What powerful Mantra to instantly stop black magic

I am a novice as well, those techniques have helped me speed my work up very much.
at work at the moment, but the search bar has a lot of related threads with very relevant knowledge.
Nobody is just a straight magick master. The grounding, meditation, banishing, that is how one begins to train their mastery over the magick. That is where I would recommend beginning, based on how helpful they were for my progress.

Ive had people throwing bad vibes and hate my way for a while. After putting these practices to action, i find myself less pulled by the currents of life, and more able to strengthen my own current.

Anyone may correct me if Im wrong, but hexes and curses are someone/thing projecting their current onto you. When you can project your own current, you can deflect your enemy’s

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I shared here how I experience pin piercing pains in my feet , objects moving in my body

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Sir, please you may stop replying this thread. You think I am here to waste time after trying out so-called money grabbing clairvoyants?

Thank you sir for your Concern.

Can you help me with material on the grounding phase of magick?

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With apologies for speaking before he can reply, I think @UnseelieDiabolus was intending to point out that the power of your own mind is enormous, and that people will try to turn that against you.

This is a real problem in magick BUT once you accept the power of your mind, you can be careful not to allow such thoughts and to reject the energy of the curse so it cannot influence you.


One sec brother, ill get those links

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Found all of these to be incredibly helpful, i consult them on the regular


Thank you so much lady_Eva. Women always calm down any tensed scene. Once again…Thank you Ma.

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@Lady_Eva nailed it. That’s what I was getting at.


We’ve all given you the tools. Now, it is completely up to you to use them.

This is supposed to ward off any magickal attack and it is Arabic in origin:

Also, I just remembered seeing something about Opfaal being a good demon to evoke for lifting curses.
His sigil:


If you have a strong impression that someone has made a doll or effigy of you, and you are good at meditating, try to get them back. That doll isn’t that different from an idol. The negative obsession that your enemy channels against you can be harmful to them.

Be the doll. Be the anger in your enemy’s life. Be the frustration and unfairness that constantly surround them.
You are in the back of your enemy’s mind. They hate you. They hope the spell is working. They need it to work this time. They need revenge because life is always unfair, unfair and so hard all the time.
Your face is in their mind while they rock back and forth holding the doll. Maybe they need to focus their hate. More bright red hate pouring from their heart into the doll while they squeeze it and clench it and grind their teeth.
You are the dark spirit that your enemy feeds and worships and begs for satisfaction.

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Thank you. What am I supposed to do?

Magic square: carry it around with you.
Opfaal: learn evocation.

Try googling Durga , Kali and Shiva mantras ( If that is what you are interested in only) on Youtube.

Keep yourself clean and try to search this forum for witch bottles and the use of salt and ammonia in baths for breaking black magic x

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Iam interested in anything that instantly ward off the black magic effect…I can’t sleep, please help.

The japanese version of Acala’s(Fudo myoo) mantra has worked well for me against many astral nasties(hungry ghosts, parasites, few minor demons). Some esoteric buddhists tell me that for it to work one should go through the empowerment and strictly follow the tenets of Buddhism, but Acala himself seems to disagree, judging from how effective its been for me. It should work equally well against baneful magic from another sorcerer, though in such battles, what matters more is personal power, willpower and who has better allies.
Anyway the mantra is “noomaku sanmanda bazaradan senda makaroshada sowataya un tarata kanman” You should also visualize this fella guarding you while you recite the mantra


How do I use the Arabic magic square?

He told you, keep an image of the square with you and do an Evocation of Opfaal.

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