Divintation for simple questions

I have been trying to figure out Tarot and it is very complex.

Can someone tell me a simple way to get yes or no questions by shuffling a Tarot deck and pulling a card.
Then maybe if I want to know why an answer is yes/no. I pull another card and get sort of a general idea.
If that is not possible, what sort of simple divination should I do to kind of know if doing a spell is a good idea? Runes?
I need the idiot level divination technique

(I don’t care if it is occulty or not, if putting four marbles in a bag, 2 green for go and 2 red for stop, and whichever one i pull tells me to go or stop will work, I can live with that) although it might be nice to use a more complex system so as I learn I can get more out of it.


For yes or no questions, pendulum or coin divination is probably about as simple as it gets.

Tarot imagery is too complex for just a simple binary answer.


I agree with DarkestKnight - use the right tool for the job - you don’t want a screwdriver when you have a nail to hammer in.

Pendulums, dowsing, coins. My personal preference is Kinesiology, aka Muscle Testing, followed by pendulums. I think it takes the randomness out of it by connecting you directly to your own electrical system, which is affected by your subconscious. Like anything else, it takes practice to teach your subconscious it can talk to you through this technique.


I noticed the same issue with runes, it’s not easy to divine with one and interpret it as a “yes/no” response or such.

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Here is a quote:
Here's a good test: Place a hand mirror under your nose. If you see breath marks, you have a strong electric system. (If you don't see breath marks, you're in trouble.) Now you can get on with learning PKTT!

I think I am going to like her.

That doesn’t make any logical sense. Your breath has nothing to do with your “electric system” and seeing condensation (I assume that is what they’re talking about, as I have no idea what “breath marks” supposedly are) on a mirror under your nose simply means you’re breathing.

Doctor’s need an EEG or EKG to check electrical activity so whoever that quote is from doesn’t seem to understand how basic biology works.

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Sorry, that is just her style of writing. She has kind of a sense of humor. Sorry. I should have made it more clear or not have commented at all.
Thanks for not letting my mistake lead others astray.

I Ching

A Yang line (unbroken) is Yes. Male.
A Yin line (broken) is No. Female.
Start with the two bottom lines of the Hexagram. If a Yin line tops a Yang line that’s a No and vice versa.

But when you get to the top two lines of the Hexagram, these must be reversed…

A double Yang line: Yes
A double Yin line: No
Whichever line is above the lower line in each of the three 2 line sets indicates the answer, with the exception of the top two lines, which are reversed.

Do Not Use The Hexagram for divination, other than Yes/No answers.


Darkestknight is right.

Do a pendulum.

Ask Prince Orobas (through Evocation or spirit contact with Sigil opening) to bless your pendulum.

The clarity and the accuracy of your pendulum will increase immensely.

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Yeah I’ve used a three coin toss before where heads was yes and tails no. If there are two heads it’s a marginal yes. If it’s three heads it’s a decisive yes. It worked pretty well for me.

I think what you really ought to invest in would be a pendulum. I use this all the time with good effect.

Here’s a fantastic link to a pendulum divination thread also

Good luck