You can leave here your (bad) experiences with Angels

Right now, I’m working with Lilith.

I feel a connection to her, and have been working in my self confidence, being assertive, emotional stuff as well as self love. Most of it is emotional and psychological related.

I haven’t explored the others as much. I did do a few petitions but been working more directly with Lilith.
(Although I consider her a dark goddess and not really a demon).

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I invoke the demons energy into my being Just so angels won’t hurt me

I don’t think that’s gonna protect you lol
Angels are known to be capable of clearing dark energies and entities from any space. So if they want to hurt you, dark energy won’t protect you


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Interested in hearing why you would think angels would harm you. Were you raised in a traditionally religious household?

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I don’t know what ya mean angels cannot clear my Dark energy unless I let them do just that. I would have to set an intention to clear my Dark energy. Angels have to have permission from me they can’t just do things to me without me allowing them.

They are interested in me always try to ruin my spiritual progress. because the fact that I am Very important to Demons which is why I don’t fear demons and I don’t need to be on my toes while working with demons.

Do you fear angels at all? I personally work with both and fear neither. Sounds like you have had some bad experiences with angelic work which has turned you away from it.

If you piss off an angel or someone sends angels to attack you they won’t ask you for permission.

Yeah I fear angels I fear what they will do to me so I stay away from angels.
I just don’t fear demons don’t fear dark spirits don’t fear beings of Dark power.

Well, that isn’t true at all. Just ask the people who have been harassed by angels. They don’t need your permission to fuck with you. If they wanted to purge your “dark energy,” they would. It’s as simple as that.


Gosh you sound like me, the time the boyfriend was bragging about how he did such a good job at keeping the Loa out of his house. Samedi was real quick to point out, that they stayed out because I was choosing to respect his wishes and it had nothing to do with his pretend barriers…


Well, I don’t really have any bad experiences with angels per say. I have not worked with them exclusively in terms of a long pathworking (only series of smaller rituals that were at critical points in my life) and the only “negative” sensation was not really jiving well with Michael. One cannot really expect to get along with every spirit they interact with though. That being said, I have found the few lessons they taught as tough as some I have had from demons. For example, when I was suicidal, Azrael did not hold back with really making sure i was facing myself even though he ultimately did help me “die” in a ritual that broke me out of that cycle. It was needed for the goal to ultimately be achieved and it can be tough getting through lessons like that in any pathworking.


Honestly, Remarkable all the stories inhere… one by one!
Today I was discussing again with a friend about all those facts that I read here, and my new beliefs regarding the evil and the good, which is not as we have been taught.
I explained to her that demons and angels are just races, and can be both nice and mean…
As i was trying to recall in my memory, historical proofs i remembered only the Sodoma and Gomorrah story, the towns which were destroyed by 2 angels sent from God.
Does anyone remember any other case, in which i can search and find a link from any historical source ?

Dumah is the angel that has authority over the “wicked dead”, mainly as a punisher.

Azrael is the angel that brings souls to heaven or hell, yet strives to try to allow the condemned to rise to Heaven.

Samuel is the Jewish archangel of death credited with both the tenth plague of Egypt and the two cities you mentioned (there is debate in Arabic literature on whether or not he actually rebelled or played his role)

Af is the angel of anger and Hemah is the angel of wrath in gnostic texts.

There are many examples of angels being not so nice, mainly if it aligns with their jobs


Thank you Mr @C.Wilson :smile: much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:
One day I hope she will believe me hahaa

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That’s Genesis.

Look at

for example.
The more you’re looking the more you’ll find.

Also, the entire Revelation. And lets not forget about this

Though, you’re trying for nothing.

Edit: Just because its written in the bible, that doesn’t make it “Historical proof”.


Amazing :ok_hand:
No it doesn’t, Bible was written by humans ofcourse, BUT it shows how much the church contradicts herself :laughing:

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Mm… How about you show her all the parts where it says that women are inferior and dirty or how appropriate it was to be raped or “traded” between siblings? Tell me then about church contradicting the same books the entire faith was builded upon.