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A little something for being at the right place at the right time:

Yet another love and relationship spell.
Don’t let that stop you- you’ve come too far…

Been wanting to do this for awhile now but I needed some lab rats to make sure it works. It does. And yes, it worked for me.

Warning: this is for difficult targets of your love and affection with many obstacles in the way. If its casual sex you want, there are much easier ways to go about this.

First things first:

About my magic…I’m about results. In general, I get results. That’s what I care about. I used to care a great deal about evoking demons to full form.

I used to like to talk to demons and imagine them as my therapists. I used to talk to them as if we were friends. I find this interaction necessary on occasion, especially when I am unsure about a direction I need to go or a choice I need to make. But…that rarely happens anymore.

Why? Because I know what I want and who to call to get it. For those reasons, I mainly use petition spells. Again- I know what I want most of the time and it’s simply not up for debate. So I call them, tell em what I need, reward them when I get it- and we’re done.

Exceptions: I like to communicate w/ Belial, Gremori, and Vine. So I’ll often go for full evocation with them because I like them.

However, in general, I know what I want, and I consider the consequences. Then I put it out there.

This is what I did to make an improbable target fall head over heels for me. It has worked for others now too. All guys, but with a few tweaks- I think it could work for the ladies as well.

If nothing else, it’ll at least give a newish magician an idea about how to at least think about the whole idea of layering your magic.

Before I begin- what I’m about to outline is the product of both a mish mash of spells and workings found here (BALG frequenters will recognize bits and pieces), my research, my successes, and perhaps most importantly, my failures – as learning from your mistakes will all but guarantee you become a genius in this arena. Without further delay…

Phase 1

  1. Before any complex, layered spell, do yourself and everyone else involved a favor and use some form of divination. You need to know the situation you’re attempting to manipulate in real time and from as many angles as possible.

There’s no need to waste your time or a demon’s time for that matter asking for something that already IS.

If you like tarot, use it. If you like the pendulum, swing away.

Even if you think you know your target’s deal, do it just to confirm what you think you know.

My recommendation- swing a pendulum over Orobas’s seal. Here are directions. Follow them.

Believe me when I tell you I’ve fucked up some opportunities asking for the wrong stuff, and the blow back can be devastating.

Example questions: Does (target x) feel lust for me currently? Does (target x) have secret romantic feelings for me currently? Is (target x) happy in their current relationship?

No need to ask for lust or whatever if it’s already there. You’d be better off asking for something else….

  1. Call on Vine to tear down any walls or barriers of defense your target may have around them that could deter you from walking into his/her castle and taking over.
  2. Call on Belial and ask him to erase any limiting perceptions your target may have of you. This is so fucking important it’s unbelievable.

Belial WILL break the chains of the dreaded friend zone or any other fucking zone your target has you imprisoned in.

Ask him to make your target feel your power and instill a sense of awe in them. Truthfully, this simple request- if granted – will change your entire life.

  • Summary of phase 1: Vine obliterates his/her defenses…Belial enters and introduces him/ her to their knew King: YOU….!

Phase 2

3A. Now, when making your requests of Belial and Vine- make sure to include 2-3 of your target’s FRIENDS (that’s right…I said ‘friends’.) You’ll see why in a minute.

  1. Next, you simply cannot put love magic in place without crossing paths with Sitri. For now, ask Sitri to enhance your sexual aura so that people are attracted to you as never before.
  2. For this next step, call on none other than…. Dantalion. Why? Dantalion’s been said to be the “King Paimon” of love. And we need that kind of influence at our disposal. Remember in step 3A I said to have Vine and Belial work their magic on 2-3 of your target’s FRIENDS too? Well…here’s the thing…women AND men are HIGHLY affected and influenced by what their friends think – in all areas of life. So…ask Dantalion to influence your target’s friends so that they find you sexually attractive and alluring. Just trust me on this. You don’t need to hook up with them, you just need them intrigued a little, ya know? They’ll be vulnerable and open to attack after the KINGS work them over!
  3. With steps 1-5 in place, it’s time to work on some face to face mojo! For this, call on the sexy Dutchess Gremori to fill your target with uncontrollable passion and lust the next time you make eye contact with your target.

The added bonus with Gremori is that she’s also the Queen of Thieves and forbidden relationships. So, if your target is someone else’s property, she’ll cajole them until he/she has no choice but to take the drastic step away from their current and towards their future…you!

  • Summary of phase 2: Your target and his/her friends are rendered defenseless.

**In this moment of weakness and vulnerability, your target experiences a powerful feeling of lust for you ( Gremori) at PRECISELY the same time as his/her friends mention how attractive you’ve become to them!( Thanks to Dantalion )

*In short, all indications are that you are suddenly some high hangin’ fruit and relationship material. She’s secretly saying to herself, (how could I have not seen this sooner?)

