Spirits, parasites, and astral trash ruining lives

As we saw with my lovely shadow person.

This is some truth you wrote here.


Meditation is a very general concept and there are different meditations for different things. So what sort of meditation are you doing in this context?


Yes. This is very simple to explain and understand. You can gain strength to conquer almost anything through meditation.

Not everyone here is advanced in meditation.

Name one “blabber” I stated.

I explained it. Many people on here don’t reveal things, because it is very natural to not be at ease to reveal such things off the get-go.

Sorry, but I’m completely in “shape”.

Good day @Keteriya

:smile::joy::joy::rofl: I’m afraid I disagree and that everyone has pretty much covered why already, and I’m sure many more good reasons to disagree will appear shortly.

But meditation can be dangerous for some people, including those with severe depression, anger issues, and addictions. :thinking:


parasites are more likely to go after those with a “weak” state of mind but everyone is subject to parasites. Of course there are ways around this be it shielding the mind from astral thoughtforms to learning to shield yourself from actual entities with malicious intentions towards you.

When it comes to the astral/mental plane it’s in my opinion better to ward off a little space in the astral for your practices before exploring the rest of it, keeping in mind it’s a place literally warped by the minds/imaginations of humans and nonhumans not just us here.

Now I can’t really agree with the use of the term evil because that’s not the case, parasites are just thoughtforms who become primal in a way they are simply needing attention so they do not cease to exist, or ‘real’ entities who aren’t doing it out of “I want to be evil” but rather doing it out of some desperate need for power.

but drug abuse can lead to issues with such but there’s also some possible underlying issues prior to that.


Can potentially open people to the very spirit influences the op claims that meditation can protect against. Which is why I’m hoping he will clarify


I’ve had all these problems before I began meditating. Now, I’ve conquered them, and I owe it to meditation for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

And also heighten their existing negative energies in a way that makes it harder to heal.

The same way it heightens powerful energies in someone who is less in the grip of those kinds of problems.

I’m pleased to see that it has worked so well for you. :+1:

But meditation is not a panacea.

And reputable traditional gurus are well aware of this, and will often recommend karma yoga, acts of service, to increase mental & physical health, and boost self-respect, long before suggesting meditation or other intense energy practices.


I think the main part is which meditation did you do? void meditation? mindful meditation, and so forth.

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I usually use void (meditation), but imo, any meditation that you must use your mind. I can feel some type of energy increasing in me while I meditate; perhaps it is prana?

Parasites in general both spiritual and physical affect weaker people to a greater degree than healthy people, healthy people have more to work with but a really powerful parasite can still take down a healthy person if if attacks just right. Also people that seem healthy on the outside might not be as healthy and have underlying issues.

People can have high vibrations and the dark and light side, it isn’t about light or dark because everything works on polarity, “as above, so below”.


Mostly void meditation. Since I’ve been doing void meditation, this has lead me to doing a lot of mindfulness meditation. I don’t usually plan to do mindfulness meditation; it just sort of naturally happens, e.g., while I’m taking a walk. I will choose to use mindfulness meditation to sort of take it all in (our reality) and enjoy it.


I had to tell you that spirits are already energy.

You spouted some of these same lines after not even making it a quarter of the way through my Shadownomicon postings. You read some of the more dramatic parts to support your line of thinking.

Which means you missed some of the more important parts in it because you thought you knew how it worked.

If I had to explain the spirits are energy, I would like to know more details about your experiences with them so I know whether to listen to and consider your point of view or just use the ignore feature.



When it’s through the entity coming here it’s very possible to “convert” them to energy as they’re in an energy state when coming here to interact with you. However, on their own plane they are solid as we are solid here so you’d have more difficulty attempting such a thing.


Of course. The reference was to it being done here from the journal entry.


Nope nope nope. As someone who specializes in protection magick and banishing techniques I am just gonna flat out say that parasites can go after anyone who is unprotected. They do not give two craps about who you are- yes, they do often prey on people who may have some illnesses or other life-affecting conditions because they’re more likely to get more negative energy they will go after anyone who can give them the energy they’re seeking. That is why learning to protect yourself and detect these nasty parasites and imposters is VERY important.



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One cannot break into one’s house that’s properly protected