Even though my visit to this forum was brief, I’ve seen enough. I’m stepping away and will no longer share my experiences. Not only have I been advised by the demons to not share anymore, but I’ve felt out the forum. My experiences would not be well-received.

Hell, over half the people here couldn’t even comprehend it anyway, or they’d take it in an asinine direction due to their own lack of experience, chosen denial/ignorance, failed comprehension, and hypocritical morality.

My views and experiences are too unorthodox, even for the occult community. Anti-cosmic and trans-cosmic. I have adversarial views. I practice black arts.

I have always been a solo practitioner. I’ve learned everything I know from the demons. My methods are instinctive, intuitive, and solely inspired by demons. I embrace only demons of all sorts… Devils, infernal, fallen, and parasites of the demonic variety. I also embrace demons who are detrimental and hostile to humans.

I’m neither LHP, nor RHP.
My path is simply demonic and black. I’m a demonic mystic and black magickian. I practice demonism in the sense of embracing demons and producing unnatural effects on the world.

I have no interest in “ascending”. I descend. I don’t strive to become a god. I desire to erase what’s left of my humanity. The demonic essence has always been inside me.

I strive to further my relationships with demons, even if it destroys me. Demons have been around me my entire life. I connect with demons more than any living human. Demons are not tools to me.

I do not connect with anything of the light. “Balance” between light and dark never made sense to me.

I want to help the demons spread their influence further, and assist the demons in their goals.

I personally have no interest in helping humans progress, quite the contrary… To humans, I am a cruel, emotionally abusive monster. That is what most humans seem to experience with me. I don’t know and I don’t care if it is true.

I’ve been practicing since early 2012, but have had profound experiences with demons way before I officially began practicing. When I first began practicing, I was initiated by a demon who had a very heavy, dark, and cold energy. This energy also became warmer as he grasped around me like a vice. His presence filled the entire room. I was embraced by this demon. Shortly after that encounter, I was approached by 2 other powerful demons. Then, all of the events in my life up to that point made sense to me on a profound level.

I embrace and enjoy any demon magick, black magick, blood magick, and baneful magick. Shadow, Void, Darkness, Death, Sinister, Abyssal, Infernal, Demonic, Diabolic. Unnatural, anti-life(not death), anti-human, vile. Dark, murky, oozy, heavy energy. I also embrace energy that many perceive as “negative”. I’ve been told I have a knack for working with metal, earth, and fire as well. I’m also a natural soul traveler, especially when I sleep. I have many encounters with demons in this manner.