Okay PROVE it's not an Imposter / Parasite!

She was formed with my energy completely and totally and has no correspondence to MLP, MLP Magic, occult practices or energy-other than image, in case I was not clear before.

She was then empowered by a demon to better do her tasks, then later given a divine soul from that same demon, due to the members spreading parasites attempting to hijack her. I didn’t take that very kindly and neither did Morax- the demon who originally empowered her.

He gave her a soul that cannot be tampered with, or hindered and she is bound to her programming- permanently.


Very interesting, I’m not sure I understand your view, I could copy the signature but not the personality very well? Is that what you are saying?

No the core of the being cannot be copied, but the outerlayer can.

To put it simple you can copy the appearance (outer layer of their energy) but you cannot copy their fingerprint/dna (their core energy) and a demon worth their salt should know how to tell a fake from a real by that.


Do I need to make a list of all the beings I have done this with?
How do you know their core energy can’t be copied?
I have experienced multiple entities mimicking exact fingerprints on a number of occasions.
I’m am learning the secrets on how they do this.
This also how love spells work too, they drop what we call ‘honey’ on people in large amounts
with whispers.

Copying their outer energy to appear as them in the astral isn’t copying the core energy and I know because I’ve spent years with soul/core manipulation (triggering fragmentation, corrupting one, healing one, unthreading it, so on) and met many who think they copy the core energy but it turns out they only copy the outer layer, not even these beings copy the core energy they copy the outer layer. Issue is many don’t learn to scan so they are easy prey to imposter spirits both thoughtforms and living entities and confuse the energetic fingerprint with a simple energetic overlay which isn’t the same thing.

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Well not just that thread…:thinking:


Thats why i said most entities

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I learned so much reading this thread. I definitely have been dealing with a parasite then. I know this is kinda off topic, but I’m really happy I’m here learning the truth finally. I have gone through hell trying to get rid of this thing. If anyone can help me, please shoot me a DM.

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I think people are failing to set boundaries with the spirits and energies they’re working with. I think the reason for this is some people need help or answers so they turn to something they don’t fully understand out of desperation. So these sometimes malevolent and hostile beings/intelligences/spirits will take advantage because they sense weakness.

I’m not saying everyone will have a bad experience with a demon. I’m just saying the problem is with the operator not the spirit.


Also, people on here have no problem with calling on say Belial to get rid of their boss so they can get promoted, then throw up their hands in horror when someone says they had a bad experience with Belial or some other named and popular demon. :woman_shrugging:

In reality, all that stuff about how such-and-such a high ranking demon commands X number of legions - those will be what they send, most of the time, to do their dirty work. So those foot-soldiers will have both the energy of their master, and the inner core of the less advanced beings who comprise that legion.

It astonishes me this forum has an active baneful magick section, yet simultaneously, so many newer people almost calling blasphemy if someone suggests demons can and will do baneful actions against humans.

“Muh Satan-Claus who does nice things for people who think like me and kills anyone who hurts my feelings, because they deserve to die, but this is totally not like when religions do exactly the same lol!” :crazy_face:


The left hand path isn’t for everyone.

We live in a clown world. Lol


This has been what I have noticed all too much where someone has a bad experience with Belial, or Paimon, or Lucifer even and they get attacked for it or pushed that they should accept the abuse of the entity, sure I get some experiences are trials by the entity but not all and it shouldn’t be pushed off as a test, just as humans abuse each other simply because they’re having a bad day, get fun out of it, etc so do these entities.


You shouldn’t be getting abused by a spirit you’re in control of. In other words the outcome is entirely in your hands because you’re the operator. Things get out of control when people dabble, don’t fully research what they’re doing and don’t completely understand what they’re asking for.

It’s like if someone asks to become a God. They’re going to have to face things that they’re not prepared for. Depression, fear, anxiety… These are things gods don’t experience. A God is a master of the self as well as master of the material and spiritual. Which is why I say the lhp isn’t for everyone. There’s some serious things you’re going to have to go through in order to refine yourself and make yourself into a God.

Is it abuse when something like this happens? Is it abuse when you ask for guidance and you don’t get the result you think you want? Lessons are only learned if you’re open to the experience.

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You’re never in control of any entity, you’re in control of yourself and your reaction.

It’s abuse no matter what, this “become a living god” stuff doesn’t matter, your path matters and how you want to walk it. Being an operator means you are the master of your path, your life, and how you allow beings into your space, it does not give you lordship over these beings, when you let someone or something into your life that is external from you, all you can do is control yourself and your space, you cannot control the entity.

You banish and learn from your mistakes.


I think you misunderstood what I’m getting at. What you pointed out is exactly what I mean. You’re in control of yourself and your space. So why are people having so many problems? If there’s a problem fix it. You’re a magician and it’s your life. Take charge and fix it.

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I know this is an old thread but maybe you can tell me: if the spirit comes with good vibes, asking only for me to smoke a cigarette and offer tobacco, and then leaves when asked, I assume that means it is genuine - but I’ve been super tired all day afterward.

Is that normal?

(I might just be coming down with a cold but the timing is a little odd)

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Seems fine to me. Sorry for the late response. I hardly come online anymore.

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It turned out that a parasite had hitchhiked in with the spirits I was summoning… from these boards, I learned this is not an unusual thing.

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when in trance visualise yourself upside down

funny you should mention that.

I was thinking about that earlier.
For awhile it seemed like some nasty shit was attached to the scanning thread. I would open that thread and feel all this ick and anxiety and would have to leave it, but when I browsed the rest of the site, nothing.