*Caveat…make sure you CONSCIOUSLY make eye contact w/ your target before you continue so Gremori can unlock that door of possibility. You don’t need anything to happen here- just the eye contact and the “thought” of something happening in your target.

Phase 3:

  1. It’s time to finish this thing. Here’s where you need to ask yourself, “what do I really want?" For me, it comes down to two demon Dukes with uniquely different skill sets:
                       Zepar v. Sallos.

Here’s my experience of the two…


  • if you truly want a long-term relationship filled with sex and lust and all the good shit - call on the crocodile Duke himself: Sallos . Ask him to move the relationship forward quickly w/ lust and passion. Sallos can also be used if you sense your target is on the brink of giving in to your seduction and just needs that final push.


  • If you want a dirty, power-driven, dark and obsessive, compulsive sex fest incapable of lasting more than 4-5 days, the Red Dragon is your demon. It’s important to understand this demon’s dynamic. Some love him. I, personally, have a dark side to me that enjoys this type of insanity. I also think it’s a wise man who knows this about himself. For this type of person, expectations and dreams of romance don’t crash down on top of their proverbial heads and grind them to dust.
  • There are others out there you may choose to turn to at this juncture: Asmodeus, Lucifer, Lilith, etc…it’s just about what you want. Know thy demon!
  • This is also the part where you may want to evoke to full manifestation if you can. There might be more/ other complications that have arisen since you began this thing, or you might want to go over your choices and get input from one of these two.

Phase 4

Please, think about the ancient powers you’ve called upon. I mean Belial for fuck’s sake. Do you really need to tinker with shit anymore?


Good write-up. I like the layered approach you’ve outlined, and I think this is a good comprehensive guide/approach to those people who join the forum looking for these type of workings. Also reminds me a lot of @Norski’s ever-wise words on the subject.

You might even benefit future members by adding tags to the title (I can do this for you if you like) or drop a couple of known tags in a reply – am not that well versed with Discourse, the BALG forum platform, but it might bump your thread up the search results list a bit. :thinking: #love-spells #love #get-ex-back

Again – appreciate the write-up. Good read :+1:


Yup- he’s influenced my thinking a ton- I actually pm’d him to thank him…will do with the title…


Amazing write up. Question, I’m currently blocked by my ex whom I still love. She wants nothing to do with me. It’s been 3 months. Would this work in my case to get her to unblock and contact me? I’m wanting to reconcile. Is there another spirit/demon I can add or substitute if need be for my case? Thanks a lot!


How long does it take for results to manifest

And could you do this for me if I ones you my target’s name and photos?


Live in accord with ur desire…
:wind_face:🧛🏻‍♂ :fog:



It depends on a lot of stuff.

For instance, in many ways, the request to Gremori is the key (it was for me when I did this for myself). For that part, you need that face to face eye contact moment.

That ignited everything that happened after.

When I did it for myself, it was all real time and in a frenzied state of desperation. I made the call to Gremori the night before I knew I was going to see her. I had to time it all because it was during the pandemic and seeing her was difficult.

Once that happened, I went with Sallos because that was what I wanted at the time and then that took some time. I actually evoked Sallos several nights in a row.

:rofl: Then, I got to the point where I just wanted hook up and get her out of my system so I called Zepar. That was about where it fell apart because the type of intensity he generates is so intense it can’t be sustained.

If your target is particularly stubborn but heavily influenced by her friends, it might be important for her actually spend some time w/ her friends to create opportunities for them to talk about you, etc…

I will say, when my friend ran it, he did the pendulum work, waited a couple of days and contemplated things, and went Belial>Vine>Sitri/ Dantalion (in the same night) > Gremori > Sallos in the 5 nights leading up to the full moon.

This was less fluid I thought because he was impatient and didn’t have the patience and discipline to wait for some confirmation from Dantalion that the work had been done and took his chances that he’d remember to force the eye contact.

*Note - when I did it, I also used Dantalion for surveillance . I wanted to know her heart and mind as well as influence her friends. That took a day to get the info back from him.

Once the magic is all done though, you’ll start seeing signs and behavior changes almost immediately.

Edit/ addition…I only tried to do it for someone once and it got mixed results. I had a hard time keeping the intensity over the course of the 5 days because my girl wasn’t involved. Your lust/ love is what will sustain the working over the multiple days needed.


Hi @56cpdb

Loved your approach here, I love that systematic way of looking at it.

I never take into account the moon phases… would you say that helps or is necessary at all?


