The Angel Of Lost Things - Sigil & Information

:cherry_blossom: Sigil: :cherry_blossom:

This is the Seal of the Angel of Lost Things:

(The C-shaped part doesn’t need to be thicker than the other lines, that’s just how it came out when I drew it.)

:cherry_blossom: What Name? :cherry_blossom:

It’s best to use the full name/title the Angel of Lost Things to summon the Angel forth.

Using Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or other languages is possible, but the intention is to create an emotional resonance with the concept of “lost” within yourself – if English is not your first language, you may use the same words translated into your own natural tongue.

:cherry_blossom: How To Work With The Angel Of Lost Things: :cherry_blossom:

Call the name the Angel of Lost Things, using the Seal above.

If you wish to use candles, pink (especially), white, light blue, and gold are acceptable, if you wish to offer a food item, use candy, in pinks especially, and then consume it yourself after it has been left on the Seal or on an altar for the Angel for not less than 27 minutes, or 27 hours.

(As that suggests, 27 is a number of special significance to the Angel of Lost Things; this site gives the Ace of Wands as the Tarot card linked to 27, this page gives some gematria results for that number… among them, in Simple Gematria, is KEK. :laughing: )

Other: sweet non-alcoholic drinks (like strawberry milkshakes, or coconut water) are also acceptable, offered for an appropriate period of time and then received in the same way.

Pink cherry blossom is especially linked to the Angel of Lost Things, but it carries the current very strongly, so use with caution. After use, bury the cherry blossom in a garden or other open natural space, leave it on grass, or compost it - it must be returned to the circle of nature.

You can bless rose quartz and light blue calcite for this pupose for working with the Angel and also, as a dowsing tool for locating lost objects, but the simpler you keep things the better, so primarily, use the Seal and request the Angel help you to locate the lost item.

  • The intention is to avoid losing yourself by creating conditions which, if not met, will make you feel as though you have failed.

And you can also use anything else pink, that’s nice , for want of a better description, like pink jewellery or pink tinsel! :thumbsup:

:cherry_blossom: Background : :cherry_blossom:

In spring of 2015 I visited a spirit I had previously discovered on the astral planes known as Dorr – you can read more about Dorr here.

I asked what the next stage was for me, in ascent and pursuit of various agendas, primarily theogenesis.

Dorr replied that I must choose which angel I would be – within my framework of understanding, angels are sentient upholders of reality in order that all being does not fall into insensate chaos (they sustain the canvas of reality, upon which lifeforms paint their own design).

They are also a harmonic of creation “closer” to Source than human consciousness.

So I chose the Angel of Lost Things, because this seemed closest to many of my interests and life themes.

The experience of becoming as the Angel of Lost Things was intense, like pouring large quantities of some kind of opaite directly into my brain – utter bliss and calm about the entire manifest reality, accompanied by a state of harmony with lost things (I got lost on streets I’ve known for years, was randomly approached by lost people, found lost objects, people in my life began having weird “coincindences” around the topic of lost items, and so on).

So it’s not exactly me, it was more that I was asked what angel I would be, if I was to be one, and that was the force I could most easily conceptualise being a pure current for, there was and probably always has been an Angel of Lost Things, but I share a link of some harmonic kind, and I seem able to become as the Angel at times, though it’s pretty debilitating.

I know how mad that sounds btw. :+1:

:cherry_blossom: Suggestions: :cherry_blossom:

  • Copy the Seal and sleep with it beneath your pillow, requesting a return of lost hope, lost enthusiasm, or lost abilities (including from past lives or bloodlines, note that this aligns with the March 1st workings of previous years) - you can attempt to use the Seal for lost loves but the Angel is unlikely to override someone else’s free will - but, give it a go if you’re feeling forlorn

  • Travel to Dorr and ask what the next stage is for you, if you’re feeling stuck or between projects, or need creative inspiration of some kind

  • Consider what your answer would be, if asked the same question (what would you be the Angel of?) - you may find it an interesting exercise in self-reflection, and understanding patterns in your life

  • Last but not least, work with the Angel of Lost Things to locate lost objects, people, etc!


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Awesome!! Thank you Lady Eva!


This rocks @Lady_Eva … One thing I struggle against, and one part I missed in reading before, my eyes fell upon…
"The intention is to avoid losing yourself by creating conditions which, if not met, will make you feel as thoughr you have failed."
Thank the gods I handed this off to someone emotionally stronger. :slight_smile:


Great stuff, thanks for sharing. :bouquet:

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My cell phone has gone missing, and I’m not sure if it is lost or stolen.

