Sight and hearing

I want to work on seeing and hearing the spirits. How do I do that or which spirit can help me


Go with Shax

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Q: I can’t seem to be able to hear/feel/talk to spirits, what’s wrong?
A: That’s probably because your astral senses aren’t opened/developed yet.
You astral senses are the senses you have in the astral realm/spirit world and are used for things like these.
In order to develop your astral senses, the best way is to meditate daily (10 minutes would do).
Whether it’ll be fast or not, it depends on the person. Please be patient!
Also, sunlight is good for your astral senses.
For astral senses, please check out this as well: Ultimate Psychic Senses Guide / Ultimate Astral Senses Guide / Ultimate Spiritual Senses Guide

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