Necessary? Probably not. But I’ve always felt a little extra during this time. I’ve also always been sensitive to astrology and the moon. Because the working takes some planning a lot of energy, I’ll take every advantage I can get…


hello , i wanna use belial to remove all limitations target has in her mind for our relationship, and i wanna use DOM method but in that book belial does not has power mentioned so can i still use this power using DOM method, i can use simple gazing method coz i dun get any type of trance by gazing and chantting enn .so kindly tell me about it , i ll be very thankful :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, you can still work with King Belial by utilizing the DoM system for the purpose you stated.

I like to use the analogy of a resume/curriculum vitae, you will list a certain skill set. But you will not list all of your abilities possess, such as the ability to brush your teeth or tying your shoe.
Even though those skills, I just mentioned are probably not listed on your resume/CV does not mean you can not do them.


Yes- you can use the DOM method for powers that aren’t listed in that specific book.
A few things about GW’s style- he says a few times in that book and others to take some time and contemplate the powers and how they might be useful to you. He wants you to think about things because he knows these powers, in many cases, are to vast to define w/in the pages of a single book.

Here’s the way I use DOM (and many other “modern grimoires” for that matter): I treat the “powers” listed as examples of powers instead of actual powers.

If you look at the things Belial can help you with, as listed, they are mostly examples of what would happen if something else happened…i.e. if “limited” perceptions others had of you were removed, you could rise through the ranks of an organization, people would sense your power, dignity, etc…they would see you as person of high status.

This is also works extremely well in romances, and is nearly always a precursor to successful seduction…

Believe me, Belial loves to get in on romance and the like!


Can I use it on my ex
She lives far away from me

I don’t think it work as well. Seduction is an in-person, face to face game…

You could definitely work various parts of the magick in the days leading up to contact though. (that’s what you should do anyway, long distance or not)

So you could work the parts up to where you invoke Gremori long distance…but you need the eye-2-eye for her to do her thing.

Also, the stage where you influence her friends works way better if there is some f2f contact…

thanx a lot, i wanna ask 1 thing if simple evocation is so simple that just gaze sigil, enn and trance and its done the contact , then why will someone write a book like demons of magick to contact demon coz i think its not that simple that it sounds. plz correct me if i am wrong.
thnx again

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Great question, you must know that there are a lot of different ways to connect with spirits. For the purpose of communicating your desire.

Its seems that the degree of intensity, when it comes to being in contact i.e connection. Could play a role, as how powerful and fast the results can manifest. I heard E.A talk about it several times.

Here below I share with you a screenshot of the book called “Demons of Magick” by Gordon Winterfield.


While demonic evocation can be as simple as opening a seal and/or chanting an enn (and I have personally used this method and gotten results), DoM has the following to offer:

  • Modernised versions/interpretations of the demons’ powers (compared to the original Lemegeton/Lesser Key of Solomon/Goetia, which was written for its day and time, and requires a bit more ‘reading between the lines’ to understand the powers of each demon)
  • Three rituals, from beginner (petition), to intermediate (connective evocation), to advanced (full evocation)
  • An opening ritual
  • Re-worked/modernised versions of demonic seals
  • Calling angelic powers to lend structure and strength to the rituals
  • Evocation keys for each demon to aid in contacting them, or to invite them in to your ritual space

So following the DoM system amounts to the following:

  • You banish/centre yourself in preparation for the ritual
  • You protect your ritual space
  • You empower yourself with ancient, tried-and-true, universal statements (“I AM THAT I AM”)
  • You empower whichever ritual you choose with angelic names (or if you prefer a “darker” or more secular interpretation: you use the corresponding Shem angel and angelic emissary names to broadcast your intent out to the greater universe)
  • You use the evocation keys to more closely and specifically connect to the demon in question

Which all amounts to you being protected, grounded, and more importantly, makes it extremely specific as to which entity you are inviting into your ritual space – greatly lessening the chance of encountering a parasite or imposter pretending to be the demon you’ve called on.


Calcined and Veil summed it up perfectly. I’d also add, and I know you’re coming at it from a different place, but when I got to DOM I was confused and frustrated trying to figure out stuff from Crowley’s books, DMK’s Modern Magick, etc…Like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Hexagram, and every other freakin “gram” you can imagine were confusing me. The Bornless Ritual, all of it…

That opening ritual from DOM uses the same angels as the LBRP and makes it A LOT simpler…no daggars, circles, changing directions, nuthin…

This book provides 3 rituals that have everything you need.

What i first did was I went through and highlighted every time GW said to do something, then typed up instructions in my own words. It forced me to truly learn the system. I can do it now with no notes at all…all I need are the sigils and evocation codes for the demon I’m summoning.


DOM takes Kings English/Shakespeare and translates it to modern word.

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Exactly, just as the author intended it (and wrote) that the reader should do. By re-witting it in your own words, it will have the effect that it get stored in you long term memory. There are scientific studies that confirm this. Based on those studies it seems that writing the new learned material will cause the transfer to the long term memory as opposed to just typing it.

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