Katya's Occult Journal

Hello all,

I am beginning my work today with demons and furthering my necromantic pracitices.

While visiting a graveyard yesterday, I was told by the human whose grave I was buying earth from (Arthur) that part of my LHP work means keeping a journal that others may see. This idea is loathsome to me. I am a fairly private person and I do not like to share writing immediately after I’ve written. However, a deal is a deal, and Arthur and I will be doing a lot of work together (I am using his grave to buy soil, and also as an alter, so lots going on there) .So here I am, here you are, and here we go.

I’ve spent a few days scanning the forum posts about demons. What are they like, what are they capable of. Reading about people who’ve given birth to demons was initially a massive shock to me.

I’ve decided that this: A meditation for you all - meditation of Lucifer is a reasonable starting point for me.

I’ve elected to work with demons and further my understanding of LHP magick (I realise these terms are arbitrary and magick is magick, but I digress) simply because it is time for me to do so. I’ve taken what I needed and learned what I wanted to in my previous path workings and learning, and right now feels like the right moment to begin this path.

I’d like to note my mental and emotional state at this time to compare it to my state post-meditation.

Mood: Tired, somber, disconnected, malaise. Weather is garbage. Had to get up early so some jackass can measure the window he’s replacing in my house.

I am off to attempt this exercise, and will post later.

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