Whiteboarding : Powerful Method To Erase Negative Thoughts

This a method which I have used a lot, and which other members on here have used, with great success to erase negative thoughts.

It’s not a substitute for clinical advice if you have, or suspect you may have, mental health problems, but it is a valuable part of your magickal toolkit when your pattern of thinking may be undermining you.

And as you advance in power, the potential uses for this will also increase:


This exercise is explained in both “The Key” by Dr Joe Vitale (highly recommended book, even if you have your doubts about modern Law of Attraction authors), and prior to that, a more detailed version was given in the book “Amazing Secrets Of New Avatar Power” by Geof Gray-Cobb.

I also happened across a very similar method years before finding those books, and therefore I consider it (along with the concept of a World Tree and making offerings to spirits) to be a human inheritance.

The first stage is this: imagine you have a whiteboard in your room, it’s on one of your walls, and you can see it from your bed.

On it are written the most negative and unwanted things you have been thinking about yourself, or about the world in general: you can imagine words, phrases, even a few crude sketches and images written on that whiteboard.

It’s probably best to limit your first session to the top 3 most unwanted things, or less, and start with the worst stuff in your mind.

If it’s not totally clear what ideas are causing you the most problems, just imagine a cartoon or sketch based on those ideas, representing things you dislike about yourself, you life, etc. Make any cartoons or images you use as silly and grotesque as possible, so it’s really exaggerated.

You have to imagine this whiteboard with the words and/or images on in your room, intruding on your space, and imagine exactly where in your room it is, as well.

Lie on the bed and close your eyes, and clearly see it in your imagination, as though there in your room, right now, with all the negative and unwanted stuff written on it.


Actually get up, for real, ideally keep your eyes half open, only enough to make out furniture so you can walk and not hurt yourself, so things look dark and half shaded, and walk to where you visualised the whiteboard, the thing that tells you whatever unwanted thoughts and negative beliefs are currently plaguing you.

Just stand there for a moment in real life, eyes half-open so things are shadowy and imagining that whiteboard right in front of you, with all the unwanted thoughts, ideas, and images on it, then go back and lie down.

Then, lying down, this time use that sensory memory to visualise (imagine) getting back up, repeating the steps to go to where it is, and standing in front of it again.

Now, begin wiping it clean, wiping off all the words and any images you saw before, let your mind go wild and see them as bad or as strongly-worded as your worst fears dictate.


They may re-appear on the whiteboard, or a new thought or image may occur and if that happens, see it on the whiteboard, as words, symbols, sketches, etc., but just keep wiping, lie down again if needed, and then go back for another session later.

There is no magick special day, or time of day, that’s best for this, and do not try to attach it to one, because that will create a reason for your mind to start tripping you up with conditions, and doubts, and reasons why to not do this.

Just do it when you have time, this is YOUR mind, so YOU are in control. :+1:

And you can scratch your nose, fidget, if you need to while doing it, and if something happens (doorbell rings, someone calls you) just open your eyes and come back to normal, but do try your best to not get distracted so you can give this your very best brainpower, because it’s an extremely powerful way of erasing things from your mind, and thereby, over time, your life.

Each time you go to do this, lie down, close your eyes for a moment, focus on what you want to do, then walk there in reality first with eyes half closed, lie BACK down, then get up in your imagination before wiping it clear, of all the thoughts and images that are harmful to your life and peace of mind.

Finally, once you are done for the session, if you want to, you can imagine the whiteboard becoming a flatscreen TV, and that on it appears any image of nature that you find beautiful, or maybe an inspiring cityscape, something that’s harmonious and peaceful, and then get up, drink some water to help settle the new energy in place, and go about your day. :sunny:


Is this the first time you’ve posted that? Swear I’ve read it before somewhere


First time posted, but I wrote a shorter version previously which I PM’d to a few people, so maybe it got passed round, and also I have referred to the method before on here, though without the idea of getting up physically to walk to the whiteboard. :+1:


Maybe just me anyways. Everything feels … familiar all of a sudden. Can’t explain why. Every other thought the last day or so is that I already know this and forgot or I already did this.


Will give this a try. Thank you.

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Just in time! Perfect :ok_hand:t3::+1:.
Thank you :blush:.

Edit: well everything was fine until the "get up your eyes half closed " :rofl:


I swear I saw this in a post title semi recently too but maybe it was just this morning lol

she’s mentioned it before in other posts, that must be it

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Can I make some one do this lol


If only there was some way to find out what someone posted before… :thinking:


Seriously, I have referred to it before, this topic is the 7th result as shown above. I’ve been using a method like this for many years. But this post was not made before, I actually wrote it out for someone as a PM reply, with the new element of walking to the location irl added in, then I tidied it up and took out some of the swearing :innocent: and formed it into a tutorial. :+1:


I’ll try this!

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Just did this.

First initial response: this is a good exercise. It really can help you erase some stuff and build confidence.

But interestingly enough, it’s great for astral projection and psychic development and can help pave the way for those abilities to grow. This can also be applied to various workings too.

Thank you @Lady_Eva


I did this before sleep, it felt really good. When I wiped the words, the words didn’t reappear but the black ink got all smudged so I kept whiping it until it was all white again. Will add this to my nighttime sleep ritual.


I love this, it looks a lot like cutting chords but focussing more on a particilair subject. Thank you @Lady_Eva


Wait, good for Astral and Psychic practice, too?

Logs off to try immediately.

@Lady_Eva i have noticed a few similarities in authors we both like!

You mentioned Jose Silva of the Silva Method in another thread, and now you mention Joe Vitaley. Both are great authors with excellent methods. Glad to see you found these guys as well!

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Ok. May have worked. Anyone else have trouble with astral projection where you seem to ride the threshold between it and sleep like a 5yr old rides a bike without training wheels for the first time? Feel like I’m encountering an entry level issue but wanted to ask.

Important reminder though that you’re doing this, at least at first, in your imagination, which is more powerful than you know right now; you’re not trying to frantically project into some magickal spiritual place where “real” stuff happens, there’s no velvet rope and nothing different somewhere else. :+1:

Why do I say that?

All is Mind: check The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).

If you can imagine kissing Jessica Rabbit or Yul Brynner, or even just imagine what each looks like when I said that enough to consider whethere or not you’d WANT to kiss either (or both!), then yes, you can do this exercise. :+1:


Brilliant tool this, thanks for sharing!

@Keteriya on a side note, a few people I’ve spoken to in the last few days are reporting deja vu, you could be tapping into a glitch in the Universe maybe?


There is some heavy stuff going on right now, so people may be experiencing novel things, as the editing crew sort shit out. :thinking: