Lilith arrived)

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I’ll look into it.

Now I work with Lady Lilith (and obviously only plan to in a platonic manner) - will doing an uncrossing make her angry? Will she know if I do?

I still want to be able to work with her, just like make it clear that influencing my thoughts/feelings aren’t okay - but still want to work with her.

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Maybe you could ask her to remove these feelings of her from you, or you could ask Asmodeus or Astaroth, I’m sure either of them would help you out.

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Well if she did it on purpose, I don’t know if I want to ask for her help to remove them…

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If you want to have a good working relationship with her, imop you would flat out tell her and lay out the rules, and make it clear that you are the operator and not a toy.

Otherwise you are setting the standard that she can play with you underhandedly and you will allow it, or at the least not stand for yourself and your beliefs.


So like make terms and boundaries and present them to her?


Yepper. That is indeed how you should do it.

It does not benefit you in anyway, to let entities walk all over you and sets a bad precedent for the future.

They will respect you more, if you respect yourself enough to stand up for what you truly believe in. I’m not saying be disrespectful, but lay it out like it is- clearly.

Some spirits will walk all over you, just like some people will, if you let them.




Now what I’m confused about is what the heck would she even gain from any of this? If it is her I mean. Plus it’s been almost a year, so I don’t see why it would be her (since obviously I’m not pursuing her)

Besides this, she’s been very kind and motherly. She has helped me alot too, so I’m just confused.

I know people do this to each other (aka the reason we have the love,sex magick, and relationship section) but entities too??
Is it just to manipulate or could it have been cause I rejected her intial advancement? I was polite though.

Energy from attention, amusement, misplaced desire to help the magician’s well being. There are a lot of reasons for manipulation, and they are not always malicious in intent.


Your energy aka her lifeforce. could be any number of @C.Wilson things to, a personal agenda. Energy is the biggest thing though that I take notice of when things like this happen.

That’s what confusing me, she doesn’t feel malicious. She’s been very kind and motherly. And I know she has helped me with what I’ve been working with her on…