Evoking, Invoking spirits (Connecting with them - Step by step)

Hi all, this is a kind of informative thread and a question in the same time. while i was learning about altars and summoning, and connecting to spirits i stumbled upon the following steps:

  • burn some incense (cleanse yourself and the room with it - State your intention i.e " with this smoke I cleanse this [object] from all negative and harmful energies, so that it may be used for my highest good and to achieve my potential)
  • Light a candle (it should be in one of the colors favored by the spirit - ex: black or red for lucifer).
  • Spirits Sigil on it
  • Chant the spirits Enn (108 times preferably - some people do it 3 times and its done).
  • While chanting the Enn, gaze at the sigil (meditate)
  • by the time you reached 108 (if you done things correctly) you feel the presence of the spirit or see it or hear it if you were advanced not a new practitioner.
  • Ask or state your intent of the summoning.
  • give your offerings (usually people will give blood, but some say if its not a serious thing your calling the spirit for, you may give permission for the spirit to possess you so they could enjoy the food, alcohol, cigs, …etc).
  • lastly if your done you may thank the spirit for coming, and give them permission to leave and ask them to come for your calling again when you do so, (Lucifer-Satan does not like to be dismissed they will leave or stay if they wanted to). Explanation: sometimes especially with beginners they might want to stick around to get to know you more before they leave.

this is what i gathered from my search so far on connecting and summoning a spirit! I explained this so that more knowledgeable magicians can confirm to me if my knowledge is correct. Also my question is:

1- Do i have to be in a circle? or can i just use my altar cloth (it has a reversed pentagram drawn on it). 2- Also do i need an actual pentagram medal or wood on the cloth (cause i see some people use that)?
3- is the method described is to connect only or is this considered summoning actually? if its considered summoning is that invoking, or evoking?
4- Do the spirit has to possess the practitioner to smoke or drink or eat the offering?
5- Also, please look at the link below for another thread explaining how to invoke Lucifer, however it does not state these steps, it explains it a bit differently. So, does it depend on the style of the magician or is mine only connecting not really summoning?

In my opinion the following mentioned people are experienced and i seen them active more often in the form and specifically have threads related to this, so allow me to mention them: @c.kendall @aprentiz @darkestknight @princessofdarkness

Also, please if u have the knowledge and your not mentioned, feel free to share your knowledge.

Thanks in advanced

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Some other methods:

With demon or angel deck: Draw a card, put your fingers on the card, talk with the entity, say thanks, shuffle the deck or put the card on your altar or somewhere else (when I want to see them more often I put the card in the bottom of the deck so it is visible, and when I don’t, I put the card somewhere in the middle of the deck so it would be hard for someone to consciously pick it)

With stadhagaldr: Write with the postures the name of whatever you desire to invoke. Works great with Norse gods

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thanks for the reply, but what about my method do u think its effective? also is it evoking or invoking ?

When I began doing this things, I used to gaze at Azazel sigil and chant his name like “AAAAAAA-ZAAAAAAAAA-ZEEEEEEEL” until I felt the connection, then I gazed at the black mirror and there he was. In other situations, I just put my pendulum over his sigil and asked questions, or I just linked the pendulum to him so I wouldn’t have to carry the sigil with me. I did the same things with many other demons. I find your method overly complicated, as I don’t use candles, nor mantras, I don’t give offerings (apparently, offerings are sometimes implicit), I don’t use circles and I have a controversial point of view about “dismissing” entities that in every community I’ve been generates urticaria


i see. one question tho, how do u connect ur pendulum with an specific demon ?

By fiat

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can u elaborate?

“This pendulum is linked to Azazel”. By logic, it will only work with something with which you already have a connection

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is the circle really nessacery to stay balanced. or so the power energy of the demon dosent create a imbalance within you?? is the circle nessacery. dosent seem like it is

do you try to meditate before chanting and sigil gazing? I heard being fully relaxed is sufficient enough. well I read this in coopers the magician. one of my favorites by far

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honestly i do have a circle but i never used it so yeah. but feel free to do what u want