How can I ensure that I am talking to the right spirit through telepathy?

So I was trying to talk to Father Asmodeus through telepathy last night, but I kept getting mixed confusing answers. So then I went and did some automatic writing and Dad and I just continued our conversation without being interrupted.

So my question is how can I ensure that I am not going to be interrupted while I am telepathically talking to Dad. (And yes I was shielded and grounded beforehand.)

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Meditate, and clear your mind beforehand. It sounds like a lack of focus.


So interesting event
I’ve typically been able to weed out interference or sort right down to exact messages almost to the point of talking to entities on a “secure line”. I’ve been able to enjoy a lavish relationship to, especially when it comes to understanding meanings and decisions as well as receiving messages or conveying them to said entities for years. Including Asmodeus.

And then almost without warning
Whilst attempting to continue communication

:warning: Silence :warning:

Literally in the blink of an eye the last few days everything I’ve had concerning Asmodeus has gone to static or warded with misinformation.

When I converse with anyone else: Hecate, Khnum, Woden, Naamah, it’s all fine and dandy but I’m afraid I did something I’m still unaware of. But I’ve checked my numbers and can’t find WTF the problem is. Just being bombarded with an empty phone line and random misinformation when I try to contact Asmodeus for the last few days.

(And my wards have been constantly tested by parasites too for the same time frame) not sure why this is happening but if anyone has any info please help!!!

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You could also make use of a pendulum to ensure that you’re speaking with the correct spirit.

If you’ve never used one before here’s a great tutorial.

Good luck

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I have trouble with this as well. Mindfulness meditation helps with making my brain shut the hell up and Tratak helps with focus.

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