Who can help with astral senses?

Who can help with this. Do any spirits specialize in this? If so who?

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The search function.


Obviously. Ide like more then names though. I need sigils to.

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There are multiple threads on this subject. We are not going to repeat ourselves nor do the work for you.

The seals for the spirits can be found via Google and if from EA’s work, most likely here with a search.


Yah. Just needed to dig a bit more.

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Please use the search function or the BALG FAQ for the answer to your question.

i did. Didnt find much so i created a post. Then i looked further down the results and found something. Maybe? Ill find out tonight i guess.

Satan pulled me into my astral body permanently, which opened the intuitive senses.

This is from the BALG FAQ:

Q: I can’t seem to be able to hear/feel/talk to spirits, what’s wrong?
A: That’s probably because your astral senses aren’t opened/developed yet.
You astral senses are the senses you have in the astral realm/spirit world and are used for things like these.
In order to develop your astral senses, the best way is to meditate daily (10 minutes would do).
Whether it’ll be fast or not, it depends on the person. Please be patient!
Also, sunlight is good for your astral senses.
For astral senses, please check out this as well: Ultimate Psychic Senses Guide / Ultimate Astral Senses Guide / Ultimate Spiritual Senses Guide

So, this is good enough to start with. You can of course search further for more posts about this.

I was thinking about calling upon sastan for this. Or maybe Lilith.

Calling spirits to help you is a good idea. But remember that you still need to work hard for it. I mean, spirits will just make it work better, but you still need to do some work.


In the book “Ancient teachings for beginners” by Douglas Delong you can find chakra meditations especially for the third eye and crown chakra.

It comes with mudras and chanting mantras, my succubi companions told me it’s working but I have to clean up my spiritual bodies because I had a relapse.

Drugs and alcohol will only set you back, it’s best to be sober and to do spiritual work always sober without conscious expanding substances.

He recommends waiting 10 days between sessions, but I cannot wait, so I do these meditations back to back every day,

Also look for “the void meditation” by Adamthoth, a member here on this forum. I do his meditation every day to practice meditation/ sleep paralysis/ lucid dreaming.

And you can ask the gods, but you have to put in effort as well, get to work…

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I know. Im just looking for a boost you know. After all i see no reason why i shouldnt.

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@Durona in the book Azazel Steal fire from the gods Volume 3. Saraknyal can help with astral senses.

If you have a Patron being your working with just ask them. Mine would be Azazel who can also work on them. Gotta put in the work though and they will amplify it.