My experience with Andras

I was thinking of working with andras for quite some time and the first time I said his name a bird hit on my bedroom window out of nowwhere when I read about him I was feeling anger towards one of my enemies and I wanted to seek revenge and I stumbled upon him couple months passed by I didn’t get other signs from him but couple days ago I saw a white feather on the floor and angel numbers and I was thinking that a angel was wanting to work with me but I find highly suspicious since i am a luciferian and why would a angel would want to contact me so when evening came I was laying down in my bed feeling really angry and in wanted revenge for one of my toxic ex and all sudden I felt Andras presence in the room with me and i saw a vision of him wearing a solider helmet and he was shirtless and he was smirking and sniggering at me behind a shadow with a beast beside him.

Then he put his finger over his mouth and told me to “shush” whilst he smirked.

All sudden the vision shifted and I was in trance completely zoned out from the world and I was in a war scene the sky was red and there were dead bodies around me and I saw andras riding his beast and I saw myself wearing a warrior clothes holding two dagger and in the moment I felt so powerful and in rage with everything and I was laughing maniacally then I was sitting in a throne whilst there was corpse underneath me and then once again I felt complete in madness and chaos then the vision shifted and I saw andras again coming out the shadow and his face transition with different sinister facial expressions whilst a lighting struck down I felt my body go stiff , my heart pumping and my whole body was going in goosebumps and a feeling like there was whole lighting shock going through my back.

It was energy like no other and I felt my facial expressions changing with his and i felt like I was falling into world of madness with him.

The vision ended and I was brought back to reality and I felt like rain drop of blood on my hand.

I was complete speechless after that and I could still see him in me smirking and watching me over a shadow.

It was a experience like no other and he hanged out around for a bit and left afterwards.

I would like to know has anyone ever work with andras and what is it like working with him ?


Andras is very intense and violent. That being said most people have the misconception that he is all about cursing and bringing discord. Although he is very good at it, he also cares about the growth of the magician and he will help with his own way. He will make you face your inner fears and lies you tell yourself in the most brutal way. He is definitely not for the faint of heart. However he is very quick and you will see changes in you or your targets very quickly.
In conclusion I would tell you that working with Andras is very rewarding and liberating but I must also warn you to tread lightly!


I have seen a softer side of Andras. He loves to go after our enemies for us. He hates bullies. He has also helped me with past personal shit I needed to get rid of.
He also likes to hang around and shows up very quickly when called.

This is just my experience with him.


That’s really nice ,
He’s a great protector to have I’m glad to start working with him.


I’ve worked with Andras ever since he came to me in a dream last year…woke me up and scared the hell out of me. No pupils, just the whites of his eyes, blond hair that was on fire, and pasty white skin, leather vest, chains all over…gave me an anime biker vibe. He was really nice, told me he could help me, to let him help me I really needed him at the time and still do.

He never hurts me, never ever, not once hurt me. He said people shouldn’t fear him as a spirit, they need to fear what he can do and is capable of doing. He’s a quiet one, but when he has something to say, he’ll get your attention.

My son’s father is a narcissist and at times tried to bully me, degrade, disrespect me and I got so tired of the shit, I called Andras on him. He turned his attention to someone else and left me alone totally, we don’t talk anymore because he found a new doormat to walk all over. I’m thinking of doing another round with Andras soon, because I’m tired of my son’s father’s foolishness.

I tell Andras not to come to my home, don’t start any mess here, go directly to whomever and do work. Leave that energy where ever the target is. He had to explain to me one time, because I kept sending him out but when I asked for signs or anything, he never showed up. It was always crickets. Aftet a while when I called him, he said well how the hell do you expect me to come and talk to you when you tell me not to come to you :woman_shrugging:t6: So ever since then I haven’t been afraid to call him into my home, I just don’t do it because he is so chaotic and my husband & kids pick up on that energy and it’s just too much. Everybody’s moody and pissed, argumentative and fighting each other and whatnot. No Andras. Just no.

…but I just absolutely love Andras.


That is funny all the experiences, I never evoked him, but I find if you think about him enough he shows up. I was told there was serious consequences to working with him and we started talking war strategies and soon came possessed and woke up to find myself burning his sigel, so the experience didn’t go very far for me. But then again after reading this he is here again, he is pondering what he can do for me.


you should ask him,
i didn’t even evoke him myself and i thought about him a lot and he appeared for me so you should ask him why he wants to work with you

I’m not so sure he does, but I was thinking of him, getting ready to evoke him and it wasn’t until I printed out his sigel that I was like okay, this is him, he is here, this is what has been around me for the last few days. I believe he come very quickly, his energy is very intense too.

I believe he came because I was thinking about working with him, but as we spoke it seemed at least that we did not end up being a good match.

Now people will probably disagree with me on this, but it sounded like when you do baneful magick with him, it returns to you. It sounded like the risks were too great. I have some protections from such sneakers when working with demons that other magicians may not have, so that might be why others haven’t heard about it.

But that is something interesting to find out from other magicians does Andras get the operator back for the people he/she divides while working with Andras?

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What if you talk about him not coming?

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Not sure I am following. If you think about him lots and think about him coming, he will likely show up a head of time. Some spirits do this, and Andras is definitely one of them and this is confirmed for me from both my experiences and the experiences on the forum. Another spirit I seem to be noticing is Lillith, I haven’t evoked her but at this point I think she is very close and has stopped by briefly now and then, but trying not venture to far off topic I was getting more serious about talking with him and strange stuff started happening for about 3 days before hand, I was wondering what’s this energy? Which spirit of mine is saying this creepy stuff? By the time I printed the sigel, there was no ritual necessary, I knew that it was him that has been here, and he is definitely here now he has a very strong presence. Anyways I think if you think of him not coming, “the not” will counter act and he will come anyways. If you keep thinking about him not coming my guess is either A) he will come softly and be like WTF? or B) Satan is already there and is inviting friends.

Anyways I’m Hoping you are just joking or something?

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I wondered if he would come only if you wanted.