Ultimate Psychic Senses Guide / Ultimate Astral Senses Guide / Ultimate Spiritual Senses Guide

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I don’t want to sound stupid but could day dreaming about having sex with someone, or recreating the sex I had with a particular person simulate clairvoyance and clairaudience?


Yes it does. Think of how the person sound feel smell and look. And in time the image and everything ells will be stronger clearer i think. I day dream a lot about sex. :grin:


Fantastic post OP!!!

For all the bullshit responses to basic questions in the vein of “get a bowl and tape this random thing you don’t have a connection to on 3 sides. It helps if you’re wearing a snoopy T shirt and wear only one burkenstock on your left foot with the astrological sign for some shit in the 3rd house you don’t have a realtionship to drawn on in beige henna on your favorite chakra…”

This is a breath of fresh air. I’m always looking for fundamentals and moreso REFRAMES that empower my consciousness. This is a set of amazing beliefs to try on and make default.

Fundamental changes. I get people love to drop their personal experiences in as general advice but this is an immersive reframe that goes way way way deeper than someone telling you to “only use yellow batteries in your vape mod, because that’s the essence of some spirit I’m currently working with. synchronicity!”

Everyone can benefit from this reframe. They’re open, you just aren’t noticing them… Beautiful. I love it.


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Are there any hypnotic mp3s you can buy for training these senses?

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There are. The late Dr. Laura DiGiorgio created Unleash Your Psychic Powers for opening your psi ability; i believe her audios are still available at her site.

Also, Dantalion Jones created the Super Somanmbulist Hypnosis Training for self-training hypnotic phenomena.

I will say that developing hypnotic phenomena is a lot easier when you work with a hypnotist. You CAN learn these skills from an mp3, but it’s a lot harder and takes longer to do so.

The above trainings are the best i could find for self-training these skills.

My search continues


This is an interesting blog for me, where I live there are some people trying to hypnotize, others sometimes give me the advise to wear sunglasses to protect me from being hypnotized
Never the less, I would like to know more about this

Bookmarked this post. Thank you very much for the helpful and detailed write-up! :green_heart:


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Simply wanna bump this thread because I think this post is a goldmine with the exercises and explanations.

Might help some people too



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