Michael Tried to Bind Me. How to undo the Binding and Cast him Away Permanently?

Michael is hanging around me against my will. I don’t want him around anymore, but he thinks it’s necessary.

I don’t, and he won’t leave. When I tried to think of using magick to force him to leave and reclaim my space, I felt a binding from this prick to stop my “psycopathy”.

I’m really tired of him, since he keeps sending me unwanted messages just to fuck with me and tell me that he’s here and he won’t leave.

I’m not even sure it’s an imposter entity or spirit anymore.

Also, I can’t evoke or use the powers of any spirit to do this, don’t ask me why.

However, I’ve been getting hints that it’s Azazel impersonating as Michael to try and drive me off my path. Either that, or it really is an imposter entity that is somehow able to access the internet and manipulate it.


Use this prayer in your time of need, when you feel that you need to be empowered by the spirit of Satan.

Satan, grant me the power to be strong in spirit
Grant me the ability to see what is right for me
Grant me the wisdom to understand your ways
Grant me the knowledge to empower myself

Power in the name of Satan to break the bonds that hold me back
Power in the name of Satan to overcome my weaknesses
Power in the name of Satan to be strong within

Grant me the ability to know what is right for me
Grant me the vision to have wisdom in your ways
I accept your guidance and wisdom
In the name of Satan

Ave Satanas


I haven’ t worked with Michael so I can’t speak to that. However I do not believe Azazel would act in such a way. He has been nothing but helpful with me. He would be helping you ascend not holding you back. You most likely have an imposter. There is a wealth of information on here about banishing. You may want to read up on it.


I work with Archangel Michael all the time. That’s not him, at all.

Perform a banishing ritual.

Do NOT hit spirits with each other, you’ll only get yourself in trouble. Just use a banishing ritual and all will be ok.


I second @PrinceX’s statement. That’s not Michael.

If I recall correctly, there was a period of time on this forum where people were encountering an entity who was impersonating Michael for the sake of tormenting magicians. Do a banishing ASAP.


I third prince x.

If you dont have sage, get some.


Agreed. Smudging with sage is surprisingly effective.


how so?

You light the tip and use the smoke to cleanse the area. I’ve had someone do this to me and the negative energy felt gone almost instantly.


No i meant how is it surprising

Not sure how best to put it. I guess because it was so simple yet so effective, if that makes sense.

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Why is this? This just tells me you are using some Others power to further your own, and explains why you cannot banish, because up until now your ability to banish or doing anything has been based on Anothers Power based on what you said here.

You do know how crazy this sounds right? What does any of these spirits you are talking about have to do with the Internet and how is it that a Spirit is manipulating the internet, especially in this situation? That doesnt make sense.


Hi, I saw this post a while ago and was planning on replying but unfortunately got distracted. There is actually a possibility that you might want to consider: it might be possible that Michael is your patron. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s something you might want to check out. The commonly used term for this patronage process is shaman sickness.

Even if he is not your patron, you might learn something by trying to work with him. The idea that Angels and Demons hate each other is incorrect in my experience, and I have been referred to demons by angels and vice versa. There is a multilayer permission system built into our Universe which prevents exalted beings like angels from harassing mortals if they don’t want. The first layer in the permission system is conscious decision that we have control over. However the ultimate arbiter of the permission system is the unconscious mind or higher self. This unconscious permission system often does unexpected things, like giving permission to spirits that your conscious mind would rather not interact with, or giving permission when you make a stupid mistake.

If your unconscious mind has given permission to Michael to interact with you, there’s little point in trying to fight it. Regarding using spirits to fight each other - fighting is never a good solution when dealing with powerful spirits. I have gotten out of all my bad spirit situations with diplomacy, not by fighting. I have evoked the Sumerian spirit Zisi to solve these sorts of problems, but there may be others. When doing the evocation with an intermediate diplomatic spirit you should have an offering for both the spirit doing the arbitration as well as for the spirit that is causing trouble as a symbolic gesture of peace.

I personally use wine for offerings - it has a ton of energy and you can do a lot with just a single glass. You can do even more with whole bottles when you need to smash big problems.

  • The instructions for evoking Zisi can be found in the Simon Necronomicon