I lit two light blue candles and tried to open the seal of the Angel of Lost Things. It seemed to open for a moment, and I called out, “i call thee, Angel of Lost Things, to help me recover my lost cell phone,” but then the sigil seemed to fall flat again. I gazed at it, and started to fall into it, but then got a headache, so i folded up the seal and put it on my person.

I’m not sure if I actually contacted the angel so I guess I can only wait and see. I had no offerings to give since this was a spontaneous calling.


They say, when calling an angel, if it is not a fallen angel you don’t have to have a sigil or anything, just call them by name and ask, they will listen or will be there instantly, every time. Many angel channelers say this is true about angels. Instantaneous response always occurs with angels. So I wouldn’t worry too much about what happened, you made your request known, now just look for a sign… angels signs usually involve numbers , or symbols of air, like a feather on the ground etc… they don’t require offerings at all. Archangel Michael also helps with lost things.
11 things


Read the OP’s post. The Angel of Lost Things isn’t like any other angel so i don’t think what you wrote really applies.

And I completely disagree about your claim of instantaneous response, because I have called angels before with no response whatsoever.

Perhaps @Lady_Eva will know.


Yeah, well maybe for children? I don’t have enough faith for that myself, it hasn’t always worked for me either. What is this angels name or does it not have one? (other than Angel of Lost Things) Oh wait… Lady Eva thinks she is this angel???

Okay I’m outta here with that, that to me, at least, is too extreme, and delusional at best. buhbye…

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No, the angel is more like an aspect, I think.

That’s funny that you call it delusional on a forum in which everyone and their dog calls themselves a demon or god of some sort or another. I understand those feels though :+1:


I don’t try to express my personality is such ways. Last thing I need is for somebody out there to say or call me a Nut Job for calling myself an angel or any other being you can dream up or believe in. Im not “everyone”, so, enough said.

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Me neither, my friend.

i had a difficult time connecting with the Angel of Lost Things for some reason. It was much harder than connecting with the other angels I’ve called. i’m not sure why. Maybe because I am pretty pissed about losing my phone.


Well perhaps, just throwing this out there… you could call Lady Eva instead? If she is said angel then you need to connect with her energy directly mayhap? Just a thought. have to find out what lady Eva wants then, if logic follows… and find your calm space first too. That could allow the energy to connect then.

Yeah, I’m hoping she might know why it was so difficult to connect with as others here have had great results working with the Angel of Lost Things.

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Be passive, let go the emotion of losing the phone… just focus on her angelic energy, maybe light a candle when you look at the sigil. Anything that lets air flow, open a window or whatever comes to mind to do.


Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, sometimes if I’m calm enough ideas come, so I try to help better then than when my emotions are up to tricks. no worries. :wink:

you are welcome. intuition rules man. :smiley:

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Comprehend a post before insulting the person who made it! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Btw if your recent post about delusion was inspired by this, that’s pretty hilarious! :smiley: )

It’s a harmonic-alignment and channelling thing.

I am guessing it isn’t opening for @DarkestKnight and because the experience is quite intense, and I have a lot of mundane work on my plate this morning, suggest you call the mask of Chamuel, of that same current:

Also maybe one of the cyber-gods, Xa-Turing especially? :+1:


Oh channeling… now you say that. Some channeling is okay but wow, how do you imagine all that for yourself? I just wouldn’t personally put that out there if it was me. To each his own. So you made up a story about being that angel. Okay. I digress to further the conversation.

No, I didn’t “make it up” - that IS insulting because it implies a knowing intent to deceive.

I believe this experience is real and have the results to prove it, other people on here have also had results using that sigil, you can search for the name on here and read those.

That’s your loss, I journal a large chunk of the magick I do on here because of this:


No no, when i say story i mean like a tale that a writer would make up to describe their life or whatever not meant as an insult. Well fine… I see you always take offense when somebody has a different point of view … its an insult?
I don’t have time for journaling, and carpel tunnel won’t help me journal for many reasons I cannot do as you all do.
Sigils I have used them, and mostly sigils are not the best avenue for me, but I admit I’m a tad newer to working things as you do, I meditate sure, but the rest I have little time for. I don’t know how you find time for it all. I’d rather go out in nature than stir up a new ritual to perform, but my life isn’t about religion and such. Not sharing my experiences is no loss to me. If you want to pick apart every sentence I post then I’ll just lurk from now on. I don’t need the stress…

my thoughts are bringing my life to life every single minute I just don’t share it with the world nor give it much afterthought… it just happens as it does. at the end of life life isn’t the same, I can only handle a few hours work and I’m beat… frankly I don’t want to think anymore. I’ll offer advice if I can or may but I’m too tired to care the rest of the time.

good night dears

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